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  1. darn that kinda sucks. I like the brown better. But I would assume it's final otherwise they wouldn't have taken the picture yet right?
  2. I haven’t ever payed much attention to the ride as I’m more into the coasters but wouldn’t they paint top to bottom? So the cream is what is getting replaced with the brown?
  3. I me I guess I could be wrong. I don't recall it being anywhere near that bright, even on the widest variety of days.
  4. I don’t think it was anywhere near that bright last year but I have no proof. If you watch one of the drone videos on YouTube it is by far brighter paint than everything else which makes me think newer
  5. Our Drop Tower has been repainted. Here is some hope they do Diamondback as well. Maybe make The Beast more red like it used to be too...
  6. Sadly it doesn’t look like we will be getting a big Banshee or steel vengeance sign for Orion.
  7. The fence is present around all low points of the ride to ensure rider and outside safety. This is a common practice on tons of rollercoasters. Notice of the fences only surround the troughs of the ride.
  8. That drop headchopper looks amazing in this pic. Yes I know, it is the wrong angle to get a good idea of what it will actually feel like but darn that's cool. Also the first and blue track have an amazing contrast. Personally, I think they left the paths for two reasons 1) Maintenance and 2) Making future expansion easier. Expanding to the other side of Orion brings land into play and brings your big ride into a more centralized, impressive view. Talking like 2030 for that much expansion though.
  9. Here’s me still holding out that racer and DB get themselves done as well please oh please
  10. Oh right lol. That’s pretty interesting. If the Orion speculation thread was locked at how many years it was open, that ride is gonna be there a very long time
  11. Yes less snappy but it is physically in the element longer. And I guess not less snappy inherinitely depending on how quickly it banks. It also banks more than the other picture.
  12. Much larger and it stays in the element a lot longer. Basically everything about it is bigger.
  13. I am guessing they were doing testing today since it was such a nice day. Anyone have some recent pics?
  14. I can feel the vibrations in my teeth lol. Crazy how some of the elements look and how they feel when on it.
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