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  1. I loved the ride, hated when it closed. I enjoyed it so much more than Top Gun. At one point I think I remember of talk that they were going to replace it with an underground roller coaster...then boom...there was Vortex.
  2. Oh man...I'm glad I can afford more than 3 web cams....
  3. DANG!!! Thought it was the new Area 72 restrooms.
  4. This would be an out and back where you would get launched up and over twice, two sections of track beside each other on the structure. You could do like Kingda Ka and put a drop ride on it as well. Station could be in Rivertown or Coney Mall. Don't have a name yet. Put it directly behind the E.T.
  5. Maybe they're not counting the transfer shed as vertical construction worthy, I wouldn't. I'm sure they are going to have it up and going when those big beautiful gray supports start to take their place.
  6. I won’t be up until Sunday...better keep an eye on Twitter.
  7. When I was there all the supports I saw were the light gray.
  8. I didn't intend to disregard you Sixoh, I just didn't know how many frequent flyer miles you have to use.
  9. Doesn’t look like a great day for construction watching the cam, but I did see a flatbed leaving. I assume that track is still being delivered today. I going up Sunday & Monday and hope to get pics. Then almost three weeks of nobody getting pics...gonna be tough. Lol Maybe construction cam will get up during this time.
  10. So is the ET is closed to everyone? Just asking so I don’t waste my time bringing my camera and tripod in the next time I come to the park.
  11. So....nobody updating us today with any pics?
  12. I'm really excited about haunt, I haven't been in 4 years. I've been working our haunted attraction at home with the rescue squad for a couple of decades. This year I'm going to Universal's in September, and then KI in October. Going to get my frights in this year.
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