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  1. Never rode it but if people say SOB was rougher than The Beast than I would have hated it. For me, it's hard to enjoy The Beast because it's so jarringly rough. I would have not liked SOB.
  2. Just like to clarify, I did not make these vids lol, I just thought you guys would like to see them.
  3. Overall, Southern Express at OWA. By large coasters, Twist N Shout at Family Kingdom. The worst experience however is on Thunder Run at KK because back row will staple and jackhammer you HARD.
  4. About 0 times. Lol, I haven’t been back to KI since July of 2019. I’m getting the gold pass so I’m hoping that changes.
  5. What I would like to see it something like CP's entrance but instead of a wing coaster its a ground up RMC with a Zadra like zero g stall over the entrance.
  6. I just rode Rollin Thunder tonight and my thoughts are now on the post
  7. So my biggest Christmas present this year was a surprise vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We are doing different experiences for each child and my experience was The Park at OWA. The park itself has a good feel. It has an atmosphere like if Kings Island was scaled down a lot. They have a good mix of extreme and family thrills. I will be ranking the rides I rode and will be explaining them. Rollin’ Thunder - This is a really fun ride. It’s not perfect though. The pros are that the ride has some really, REALLY strong airtime, it’s a great layout, great hang time, great pacing, great first
  8. I don't think it will ever go away but it will become like a cold almost. People will become so used to it that they just regularly get a vaccine and move on with their year. I'm hoping 2021 is a new year with no serious threat of COVID. And please, let's not try and say "this is impossible" or anything.
  9. Yeah I tried to find it but my computer blocks six flags for some reason.
  10. Wha......bruh. I can't believe Six Flags is this bad at planning their coasters ahead of time. Thoughts?
  11. Nigloland has announced their new water coaster, Krampus Expedition! Thoughts? Here is the layout:
  12. Not inversion breaking, but breaks everything else. I think it'd be a good fit.
  13. Boi.... By the way, Quimera has been confirmed and it is currently getting disassembled to start getting shipped. http://screamscape.com/html/indiana_beach.htm You will find it on this link somewhere, the links on the post are pulled straight from IB's Facebook page.
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