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  1. I'd like to see a Vekoma launched Motorbike coaster, maybe as an addition to Action Zone if they rethemed it to a forbidden forest type area. Take the Motorbike concept and theme it to riding on the back of a wolf through the woods. They could change the trains up to resemble wolves
  2. We've been to KI 7 times throughout the summer with our passes, and no Pass Perks. I did get a nice reminder that our payment is coming due. SUPER! Thanks KI!
  3. I'm happy to see it up, kids christmas presents are taken care of
  4. Not much there, but at least it's a start and hopefully they add more to it
  5. Double Plus on this, there was a bag laying under a bench in the smoking area outside of FoF which I didnt notice at first. Was approached by security and it was strongly suggested I vacate the smoking area. Waiting on wife and kids to get off of FoF and watched them do the same with other people. Did not see the outcome or if they were waiting on the owner to try and retrieve the bag.
  6. All season locker pass solves that my friend, and 2 bucks isn't that bad anyway... I do wish they would bring in the floating locker option that CP has
  7. I had an experience 3 years ago on The Beast where kids no more than 10 or 11 we're spitting throughout the ride. We were in the very back seat and they were directly in front of my son and I. He didnt get hit but I did 5 or 6 times. Let Ride Ops know and they happened to have a couple of security officers at the ride for an unrelated matter. They stopped the kids and myself at the exit, asked me what happened and I went on my way. Not sure what happened with the kids as I just wanted to put distance between them and myself
  8. Is there anything with a taller brake run? We can call that the record breaker that a minority are asking for
  9. It's really not hard to locate a smoking area, honestly, I just dont understand blatantly ignoring the rule...
  10. Same here... I remember walking through Rivertown and hearing Cornbread Red and stopping dead in my tracks because it's the first time I'd heard it anywhere other than my own collection
  11. We got on The Bat on saturday and the spiel was "Enjoy your ride on The Bat. It's the exact same as Top Thrill Dragster, except this works more than 25% of the time"
  12. For whatever reason the Google Earth images of the park are not updated so this gives an idea about that area with SOB still standing, missing the loop though
  13. I'm my experience, the earlier in the season you can get to CP, do so... We went on June 10th and our longest wait, was for SV about 45 minutes... However 'do to the nature of the restraints' i.e. I'm on the bigger side, I got WOS off most everything... My wife and kids however were able to get on what was up and running pretty quickly... If you give it another chance, and I suggest you do, visit earlier in the season... Or, I know the prices can get salty, go for FLP at least for the visit... My day was pretty bad after the first 3 WOS off rides I didnt try anything else... To be fair, I should have checked test seats before hand, but lesson learned...
  14. I'm location spoofing my phone to appear in Toronto and the PP price still shows as $197
  15. Sweet! KI is becoming a weekly trip for us, planning visits every weekend of Haunt so I'll grab what I can photo wise until they cut off rides to the top
  16. When I bought mine back in May they were $222 I believe. I just did the math between CW and KI for my Family: 4x Platinum Pass, 4x All Season Dining, 4x Drink Plan, 4x All Park FLP, and 1 FunPix Buying from CW Canadian: $5513.34, USD: $4156.29 Buying from KI USD: $4925.31
  17. After attending this year as many times as we have it seemed like the shortest wait times were earlier in the season... We went Memorial Day weekend as our first visit and was pleasantly surprised with the 10 to 15 minute wait times for almost everything, save for MT which was around 45... The longest we've waited all season were yesterday and last saturday... Yesterday we got to the park for Rope drop and were able to get to Banshee first with around 10 minutes, and The Bat was walk on... We tried for Inverigo as were already over there but it was down at the start of the day... We ended up getting on DB and it was a little over an hour... After that the lines got stupid long so we decided to get in a showing of Gravity during the rain as we wouldn't be making it back today to see it before it goes away... I'm trying to factor in for FLP for next year at this point...
  18. Source: https://www.instazu.com/media/2111865038980737861 69056915_2422752501172357_6928731809745288160_n.mp4
  19. Is the Tower open during Haunt? I'd love to be able to get up there to get shots well into construction...
  20. Light the lift hill, leave the rest dark for amazing night rides
  21. So I have a feeling sometime very soon the entire park is going to be no smoking, and even I myself as a smoker, feel that they should be implement it... I stay in the smoking areas, but if GP aren't going to follow the rule, ban it in the park... I've seen it probably 10 times today, and the last straw was some dude standing in Planet Snoopy puffing away and no one saying anything, so I did... Its getting out of hand
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