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  1. I can feel the vibrations in my teeth lol. Crazy how some of the elements look and how they feel when on it.
  2. I would be surprised if they tested moving trains. Maybe brake testing. Seems too early, imo, for any sort of vehicle testing.
  3. If we are going launch I’d rather go intamin with a beyond vertical drop. That start to maverick has you standing up in your seat. Especially compared to the catastrophe that was west coast racers. Not opposed to any of the three but that is my preference.
  4. Definitely gonna read through that thread! Thanks for typing all the fantastic info up!
  5. This is some great info and I really appreciate the help! I’ve been to Carowinds but it was before copperhead was there and my friend has never been so we will have to see but that is definitely an option. I will also have to look into six flags America as I don’t know much about it but maybe we can get cheap tickets? And yeah the Pennsylvania area is petty solid too. May have to consider that as well as it is probably a bit closer. I will check out your site and really appreciate the work. Would going to BG: W be much better on a Friday for getting rides in? Or is it pretty busy all the time. Thank you!
  6. Haha probably not much but for a few hours every early am hopefully
  7. Hello Folks, A friend and I are really into rollercoasters (as many of you here are) and we wanted to take a trip around late April to late May. My friend is moving out of town soon and we wanted to do something fun. Anyways, we definitely wanted to spend like 3 days going to 3 different parks. I was thinking the Virginia area because there is a lot of parks around there and BG: W seems like a must hit. We currently reside in Columbus. We would probably go like Friday-Sunday. Is there any other parks we must go to? And tips you guys have? Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hopefully not. Vortex’s spot should roughly keep the same feel and I feel like monster trucks would require a lot of change. Plenty of room to the side of Orion and DA for them.
  9. Gotta think we have a few weeks before any sort of testing.
  10. Maybe they decided to cut it to save for something else for next year.
  11. I know this would cost more but I love the contrast of the red and the yellow. Wish all supports were yellow.
  12. Here is to hoping they open up the other side of the fof queue. It feels so good in that building on a hot day.
  13. Oh dear god this is the best news if true. Diamondback looks awful with its current paint. Then do racer and we’ve got ourselves a game.
  14. Also could extend quite a bit further out if need be. And will block that awkward open space between bat and great wolf lodge with all that would. I’m down for it.
  15. Woah Banshee took over double the time Diamondback did. Wonder why that was!?
  16. I still think they need some trees or maybe a water feature or something by the pretzel in Banshee. It’s so bare back there. You can see too much of great wolf.
  17. Call me crazy but I don’t hate the Action Zone theme. I know it doesn’t relate to movies but you could theme it to intense rides and non stop thrills or something. Generic I know but it sounds fun and I like it. Just needs another flat and something different where Invertigo and the log ride is and it’s really really good.
  18. Never heard the story. Can you explain more?
  19. I bet they could but I doubt that will happen for a very long time. At some point replacements over expansion will occur and I think we are there. Plus I’d rather see them expand in Action Zone. The Bat is kinda like a weird dead end and they have land over that direction I think. Maybe planting some new trees on the back side of Banshee would be nice. Feels too much like an open field IMO
  20. So similar to DB queue. The last bit is basically an exact replica!
  21. I’m sure it’s a looks thing. They don’t need them anymore and it looks more elegant without them.
  22. Just a dumb comment on a dumb exaggeration of a dumb joke ❤️
  23. 10 miles is huge lol. They’d prolly only have to do like 3.
  24. Still out there doing work. You know it’s gotta be freezing!
  25. Here’s to hoping Diamondback gets some paint as well as maybe racer. Gotta fit in with the new ride and they both could use it.
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