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  1. Double post.... Oh goodness.... I feel dumb lol =P
  2. Oh god! Is there one out?! You guys are killing me! XD haha
  3. I'm sure this has been said many times... has there been any word of a construction cam? You think they'll install one for post season? After Haunt? =o I sure hope we get one! =D
  4. I feel they'd really need a good name for Action Zone now. I 100% agree with you on changing the name, it's for sure dated. With the change to X-Base being Area 72, something about that feels very Action/Intense rides here type feel. I did like the idea someone had brought up of making it like a lost forest type deal. What would you like to see it themed/named too? =)
  5. Very true. I think as long as they keep updating what we have, it'll stretch a long way. Next up they should really update Congo/Invertigo area. Hopefully that is lol
  6. I agree, the original map style is better. The new one seems a tad more sloppy. Not as easy to find locations/food if you've never been. I mean it's still good, just not as good. XD
  7. Yeah, I'd hope they do the lighting brilliantly with Orion. This ride needs the hill at minimum to be illuminated. Keep the back end dark, for amazing night rides. Do the Helix in some kind of cool circular lighting to look like a constellation perhaps. That would be nefty. =D
  8. It is funny how some people are saying the bigger DB thing. Most GP that havent actually seen a 300+ foot coaster/Giga, won't understand until they see it soaring above in the skyline. Then they'll really be like "OMG." That's when it will really hit people. Specially seeing it from the front gate, and the whole way you're walking to it. That's the true "epic" feeling of a Giga. At least in my opinion lmao. =D
  9. So it's funny when people state that it's a bigger Diamondback. So what if it is? It's a new dang coaster! >=D That's like saying MT is a smaller Beast. People are just goofs these days. Lmao xD a good comp, is that I don't remember anyone saying SoB was just another Beast? I know there was the loop, but this is still a groundbreaker for KI in terms of speed... Which I guess some people don't like? Baffling.. -.-
  10. Yeah that head chopper moment is gonna be sick! Isn't there somewhat one around the speed hill as well?
  11. Everyone needs to spam that we demand a construction cam, or else we STORM AREA 72!
  12. Do you think they're going to plant some trees around once it's completed? Like a beautification deal? Still can't wait to see this baby at night though! Please have some sick lighting effects! XD
  13. If you ask me, KI/CF darn well knew what they were doing with this coaster. Everyone wanted a Giga. So they answered the call. Yet you'll always get those new age entitled peeps that want every thing, cause they think they deserve every thing. This ride was created to please everyone! So many people whined about MT, and it turned out to be a BA addition to the park. That's what Orion will be. It's meant to eat people, and increase rideability of all other rides in the park, and be a thrill seekers dream for lower mid-west. KI is my home park, and we've been spoiled for sure with it's line-up. People will be people, they'll bash it. Then ride it, and say, "I love it, glad I was on team Orion all along." Join the band wagon. Don't wanna be a Debbie downer, but entitled people really need to be put in their place sometimes. =)
  14. My favorite part of the POV is to see that the Helix is riden pretty fast. I was worried as were others, that it was gonna be slow and lame. Thank you CF for giving us a darn good solid ride! =)
  15. A live stream of it will be here at 10pm EST sharp. Just in case . Be sure to watch it at youtube to be live.
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