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  1. Kings Island is closed right now. A serum for treatment is almost done. I'm just guessing here, but I think coronavirus might be weakened or even maybe dead by the time most theme parks open.
  2. The coronavirus isn’t going to have much of an impact. It may be killing people in other countries but we have healthcare that could easily get rid of it.
  3. Well it would be hard to make a giga in the terrain of Dollywood. Maybe intamin multilaunch? Something like this. This isn't the actual Pantheon, but this would fit the terrain. Or maybe a Mack rides xtreme spinner because silver dollar city has one.
  4. Let's note that this addition will be larger than Wildwood Grove. This will either be one of the biggest coasters we've seen in a long time or a larger expansion than the last one.
  5. Dollywood will be announcing their largest and most expensive addition yet on March 13th. I found this info on a reddit page this morning. This will obviously be a coaster, so any guesses? Edit: Don't know where he got the largest investment aspect from, but I would suspect if he said it as fact on a roller coaster reddit community, it is probably true.
  6. Backlot is probably my number 6 in the park. I found the launch to be very forceful and the helix is very intense. I'm not saying it is the best coaster in the park or in the top 3 by any means, but it needs a little respect for what it is.
  7. Uh, nooooooooo.... I don't think disney would do well for the Cedar Fair parks. They would remove most of the coasters to make the parks more family based. And if they kept Orion, Steel Vengeance, etc, they would probably rename Orion to Ursula or SV to Gaston's Revenge or something like that. I like the feel of Cedar Fair parks, and I think giving it a Disney makeover would completely ruin the park.
  8. This proposal letter was approved yesterday. It will officially be going to the park. I think it is also a custom layout because it is 500 feet longer and is a little layout.
  9. Seaworld San Antonio is back at it again for 2021. This teaser will tell you everything. Any ideas? Vote in the poll or post your opinion.
  10. Yeah there have been some pointers to Vortex being converted.
  11. Well I was going to say if it's by nighthawk or Vortex or something, they could be converting floorless or tearing nighthawk down.
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