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  1. I was looking to add the fast passes to my Platinum pass and I don’t see Orion listed in the Fast Pass or Fast Pass Plus. Will they add it latter or is it not going to be eligible for Fast Pass.
  2. This is my first time to Winterfest and I was wondering if the Jack Frost Igloos are worth the cost. We are going this Friday and I am still recovering from Cataract Surgery and sometime the cold air hurts my eyes and I thought this would be a good place for my eyes to settle down before going back outside. I am also planning on wearing my windproof eye glasses to also help.
  3. Question are Fast Passes available during Winterfest? We are planning a trip for the first time to Winterfest.
  4. Thanks always wonder how they did it.
  5. How do they get the trains from the transfer station onto the track?
  6. I like the front seat when it is really dark outside and the back seat when it is light outside.
  7. I was there Saturday and you can see land that was cleared from The Tower. It is close to where they are building the new coaster. We asked the Elevator operator and they said a new hotel was going up there but looking at the above map that is the exact area I saw from The Tower.
  8. It got struck by lightning last Wednesday.
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