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  1. Well I’m giving it another try the next time I go. Maybe it will lose its title as my least favorite adult coaster.
  2. The helix didn’t have the gradual banking back then. Looked a lot more aggressive. I honestly can’t wait for this retrack, The Beast absolutely beat me up on my last ride and it is sadly my least favorite adult coaster at KI right now. Hopefully this puts it in the right direction! Also just to clarify, the drop and the helix were the two roughest parts of the ride. Guess there was a lot of people who noticed this.
  3. Yeah and I kind of like the name because of this reason. Also, can we all talk about the five back to back airtime hills towards the end?
  4. The name is in honor of the CEO’s dad because apparently his dad always had a dream of flying a plane to space. Their last name is Arie. So it does have some meaning.
  5. Love the layout and the coaster looks amazing with all of the airtime moments and wacky inversions. But I do have one question. What is the WORLD is a “chili dip”?
  6. My gosh, the CEOs are leaving left and right. https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/six-flags-announces-new-ceo/article_28f5aaa0-feb8-5933-9cb3-bdd1c15cf72f.html Hopefully this is a good one.
  7. Idk what the antique cars were like, but I don’t think they were unreliable. Getting rid of an unpopular ride for a big attraction (new coaster) in the coming years?
  8. https://rideentertainment.com/gerstlauer-to-build-one-of-a-kind-infinity-roller-coaster-in-the-united-states/ Well let’s hope this isn’t a Defiance situation. Excited to see where it goes! Here is a video that goes more in depth.
  9. Six Flags Magic Mountain announces Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single rail coaster! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3DSXp4VZxOk
  10. It’s not the track that’s rough, the trains just have a super bad shakiness and it feels like it’s about to fall apart.
  11. American Dream mall is very similar to this and it took a looooooooong time to develop
  12. Hey maybe they’ll get python from Coney Island because riding it feels like getting hit by a meteor.
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