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  1. Definitely. Carowinds capped attendance was definitely lower than KI when I went on a Saturday. Hell, they were still selling Fast Lane halfway through the day on the weekend when KI sells out seemingly instantly. That says a lot
  2. To be honest, I am not sure. I got here after opening yesterday and today. Operations are a big problem though. The coasters here are dispatching consistently slow. They really could use some more training or something because it’s nowhere near as good as KI. That’s a shame too because their top 4 rides here are fantastic.
  3. I understand where your coming from but the park being unable to staff enough roles tells me they just weren’t prepared. You can’t make money by being closed. One thing Six Flags has definitely done better. I would say Kings Island was busier than a Carowinds yesterday. The main reason I had a good day was due to fast pass, without it the day would have sucked. Operations here at Carowinds are just not good. For example, I am here again today and Fury just had a 20 dispatch hour. That’s awful for a Huge B and M like Fury. And I would have never thought but they did! Load time
  4. I was at Carowinds today and had generally a good time. They have arguably even less staff (considering the water park wasn’t even a slated to open and hold rusher had literally 2 people operating it today, 1 doing controls and 1 doing seat checks) and even they stayed open until 9. I am very disappointed in King’s Island’s recent theme of cutting hours. I remember there being tons of 10pm closes and some 12am ones. Guess we prolly aren’t going to get those either...
  5. The real question is what is being announced on July 24 of 2029 . Start the decoding thread now!
  6. I watched the whole video. While Banshee definitely has a rattle, but it isn't really rough and I wouldn't place Afterburn or Raptor (my 2 other invert credits) above it. I seriously feel like our coasters get judged harder than other park's just because. Oh well, is what it is.
  7. Hopefully not. I don't feel like it is all that old and we really need to increase our thrill flats category not decrease/ keep it level.
  8. I think what you are hearing are the vibrations of the track/support not moving as much since it goes into concrete. I don't think it is actually rougher than it would be elsewhere, just sounds worse because it is inside. I say this because I notice it more the closer you are to the ground. Especially right before the corkscrew.
  9. Personally, 1 ride per day is too little to entice me to go and buy passes and FL. With the amount of fast passes in circulation, me riding Orion 6 times in a day is going to have a negligible effect on peoples wait time in the regular line, yet it really increases the quality of my time at the park and the likelyhood that I will return. I think this weekend was especially bad for FL since no other CF park was open. This meant that anyone who was itching to get out that also had a PFL was probably at King's Island.
  10. They definitely could make it happen if they wanted to. I am guessing, since it hasn't happened yet, there isn't many people complaining about it.
  11. It's an interesting that your experience is them filling half a train with FL people. To me, it seems that different line separators and different rides allot a different amount of FL people to each train. I had a ride on Orion this weekend that had 3 FL people on it yet one on Banshee that had 10. I have never seen them fill half a train with FL but I definitely don't doubt you. I could easily see that happening on FoF or BLSC, something with limited capacity.
  12. This is my first year buy Platinum Season Fast Lane. Up until this year, I had only ever gotten it for one day at KI and one at CP. Due to my work schedule, I am unable to go on weekdays as I do not get much PTO. This means that if I am driving an hour and a half to go on the weekend, I need to make sure I have fun and get some rides in. Nobody wants to spend 10 hours at the park on their day off and get 5 rides in. I used to dislike people using FastLane but now I understand why it exists. Some people just cannot make it during weekdays or after 5 on weekdays. They need to find a way
  13. Probably still up in the air but this poster definitely isn't going to limit them from adding Haunt to the lineup if they want.
  14. I have never liked The Racer... That said, I rode 1 ride today and got decent airtime (which I never get on The Racer) and the ride was so much more smooth! (specifically the re-tracked portion). 10/10 good job to everyone involved! Please redo the rest and repaint Racer and Diamondback for the 50th and I would be in love!
  15. If anyone remembers the site that publishes the wait times for many parks, that would be a great thing to post here. I bought Season Long Platinum Fast Pass through Carowinds and the girlfriend and I waited about 15 to 20 minutes on average I would say (outside of The Racer which was a walk on). Did get out of FOF's Fast Pass lane though (and did not return) as it was spilling out into the benches/ Orion Theming by the FOF exit. I'm guessing that would've been a 30+ minute wait.
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