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  1. Got it for me it’s totally not worth it. Paid 310 for gold pass, drink plan and meal plan. Lines are never a big deal to me and I get to eat and drink all day. Parking, it’s good exercise so I don’t mind it. seems like a hassle to have to get that Fast Lane ticket everytime you go to. At double + price of gold pass. Nah not for me. If I need to cool down I will just hangout inside the place with Chinese food court
  2. I’m not sure how different prestige would of bee i just renewed yesterday @ 130. Was it 130 and then 199 on top? Or 60 dollar difference?
  3. We need clarification if gold passes no longer get to do haunt and winter stuff
  4. Is there a set day when regular gold passes go on sale? Needing to write that down I can see them hiking all plans this year by a lot
  5. It’s unreasonable to ask for everyone to look after yourself. Best bet is to Mask up and vaccinate, for 99% of population who don’t vax or mask. Myself included life is literally unchanged. it is simply not worth telling people to do something when 99%+++ are not at risk
  6. True. Don’t really. Such a small percent that it’s no different numbers than other flus or illnesses we receive
  7. Yeah I’m no longer going Anywhere due to stupid face mask and distancing policies on a fabricated number death virus.
  8. I guess I simply don’t care about it. I’m open to getting it, whether or not I get antibodies it’s shown that the next tine you get it, the strain will be less strong. so meh. Drink the koolaid
  9. you're going to get it. faster everyone gets it, faster we are done with "epidemic" itl become a lesser flu.
  10. What’s wrong with everyone getting it? Let it spread
  11. Well that doesn’t make sense....
  12. Well if you feel the need for security from vaccine go vaccinate, I will simply use my right to not, as I have zero concern about my immunity/health from it. We all have opinions I will agree to disagree.
  13. A vaccine for covid? I’ve read on it and it says it will not be the same strains when ones developed. Everyone I’ve spoken with all agreed we aren’t getting the vaccine if one becomes available. itl run it’s course through everyone. And everyone will be immune. There’s more covid now everywhere and less deaths than ever. Immunity is working already. let it progress naturally.
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