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  1. He is making a joke. Orion's height is 287 feet tall. But it has a 300 ft drop. It is SO close to being a hyper.
  2. Near halfway through, huh? Awesome! That helix is going to give some force!
  3. Remember how back before Orion was announced and we were super desperate about the stats being a typo? Now we are super desperate about the track work ending this month
  4. Never heard of That Park. But I'm excited for KI to open! I might be going to Passholder Preview Day. My first media day!
  5. Busch Gardens Tampa will be getting a flat ride. It was confirmed it won't be a coaster. Everything else looks pretty good.
  6. They have been saving tons of money for thrill rides in their parks. This won’t backfire on them. Seaworld Orlando is supposedly getting a wing coaster, and it has pretty much been confirmed.
  7. Probably. I don’t know if it is the same at KI, but right now it is snowing hard where I live.
  8. Seaworld has already teased new coasters for 2021 for Seaworld San Antonio, Busch Gardens Tampa, Seaworld Orlando, and Seaworld San Diego. I couldn't find a pic for san diego, so they are rumored to get a family quadruple tire launch coaster.
  9. Yeah like WiLdErNesS RuN So how far are they in? I can't look at the cam.
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