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  1. Call me crazy but I don't see an outer-bank here, just an inner...
  2. What I think is crazy is that the coaster is already past The Racer turn around. That shows you how long it really goes into those woods!
  3. Doubt Vortex will be coming down for a while.
  4. More themeing than on other rides in the park would make this cool.
  5. Forums are pretty much just chat rooms though no? Each thread is a chat room dedicated towards something specific?
  6. It doesn’t matter if it’s free. It’s still something their customers expect and they should issue a statement when it’s no longer available. Businesses do this all the time. Silent looks good on nothing. I don’t think it’s as egregious as other people here, but I do think they should say something.
  7. Because the fact that people are responding to them on twitter and other social media about it means there is enough. That would be like McDonald’s going silent about 5% of their customer base who buys x when suddenly x isn’t available. Just weird and bad PR
  8. They messed up. It’s okay to admit that KI shouldn’t have done this now and that their PR has been bad when handling it.
  9. Any PR is good PR a especially according to KI apparently.
  10. A sit down looper is really what I want. Kinda wish someone would make similar style trains as Vortex too. Idk why, maybe it’s the smaller track, but when I was up there making those sharper turns at higher levels I felt so vulnerable and like we could fall at any moment. That’s a cool feeling you don’t get with any other ride at KI. It just felt so, out of control.
  11. Pretty close to the ground so my money is on a rattle.
  12. I kept my head forward the whole time, as I do on most rides, and honestly saw no benefit. That **** scrambled me like an egg.
  13. I rode Banshee and DB last night. Banshee only had a rattle at the bottom of the drop, which I've just kind of come to expect at this point, other than that it was actually running really well IMO. Diamondback on the other hand was horrible. That first low point after the turn around gets me everytime but it was god-awful last night. That is worse almost always for me.
  14. I rode Rougarou for the first time this summer and it was horrible! Mid day so no excuse for not being warm and it felt like I was getting sized up by an egg beater. I normally avoid all head-banging by keeping my headoff the headrest but even that didn't work one bit. I couldn't enjoy the ride and the layout because it was so bad, I just wanted off. Have never ridden any other ride that I felt even compared to the pain that put me through. A friend and I rode Vortex last night for the last time, and besides it being THE BEST Vortex has ever ran for me, it gave us plenty of time to discuss land options. I think at the end of the day I would wait longer for an RMC version of Vortex or Son of Beast, whatever you want to name it, than anything else. That would be my top tier replacement. Number two is probably more like A multilaunch looper with a good chunk of inversions and I think my tier 3 would be a dive. The only reason I like a dive in that spot is I think you could do a lot with the land and even have a cool woods moment, but it's definitely not my favorite idea though.
  15. Yeah a friend and I went and it honestly wasn't bad. The pumpkin area was tight but you can walk away from them if you see them. That's kinda the thing it was so busy they had plenty of targets so if you kept looking and your eyes out you could just walk away. If for some reason you couldn't avoid them I feel like staring them down is the best way to get close but be safe. That way they can't really surprise you so it's not worth the effort for them.
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