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  1. I know, but it’s not like they can’t go faster.
  2. It's taking them a little while. My guess is that they should've been done by now. But I'm not an engineer.
  3. They will be working with Seaworld Entertainment, so I'm guessing if there is a Seaworld park in San Diego, it will be pretty close.
  4. There is a new Sesame Place park opening in 2021 called Sesame Place San Diego and it will have various rides, shows, and other fun attractions. More details will be released soon. https://sesameplace.com/san-diego/about-the-park/ I will update on this in the future and if any of you find any updates, please post them!
  5. I bet the people of White Castle invented White Castle because they wanted people to suffer in a special way.
  6. It isn't really the brake run that causes the long waiting on the break run, it's the operations and the number of trains. You can be on a short brake run and be on there as long as a long one.
  7. Not that I know of. Thought this was a thread for what is coming in 2020! If so, there is a thread for that.
  8. Maybe they should go with one of those new vekomas, like a custom launch coaster, or something like Lech.
  9. Have you seen the reviews for lech coaster? There is no way they won’t be smooth. I could be wrong, but I think an elite launch coaster with lots of inversions like the new vekomas would be a great fit for KI.
  10. I don’t know if you all thought about this, but maybe they can add something like a vekoma shockwave.
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