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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

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  1. Yeah I'm not on that train of the most painful being Banshee. I'm only 5 foot 7 inches and I'm skinny. I have never had any problems with really any roughness on any coaster besides Beast.
  2. Worst vekoma coaster I've ridden is Roller Skater. Roller Skater is a rough ride but its for families, what do you expect? That also tells you how measly my coaster count is . Worst Zamperla I've ridden is Southern Express at OWA, but that is also a kiddie coaster. No, I don't think Rollin' Thunder is bad, it is in my top 5.
  3. Goliath at SFNE has been removed.... ...from the park map. So this might be the secret announcement of the removal of Goliath. Here is a video to explain more.
  4. Ooooooohhh, got it. I'll have to think about that for a little bit.
  5. Backlot - Bavarian Beetle Delirium - Firehawk Lara Croft - Demon
  6. Yeah cheetah looked like a fun cci. Glad that you shared your experience! Glad you had a great time!
  7. Banshee is the roughest invert lol Not from me. Not at all.
  8. The Beast is too rough to enjoy. Yes, this does come from me. I usually can tolerate rough rides but the rides I’ve had in beast are just unbearable. Last time I rode, I got a bruise on my shoulder.
  9. I agree with that. But it doubt that will happen unless it’s a last minute thing because this has been planned ever since Quimera was bought out. They bought clementon park after the plan. But yes, that would be awesome.
  10. Indiana Beach has been rumored to get Cascabel 2.0 from La Feria ever since Quimera was announced. Now Cascabel’s coaster cars have been spotted in the park storage area. Looks like the coaster quite possibly will be coming for 2022. Also, a flat ride named Condor was also spotted in that area. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aOlg2qy2Tls&feature=emb_title
  11. Batman at Six Flags Over Texas. Crazy intense experience but a little rough. It’s in my top 10 though which isn’t saying much because I’ve only ridden 37 coasters
  12. So I went to SFOT about 2-3 weeks ago and I did not have a good experience. Not at all. I’m not trying to sound like an overly sensitive person or whatnot, but I have a feeling you guys would want to know this. So we got to the park and we noticed security was on point. There was a lot of security but we thought it was for covid procedures so we brushed it off. The park was almost Disneyland busy. It was about a 2 hour wait for every ride and I only got to ride 3 in my 8 hours of being there. That and it was very confusing to get around because the paths are terrible. Finally we
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