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  1. Probably because Texas Stingray is just not as good. It's got a less airtime, more old style GCI layouts and that goes away from exactly what Mystic is praised for: pacing, airtime, and rapid transitions. Just more proof that the Awards are a sham.
  2. I don't think the price would be that big of a deterrent especially if they are going to wait longer in-between coasters like Cedar Fair says they are. It would be a fantastic coaster for the lineup too as it fills 3 gaps. Launch, lopper, spinner.
  3. I agree with this 100%. Always thought it was weird that there was a bunch of wide open space around Diamondback that is just grass. Looks like Orion is going to be the same way too. It's probably so that if they ever need to get back there and do any work, they can. Just sucks because it could be so much cooler.
  4. While interesting, without this being in the original plans, it is literally impossible now. There is just not enough room.
  5. Maybe? To be honest I don’t remember at all.
  6. Kinda feels like no new major attractions next year as we haven’t had a single teaser yet. Kinda disappointing. Would love to get a flat or some water park improvements.
  7. I just think it would give the park some much needed intensity. CP has multiple intense rides. KD has TT and i305. Carowinds doesn't have anything crazy intense but I could see the argument for Fury (even if forces wise it isn't any more intense than Orion). I think our park could really use something intense. That intensity gap is definitely a gap the park still has and I think it would really solidify our lineup.
  8. Hopefully this means they will be working on Orion next. The music in the area is without a doubt the thing that ties everything together.
  9. OH HERE SHE COMES..... I will miss it dearly if it is actually gone. Shed is awesome because of it
  10. Valravn had the incident of it colliding in the station a while ago but I don't think there were any major injuries. Definitely a safety incident in my mind though.
  11. Sadly I don't know that the plot is big enough for a true SOB ground up return. I would need to be a hyper hybrid to make that return truly real and I just don't see it in that layout unless we get a super twister layout.
  12. Orion also had some decent downtime on Tuesday while I was there. The silver train also sat in the shed the whole day so only 2 train ops. Wonder what was up with that
  13. They are in the queue correct. But they are also meant to be there. They can make copies, add or remove anything they want. The blueprints in the video were likely something they just grabbed that they had on hand. There's a difference between something you put on display vs something you use as a prop.
  14. I still think I fall under the camp of these blueprints just being something they had on hand that is probably already complete and they are blurring them just because not necessarily because they are trying to hide anything. Very few companies if any walk around throwing blueprints around like free candy.
  15. Very true. We don't even have a notice of commencement yet for 2022-2204 either. Hopefully that is coming soon.
  16. Most likely just the prints for a previous ride, but we can dream right?
  17. There is a reason a lot of the comments say it is never open lol. A bunch of random people didn't just come together and decide they were going to start this random, unimportant rumor to like spite the park or something. I have been at the park probably 20 times in the last few years and I have yet to see it open... Just saying
  18. This is fantastic news! Hopefully this means Cedar Point will be open daily starting in July.
  19. I agree. The maintenance shed next to the break run I feel fits better than a flat ride as well.
  20. Definitely. Carowinds capped attendance was definitely lower than KI when I went on a Saturday. Hell, they were still selling Fast Lane halfway through the day on the weekend when KI sells out seemingly instantly. That says a lot
  21. To be honest, I am not sure. I got here after opening yesterday and today. Operations are a big problem though. The coasters here are dispatching consistently slow. They really could use some more training or something because it’s nowhere near as good as KI. That’s a shame too because their top 4 rides here are fantastic.
  22. I understand where your coming from but the park being unable to staff enough roles tells me they just weren’t prepared. You can’t make money by being closed. One thing Six Flags has definitely done better. I would say Kings Island was busier than a Carowinds yesterday. The main reason I had a good day was due to fast pass, without it the day would have sucked. Operations here at Carowinds are just not good. For example, I am here again today and Fury just had a 20 dispatch hour. That’s awful for a Huge B and M like Fury. And I would have never thought but they did! Load times were around 10-15 minutes per train on goldrusher. Absolutely insane!
  23. I was at Carowinds today and had generally a good time. They have arguably even less staff (considering the water park wasn’t even a slated to open and hold rusher had literally 2 people operating it today, 1 doing controls and 1 doing seat checks) and even they stayed open until 9. I am very disappointed in King’s Island’s recent theme of cutting hours. I remember there being tons of 10pm closes and some 12am ones. Guess we prolly aren’t going to get those either...
  24. The real question is what is being announced on July 24 of 2029 . Start the decoding thread now!
  25. I watched the whole video. While Banshee definitely has a rattle, but it isn't really rough and I wouldn't place Afterburn or Raptor (my 2 other invert credits) above it. I seriously feel like our coasters get judged harder than other park's just because. Oh well, is what it is.
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