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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

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  1. And I'm glad they did lol. So I'm planning to upload a concept of the new record breaker to my channel. I'll let you guys know when I do.
  2. I would like to point out one thing. Most people, and I mean like 95% of people, don't go to Cedar Point for the flat rides or the shows. They go for the coasters. Even the general public knows that Cedar Point is roller coaster paradise and that if you go, you better be going for the coasters. Plus, CP is known to open only record breaking attractions. Name one coaster at CP that isn't a family coaster that didn't break a record when it opened. It just makes perfect sense for CP to get this. If they are going to get a record breaker, they are either going for steepest or most inversions
  3. Keep dreaming man, last huge addition Michigan’s Adventure got was an slc and their last addition was a kids section retheme. Not trying to sound rude or anything, but the only way that MI will get a new coaster is if they go the family run park route.
  4. Guys...I know KI has a reputation of adding a coaster every 3 years, but what if this is the coaster to replace Vortex?
  5. Yeah I'm not on that train of the most painful being Banshee. I'm only 5 foot 7 inches and I'm skinny. I have never had any problems with really any roughness on any coaster besides Beast.
  6. Worst vekoma coaster I've ridden is Roller Skater. Roller Skater is a rough ride but its for families, what do you expect? That also tells you how measly my coaster count is . Worst Zamperla I've ridden is Southern Express at OWA, but that is also a kiddie coaster. No, I don't think Rollin' Thunder is bad, it is in my top 5.
  7. Goliath at SFNE has been removed.... ...from the park map. So this might be the secret announcement of the removal of Goliath. Here is a video to explain more.
  8. Ooooooohhh, got it. I'll have to think about that for a little bit.
  9. Backlot - Bavarian Beetle Delirium - Firehawk Lara Croft - Demon
  10. Yeah cheetah looked like a fun cci. Glad that you shared your experience! Glad you had a great time!
  11. Banshee is the roughest invert lol Not from me. Not at all.
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