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  1. You could probably argue that it is themeing lol but it does like quite awful. I have been saying how bad it needs a repaint for years.
  2. I don't inherently disagree with you. The hype for a non-coaster can be insane if executed perfectly. It's just a lot harder to do.
  3. Problem is, a ride that isn't a coaster just cannot generate the hype and publicity that is so easy with one. I cannot think of a recent ride that has had anywhere near as much hype as a "simple" coaster like even ice breaker.
  4. I think a white coaster with a lighting package would look great near the front. We have enough blue for now haha
  5. I don't really get this attitude. No offense to you of course, but we haven't been spoiled. They saw an investment opportunity in the park and decided to pursue it. Hell, getting a coaster every single year isn't being spoiled if the feel the investment is worth it. They wouldn't have added those coasters if they didn't think they would make money off of them. If they added coasters thinking they wouldn't make money off of them, then you could argue that is being spoiled. The past additions should not dictate future additions. Only what it is that you currently have and the possibility of making more $$$.
  6. Blueprints are available online and look very similar to Orion's early prints. I would say this is more likely to happen than not. Good for Knott's.
  7. Download the Kings Island app and add them into your profile. It should say the names and pictures on there.
  8. It's gotta go backwards again next year. Way too many hints this year for it to not be true.
  9. To me it definitely doesn’t sound haunt related. it wouldn’t focus on the hope part of it was. this is most likely a flat ride expansion for the area. It isn’t as big so it can wait to be announced and with Covid it likely just got finalized and approved 100%.
  10. Probably because Texas Stingray is just not as good. It's got a less airtime, more old style GCI layouts and that goes away from exactly what Mystic is praised for: pacing, airtime, and rapid transitions. Just more proof that the Awards are a sham.
  11. I don't think the price would be that big of a deterrent especially if they are going to wait longer in-between coasters like Cedar Fair says they are. It would be a fantastic coaster for the lineup too as it fills 3 gaps. Launch, lopper, spinner.
  12. I agree with this 100%. Always thought it was weird that there was a bunch of wide open space around Diamondback that is just grass. Looks like Orion is going to be the same way too. It's probably so that if they ever need to get back there and do any work, they can. Just sucks because it could be so much cooler.
  13. While interesting, without this being in the original plans, it is literally impossible now. There is just not enough room.
  14. Maybe? To be honest I don’t remember at all.
  15. Kinda feels like no new major attractions next year as we haven’t had a single teaser yet. Kinda disappointing. Would love to get a flat or some water park improvements.
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