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  1. If they wanted a tunnel to be effective on the first drop it would have to be huge. Traveling at 91mph you are going 133 feet per second. A truly awesome tunnel would need to be at least a football field in length, that ain't going to happen
  2. Both sides are equal! TOP IS COMING SOON!
  3. Who even knows if @sixohdieselrage will even be back after all he's been through on here.
  4. YES! The fountain is almost covered! That's what you were looking for ,right?
  5. I took this while I was at the park last Sunday. Thought it might be @sixohdieselrage, but I know he travels in a high wing. Time for somebody to take to the skies again.
  6. For as little as 19 cents a day you can bring the webcams back to life at Kings Island.... that's less than a cup of coffee. Together we can end the withdraws of coaster fans who tirelessly hit refresh, only to find the same frozen pic from October 20th. Help us end this before it's too late. Show the world you care today.
  7. Will we get to keep the view from this window, or is it gone forever as well?
  8. It really doesn't matter to me who is taking it down, it's going to happen. The biggest conflict I see with these discussions is people stating that Sky High made a deal on construction of Orion and removal of Vortex. If that is true, you are saying that the park knew that Vortex would be coming down at the end of this season a long time before it was announced. With that being said maybe they worked out a deal with Sky High since they were here. I think Vortex removal caught everyone of guard.
  9. Last Drop support is coming up in the world.
  10. Here’s the time-lapse I gave Don and Chad from tonight. IMG_6194.MP4
  11. There's no difference....is this not the webcam rant?
  12. Wrong. I've been going to Kings Island for 47 years and live two and a half hours away. I've have made it a point to come up more this summer and fall and watch something truly awesome be created at the park that I never had the opportunity to do before thanks to technology. I made a point to come to the announcement. Each time I've come I've lugged my camera in to get shots of the construction. I went by CSF to get pics there. I'm coming tomorrow to give my respects to Vortex and take pics. When the most anticipated part of the project begins, it goes dark. When you are told officially by the park to watch and enjoy the construction on the webcams, that's what I have been doing. When they are taken away with no explanation, that's when I get upset. Unlike some, I will continue to stay here and watch the debates and chime in when feeling led to do so. I'm not one to leave a group just because I don't agree with everyone on it.
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