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  1. Got my first 4 rides in tonight. Full review coming tomorrow. I will say I was very surprised in multiple ways.
  2. It probably is a mix of it being so close to the fireworks (blast area) and of the virus and needing visitors out of the park quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes in the future. Just need to see how it plays out.
  3. This is 100% the reason that happens. You described it perfectly.
  4. And as soon as I say that the site shows it as back open LOL
  5. Dang Mystic is down. They seem to be having quite a few problems today. Hope they get them ironed out by Saturday when I get to go!
  6. I sure as hell hope your assessment is how it feels to me too! Sounds so much better than MF.
  7. The theming is fantastic! Obviously not disney levels but pretty darn good. Even better than the Mystic Timbers shed lol
  8. Which color train looks the best in your opinion? And I am guessing it is glossy smooth?
  9. Back Row ride 100%. Calling it now. That Drop! And the turn-around actually looks really forceful! Cannot wait one bit.
  10. DB and Banshee both definitely have a little rattle. While not horrible it is there. Banshees is just kinda throughout the whole ride. Diamondback is worst right after the turn around and isn’t awful or anything imo.
  11. Has to be right?! If so I am liking it so far. Kinda like millennium and I love the space theme/ sounds.
  12. I hope you're right. You would have to think they know people value the back row right? Also, until trains run at full capacity, we aren't going to get a top speed ride before the trim,
  13. Most likely they won't tease the real POV. It will just get uploaded.
  14. Now that is an impressive angle! I would expect, maybe not daily updates, but probably close to it as the park prepares to launch its largest investment ever. Cannot wait to get some shots of this monster. Especially some that we haven't seen similar shots of!
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