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  1. I don't think we will see a family coaster anytime soon. We just got MT and that was supposed to fill that role. Soak City Upgrade and kiddie land prolly the next 2 years throw in a a flat ride following and then maybe a coaster after that. Would love to see a flyer return to the park. Something better than Firehawk obviously but I really like the flyer concept.
  2. Haven't read through all the replies yet so I hope I am not double posting but the red train on Diamondback is the only one without yellow wheels. Me and my friend also though red was rougher so maybe the yellow are new wheels and they just have not replaced them on red train yet? Either way the bottom of the turn-around on Diamondback is definitely worse than it used to be.
  3. I'm hoping we get lucky with this Giga and finally get a B&M without the rattle. Banshee rattles a decent amount anytime you get close to the ground, and while most of Diamondback is solid, coming out of the turnaround there is a lot of rattle, border-lining on roughness.
  4. I'd like to see a return of a flying coaster. Either a B&M or how about an RMC single rail new train style. A stretch? Most definitely. It would be really cool though and I think could work well with the single rain concept.
  5. That's the thing... I never realized how much I missed it either until it was gone. Pulling into the break run and not getting that radio to kick on is so disappointing.
  6. Sadly, I don't have the answer to this but I was wondering: what is the actual flavor of the blue ice cream? I've never had it and feared that it is cotton candy flavor (I hate that flavor).
  7. Honestly I'm on board with the fix the guns and the ride is fine gang. It works well for kids and not terrible for adults imo. Not that I would be opposed to a dark ride that moves quicker and is a little more tough for adults. The most annoying thing with boo blasters is that you can, one-time, get a gun that works and get 3,000+ points and the next time get a gun that doesn't work at all or one that works only half of the time and you get like 1,500 points.
  8. Any idea what that is? Maybe you heard a time-frame? Just wondering... It's just in such close proximity I assumed they were related.
  9. Was at the park today and can confirm the lightning idea. Have no more information than that lightning hit the park a few days ago, but I over-heard a worker on MT tell a rider that is the situation.
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