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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. That’s not in the US tho. I heard they have exclusivity rights for sometime in the US.
  2. If only silver dollar city didn’t have exclusive rights to that ride type
  3. I used FVD++ with an overlay of the area. Created the coaster. Then imported into no limits 2 to turn it into an actual ride and add block sections and stuff like that. It’s still a work in progress but it’s cool to have something to scale and to work on.
  4. Since this at least brought up the conversation of something new in Action Zone, I decided to work on a concept RMC for the area. Im definitely not the best at this stuff and there is definitely some changes I want to make to the layout but I feel comfortable showing my progress. Should be, at the very least, a fun little thing.
  5. I would have to assume that The Bat is not being removed anytime soon. It is not old compared to its counterparts and as much as the station is an eye-sore, people seem to still ride the thing like crazy. I doubt it is super expensive to maintain either. So we should be good to keep it for a while longer unless they have bigger and better things planned.
  6. That would actually be awesome. I think a water coaster would be a nice fit. Either dry park style or water park style.
  7. No thanks. There are plenty of adults that I saw that also did not want to be scared. Why do the midways have to have actors if they have specific attractions for that. Let the people that like that stuff have it and let people who just want to ride coasters in the dark, ride. Don’t want to turn people away because it’s 100% scary.
  8. Hopefully they uhm give us new tasty water? Idk this is kinda boring now
  9. Not much IMO, The land isn't level and it is hard to access. Such a weird spot to end up putting anything... The street are is much more viable.
  10. Rode twice today. Obviously, it still has a rattle but it wasn’t nearly as bad as other visits this year. Might have just gotten lucky but darn did I enjoy my rides. Still my fav out of my 3 inverts. Banshee, Afterburn, Raptor
  11. Banshee had up to an hour wait today at KI. Not always the case you can walk on it
  12. For the people that say mystic doesn’t have long lines:
  13. Yeah we waited an hour exactly around 3:30 for it. Lines generally very long today. Mystic and Diamondback are 90 mins
  14. Yup saw it today. Outpost 5 really is alive
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