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  1. Did they completely take it out? I've never felt or seen it.
  2. Can anyone elaborate on Banshee's trims? I never noticed any and I heard they were removed. Where were they at?
  3. I lived in a dorm next to a failed road track. Trains would slam on their horn all night. Was it annoying? Yes. Did I complain to the train line corporation? No. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up. It was there first.
  4. @Klabergian Empire Here you go! A couple elements I'd like to get more smooth (but it's planet coaster so it's tough) and a couple I am not 100% sold on but this is my concept for a smaller RMC that could fit in the plot. https://youtu.be/sn92a9lyIDA
  5. Hear me out... I could see a lot of GP who have never been here before mistaking the entrance to FOF as the Orion entrance if it looks anything like it does in the teaser.
  6. The concept is also much shorter resulting in less noise so it could definitely be done.
  7. I will have a POV when I finishing smoothing and finishing a couple more elements.
  8. I'm working on this smaller RMC as the next coaster coming to KI. I originally made it to replace Vortex but they layout probably fits better up front when our boomerang and big ole log ride get the axe. Here is a pic of the WIP:
  9. Right but much simpler and more effective construction I’m sure. @BoddaH1994 had some nice info as well with bolts vs welds.
  10. They probably also don’t require near as much maintenance considering how much newer the trains and their design are. I’m honestly impressed Mystic runs that late into the year.
  11. That‘a very possible. But if they weren’t listed last year then they might be working on something slightly more substantial. Who knows im just here hoping they repaint a few rides. Diamondback and racer are near the top of the list for me.
  12. I hope they paint DB and possibly racer for next year. Would really go well with the new coaster.
  13. The fact that track is coming down this early must mean they have something planned. Why else would they create an empty area of the park? Not like they are getting anything for the track $ wise...
  14. Y’all soft if those screams from that far away affect you indoors.
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