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  1. Anyone have a link to the full list of park rules and regulations? Just wondering because I noticed someone in the park today who is on the Sex Offender registry for a pretty bad incident involving a child from Indiana. I know who the person is because they worked at a place I've worked at in the past, but can't find a list of dis-allowed individuals
  2. I smoke on occasion and I do Vape. I get fed up with other people who dont follow the protocols and go to the designated areas and call them out on it when I see it as well. I have no problem going out of the park and coming back in. The majority of people who visit parks are Non Smokers so it only makes sense to ban it from the parks, and it's like 5 minutes at most to walk to the entrance, get your nice fix and walk back in. Plus I saw this coming last year with the blatant disregard for the previous policy
  3. I feel like Six Flags could have a decent direction if they had the right leadership in place... I know it's considered the "budget" park chain but the prices overall make KI seem cheap by comparison from what I've seen
  4. Theres a lot of jokes about an RMC Woodstock Express, and I found this video on Youtube... Can you imagine the juvenile screams of "I'm going to die"
  5. Random guy from Ohio: I dont think anyone would ever steal a roller coaster, even a small one. Random guys buddy: Hold my beer and watch this
  6. I'll dig through the photos I got from my mom's house after she passed away to see if I can locate any old photos from the park... I know wer have some but not sure what they are of
  7. I'm a bit worried to ride The Beast with Orions supports running through the track
  8. I had Hershey on the list, but my wife is on the computer and cant pull up the excel file at the moment with everything. Starting point would be Fairmount, Indiana.
  9. So my wife and I like to plan well in advance of vacations and our next 2 years are already planned out. In 2022 we are planning a trip to visit multiple parks CF and others. Trying to get ideas for must visit parks on the east coast and moving south. As of right now the parks that we are definately visiting that are CF are Canadas Wonderland, Dorney, Carowinds and Kings Dominion. Outside of CF we are considering Dollywood, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Tampa, Sea World Orlando, Kennywood, and possibly Six Flags parks along the way. Again the CF parks are set in stone, but the other parks are open to whether we go or not. Any experiences/feedback will be extremely helpful. Even if a park is not on the list please feel free to recommend any parks.
  10. I'm 36 and for the life of me dont recall it... I dont doubt it because I know my memory can be a bit spotty, I was never much into the flat rides and was more for coasters...
  11. Ya know, I'd really like to comment on the SOB cup design, however even the comments I have that would be appropriate would violate the sites TOS
  12. 300 foot flames shooting up in the air at the bottom of the drop and sparks as you go into the brake run
  13. I'd like to think what this lacks in length and the comparisons as a bigger DB will pale with intensity...
  14. They said the camera would go up when Verticle construction starts in September... as far as where, not sure yet though I do feel like the top of the FoF building would be great
  15. I dont know the history at KI, but the "Tastes Great, less filling" was a Miller Lite slogan for a long time
  16. I'd like to see a Vekoma launched Motorbike coaster, maybe as an addition to Action Zone if they rethemed it to a forbidden forest type area. Take the Motorbike concept and theme it to riding on the back of a wolf through the woods. They could change the trains up to resemble wolves
  17. We've been to KI 7 times throughout the summer with our passes, and no Pass Perks. I did get a nice reminder that our payment is coming due. SUPER! Thanks KI!
  18. I'm happy to see it up, kids christmas presents are taken care of
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