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  1. I have to mention Zamperla being a standout as well. Might end up getting a couple flats sooner than later. GCI also listed. Some retracking maybe?
  2. Hey Yall! It's that time of the year again. The 2022 and 2023 additions and improvements notice has been filed with Warren County. Please see below for the first page of the document. What stands out to everyone so far? Obviously, the big standout here, for me, is once again B&M. We saw them listed on the 2018 notice and that ended up being Orion (announced in 2019). This time around though, I think it is very possible this could be maintenance work and maybe not so much a new ride. Of course, the possibility will always be there. Let's Discuss!
  3. There is so much to unpack here. I am on mobile and don’t really want to type out responses to everything, so here are a couple. I say that some people aren’t getting passes that have before because they think similar to us. Ironically enough, I am not getting a pass because my (almost) wife is not getting the pass. So in this instance, I am the follower. I never said the park isn’t in a good financial situation, nor did I say the pass isn’t a good value. It simply isn’t worth it for us (and others) next year. There is more to discuss but I do not believe this thread is the place for that, so I will stop here. I appreciate your perspective and opinion on things. The more discussion, always the better.
  4. My opinion is my opinion, but I can tell you that if I am not renewing my pass, others aren't as well. There are people that think the same way my fiancé and I do, and that amount of people isn't insignificant. That income, while not deal breaking, isn't insignificant. If it was, they would invest the bare minimum into rides. The hardcores will always buy passes. The GP may not.
  5. I hear what you're saying but I really don't think CF is in a bad spot anymore with their record revenues. If they wait until 2025 for something big, I fully expect attendance to decrease substantially at the park. I think they HAVE to add something solid next year or people will just bail on their season passes. I am already not renewing ours next year. So, they will have to win us back.
  6. I think it's more likely than in past years. Even more likely than working with RMC right now.
  7. See the plan I wrote in early 2021 for how I would like to see money spent over the next few years to upgrade the park: Kings Island plan ------------------------ 2021 - New Campsite, General Park Improvements 2022 - 50th Anniversary, Re-paint Racer, Retheme the Entrance to The Beast, Substantial track work on The Beast. Pipe Dream: New trains for The Beast. 2023 - A lot of teasers that something big and daunting is coming, general park improvements. Plant lots of trees/ foliage around the wet and dry park to add shade (Light Year) 2024 - A Intamin Blitz coaster replaces Vortex. Record setting length and inversions. The Beast defeated Vortex, the last effort to control the monster, Kings Island would not let that happen this time. Billed as the most intense rollercoaster in the world. King's Island invites you to test your limits on this massive knot of steel. (A clear competitor for #1 in the world. The capital should be here after a couple light years in a row) 2025 - Invertigo is removed, Action Zone Rebranded to The Dark Forest, Additional Theming added, (Light Year) 2026 - Water Park improvements, a new water coaster as well as repaving/ adding more shade, slides that need repainted also get painted 2027 - Bat is retired. Planet Snoopy is converted into Camp Snoopy. Theming and more water added. A new thrilling flat added in the place of Invertigo. 2028 - A new S & S axis coaster that replaces The Bat. Coaster heavily interacts with the terrain and near-miss elements are a feature.
  8. Gotcha. Seems really unlikely at this point since announcements were all today. Especially considering they are promoting season passes for next year.
  9. According to what though. I don’t know anything about them, do they have insider sources?
  10. Agreed!!! I LOVE coasters but man I really just want investment into cohesiveness and experiences. I loved some of the flats at Carowinds and wish we had more.
  11. No but food and entertainment is not significant either. Ride maintenance should be expected not praised. Even with the retracking The Beast still needs a lot of work. This is after they put aside general maintenance and let it get to the point where it was so rough. Did it cost a lot of money? Definitely. Was that also partially their fault? Very much so.
  12. Diamondback and Banshee both need a repaint if we are being honest. If we are getting no new additions they better continue to retrack The Racer and The Beast. Bring back missing/ broken theming all across the park. Fix/ remove the funTVs cause right now they are mostly all broken. And actually fix boo blasters. The guns don’t work properly literally any time I go on it. I would also like to see them use queues more efficiently. The one that gets on my nerves is FOF. Put the people inside the AC instead of making them wait outside in the heat.
  13. Just because it’s a new addition does not mean it’s an important one. Personally, I don’t watch the shows so no I didn’t enjoy it. Also, that show is replacing a show that already ran. So at best, it’s a small net positive if the show is better. As other posters have mentioned, most people go for the rides. For the things they cannot do anywhere else. I can go to plays in any town. I cannot ride rollercoasters or large flats in any town. Only 2 out of the last 6 years having additions is concerning any way you paint it. And with nothing being announced today my season pass is seriously up for question. That’s 2 platinum season passes might I add. They had a chance to win my $600+ on passes alone and they are losing that chance. There is definitely other things I can do with that money.
  14. I know it’s not “cheap” to repaint or retract rides. However, the cost of a new food item or show is pretty small. They need new rides to attract the GP, like my fiancé. If they don’t add anything then she won’t want to pay for a season pass. If she doesn’t want a season pass then I won’t get one either. New rides aren’t for the diehard fans. They are for the average person. I think not adding anything will hurt the park. If that is the route they take. We rarely even have years without additions. Let alone 2 / 3 in a row depending on how you count Covid.
  15. Looks more so like we are going 3 years in a row without an addition. This is very disappointing.
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