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  1. Woah, this looks like it was taken from an abandoned haunted amusement park, cool!
  2. LMAO at 0:57 there is a shirtless guy in the front row rubbing his nipples.
  3. I feel like with Orion they have just trimmed the fat on the other gigas. It's more succinct and devoid of the pandering elements.
  4. Where did you see that at? I was trying to get a look at the entry plaza but couldn't in the videos.
  5. Calling it now, worlds tallest Togo standup.
  6. I'm not sure if anyone has posted something like this but what if the theme of the ride is that the Earth has been made uninhabitable for some reason hence teotwawki, and the people are being transported via spaceship to some other planet.
  7. It would be nice but I doubt it.
  8. This is a pretty cool teaser campaign. I'm impressed.
  9. It's 2019 we can't assume gender, it will have to be "child of beast"
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