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  1. There has been some news/rumors floating around about Six Flags announcing new 2021 additions on the 27th. If so, any ideas? By the way, if Six Flags is actually doing this, they really need to go small or else bankruptcy might fall on their shoulders again.
  2. Sorry for the double post. https://www.dailyitem.com/news/knoebels-unveils-new-drive-thru-christmas-display-for-2020/article_b24923a0-d8b7-11ea-a28d-6b68d83c7cb3.html Knoebels announced a new drive-thru Christmas attraction for 2020. Hey, social distancing involved! Edit - I was a little late to the party, I see.
  3. To be honest, I could see Python from Coney Island. Although a Gravity Group family would be nice.
  4. Intamin literally just took their water ride and revamped it. I don’t think it’s a knockoff. Unless you mean the boat rides, that’s not exactly a boat ride, it’s just a rethinking of their water coaster like the one at energylandia.
  5. It’s not really ride style we are disappointed about, or maybe it’s just me. The powersplash knockoff is absolutely ridiculous because it is literally a cloned layout. Yeah sure, they have single rail track on it, but that is literally the only difference apart from the larger trains. The lsm launch I actually really like because it is an original layout. That’s my opinion though.
  6. The powersplash is worse. Although I do like the idea of a single rail water coaster.
  7. WeLL iT’S a SInGlE rAil sO iT’S TeCHniCaLLy NoT a KnOcKoFf
  8. Mack powersplash knockoff is the only one I am underwhelmed about. However, launched raptor looks incredible and the lsm launch looks like a beefed up version of sandy’s blasting bronco, but it’s still really cool. New element is always welcome.
  9. Wow. Was not expecting this. I’m glad though, cause I can go with my family before school starts
  10. Ok, I have no idea where you got not enough activity from. I don’t know if any of these posts came off as not enough activity on this website, that’s not what I meant. What I was saying was that is website is an escape. You are supposed to have fun. If someone comes on here and sees bad news on this forum, they will just start worrying. There. The argument is over I hope.
  11. No I’m saying that there is less activity on here because of this thread. I think without it there would be much more conversation on many other better threads
  12. Sometimes there isn’t anything else. Everybody is so busy on this thread that everything else is basically dead for the day. Plus sometimes there are some interesting news posted on here, but that is sort of rare. Everything else is everyone arguing and complaining over everyone else’s opinions and I don’t want to be part of that.
  13. I’m not a scientist, I just went with it. To be honest I don’t know why this thread was made in the first place. This website is made for enthusiasts to thrive and have fun and not having to worry about anything. I come on here to have fun. In my opinion, this thread completely ruins the purpose of coming on here and having fun if we are just going to see worrying facts all the time. Not trying to start an argument here, I just don’t see any plausible reason of this thread.
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