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  1. Okay I didn't know that. Still seems so weird to me given the speed its moving and the location. To me, I feel like other rides would be much worse for them but I could be wrong.
  2. I get what you're saying but I highly doubt the tunnel on mystic is for noise reduction. It's close to the waterpark and far from any houses really. I think that tunnel was just something to spice up the otherwise mediocre turnaround.
  3. You're right. Here is a good look at our new, re-themed area! Looks like we are going to get a little themeing, no room for a bathroom or flat ride in the near future though.
  4. Wow a whole building just for the entrance? That's different...
  5. For all of you asking about bathrooms, I think I spotted some in the birds-eye view video!
  7. Has anyone yet considered the fact that the name could be.... Project X? Like yeah it's generic but it could totally fit the theme and would be hilarious if we have literally had the name the whole time.
  8. It's been fun Maverick! I got good news for you too, I rode my first intiamin's at CP on tuesday and I gotta give you some credit. They are fun rides!
  9. That's some commitment! Thanks for the info!
  10. Hell yeah! And then something goes wrong as The Beast jumps on the crane, dropping the track down and unleashing the SOB once again!
  11. Here is to hoping for some really great quick banking transitions like maverick or something!
  12. I'm so torn on if The Racer should be changed or not. While it is very important historically, I find the ride pretty abusive and unenjoyable, skipping on about half of my park visits.
  13. I heard something about arrow being revived and actually building their 700foot + tall coaster that was planned years ago. Could this be our time?!?!?!
  14. I'm going to CP for the first time since I started enjoying rollercoasters on Tuesday, gonna get FL passes too because we only can go up once and want to ride everything. I don't care too much if TTD is down but hopefully SV and everything else is good to go!
  15. It's got the Paramount logo which makes me feel like its got to do with the logo not the name?
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