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  1. True. Don’t really. Such a small percent that it’s no different numbers than other flus or illnesses we receive
  2. Yeah I’m no longer going Anywhere due to stupid face mask and distancing policies on a fabricated number death virus.
  3. I guess I simply don’t care about it. I’m open to getting it, whether or not I get antibodies it’s shown that the next tine you get it, the strain will be less strong. so meh. Drink the koolaid
  4. you're going to get it. faster everyone gets it, faster we are done with "epidemic" itl become a lesser flu.
  5. What’s wrong with everyone getting it? Let it spread
  6. Well that doesn’t make sense....
  7. Well if you feel the need for security from vaccine go vaccinate, I will simply use my right to not, as I have zero concern about my immunity/health from it. We all have opinions I will agree to disagree.
  8. A vaccine for covid? I’ve read on it and it says it will not be the same strains when ones developed. Everyone I’ve spoken with all agreed we aren’t getting the vaccine if one becomes available. itl run it’s course through everyone. And everyone will be immune. There’s more covid now everywhere and less deaths than ever. Immunity is working already. let it progress naturally.
  9. As an anti masker, I tried the mask at KI, despite the most comfy mask I could buy, I can’t do it. Til no mask required I’d rather not go.
  10. Same. It’s just so hot. Can’t handle it myself
  11. I mean the park did just spend 30 million dollars on the coaster, and you have a lot of people who have not rode it who are excited or kids. It would probably be disappointing to go ride it with a negative conotation implanted in your head. some people will hate the ride because they was told it wasn’t good before they ride it. Not everyone but I could see kids coming off after hearing that chat and telling friends the same things the others are saying instead of using their own opinion. imo definitely need to stop negativity. Actually- I saw a negative reaction myself on racer yesterday. There was a young kid asking people walking up “so can you tell me what July 4 means? What is it about”? And sadly, now a days people evidently don’t, and seemed insulted that they was asked.-! But I have to agree they shouldn’t be asking things like that to make them feel dumb. His words was, just trying to start conversation while we wait, so do you know what 4th of July means? etc. not a good thing to insult some by
  12. He didn’t jump the line for the ride, I was in line for 15-20 minutes or so for access pass and It was Turned past the games etc. when we got to the swing coaster turn in where becomes racer etc. guy slipped right in front of us. I straight confronted him and made an issue of it, the guy I told it couldn’t be helped the girl handed him a pass as I told him. just lame. No one was hurt or really bothered people behind us just shrugged shoulder like it’s fine.
  13. We only got to ride once, the very last of the train cars. I feel it would of been far more enjoyable being on the front where we could see everything without someone infront of us. I always enjoyed backs of coasters like Mystic Timbers beast etc. but this coaster, I think is just like millennium force, it needs to be a front seat rider. I did experience a little blackout experience, but I experience this sometimes on the Backlot Stunt Coaster too in the rear. its a really pretty coaster, id trade this for Firehawk&Vortex everyday. What I hope for next is a maverick type coaster in Vortex spot fingers crossed. I will be looking into a fast pass type ownership in future though, standing in lines are terrible and now that I am a little older 29, I am tired of lines. seeing people walk right on every ride made me jealous. Lol worth the cost of admission right there. my gf and I enjoyed it very much. did upset me that a line jumper go his ticket before us and when I called him out, nothing happened.
  14. Not gonna lie. I’m clueless to these two comments of its hidden meaning
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