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  1. To me, covid is a moot (not trying to cause any fighting, but to me I don't care about it), I am not worried and will go day 1 opening, water park, full on amusement parks, im hoping a mask isn't required as I won't wear one if not, but whatever if it is. it needs to open!. it is not fair to let other business open but not amusement parks, that's favoring and if did happen, ohio should obligate to pay the entire earnings lost by prohibiting them from opening. I want some blue ice cream and some wave pools and orionnnn
  2. What is this place? A sema type event for coasters?
  3. They move quick, I just looked just now and its 90% finished for roof.
  4. They will knock out couple pieces a day imo
  5. I’d imagine they will do both sides at same time, extending left to right, because machines will be close together able to hoist without moving them around if I had to guess
  6. Thanks for the share! That’s amazing. Hope they tear it down this winter myself so we can start to see it get land repurposed maybe
  7. cut and fall? didn't see how they took it down myself. I figured you needed cranes to safely lower the pieces surely?
  8. If I was KI, I would use the cranes, put together Orion, then use the cranes on site to take down Vortex at same time. Anyone know if this is possible? I mean, it could be done pretty quick with all the stuff on site?
  9. Unless the parts aren't all there yet to be installed? May be enroute.
  10. Is the white Clifford the same thing but white? or are the colors symbolization's of the class.
  11. The thing the crane has, is definitely red. its building Clifford I assume?
  12. they don't want people seeing the coaster?
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