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  1. "I normally don't move....In 2020 I'll FLY!"
  2. I still would like to have Vortex scrapped and RMC in it's place to intermingle with Beast back in the woods.
  3. Wild Gravity Travels was there Friday the 5th.
  4. That’s NOT what she said.
  5. My wife usually snaps a pic of our parking row on her phone. I remember back in the day when we would stay at the KI Inn, the bus would drop you off right beside the front gate. At one time they had a double decker bus. I wish KI had its own hotel like CP built right on the property where you could walk 100 yards and be in the park.
  6. Except how tall is it, drop and speed.
  7. I would like to see Vortex come down and be replaced by a RMC. Bring it in as Son of Beast and have it intermingle with The Beast, like a child playing with his dad. That would be great for the 50th! ( I know it can’t happen that soon but we can still dream.)
  8. Is it me.....or did it get really quiet in here? I noticed on the KI website they are pushing Christmas. It’s 85 degrees, Merry Christmas.
  9. I know this is off subject but where is the best place to stay up at KI? For years we’d stay at the KI Inn, I know it got nasty. We’d stay there for nostalgia, shuttle and it had a bar. So where is a good place with those assets? Please don’t say Great Wolf....I’m not paying that kind of money to go drink and have a good time at Halloween Haunt.
  10. I hope they do a great trailer video for the coaster, Banshee was the best one I have ever seen.
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