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  1. Thats a hard one lol. Wicked twister has the launch and the hang time but Invertigo has the rip your face off intensity. I think I’d go with wicked twister. I’m one of the fewer people who actually enjoys Invertigo I guess lol.
  2. Your gonna have rude people at a theme park no matter what. It’s just life lol.
  3. I haven’t ridden much coasters at cp but I can already tell you that SteVe is in the Mount Rushmore of Ohio. My list: SteVe, top thrill dragster, Maverick, Orion I like aggressive rides and millennium force is fun, but I don’t find it very intense.
  4. Introducing Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger, the world’s steepest dive coaster! Height: 150 ft. Speed: 60 mph Angle of Descent: 95 degrees Length: 2401 ft long I will edit this post to show the promo when it gets released.
  5. Well yeah that’s what I’m talking about. The very small scale kiddie rides like the carousel might not do much. But anything larger will play a number on him. Makes me think that’s the problem.
  6. Just a quick question, do you happen to have any vision problems? My dad has some minor vision problems but its to the point where it makes him sick on any sort of ride, even the Woodstock flyers. So does the sickness start with dizziness or vertigo or anything vision related?
  7. Yeah I looked on the website after all of this lol.
  8. Can anyone confirm that you can’t buy them at the gate?
  9. So I haven’t heard anything about the bring a friend day deal at all at KI. Is it happening this year?
  10. That’s awesome. Hopefully this thing comes to life. Also, discovery kingdom being relocated? Like to a different location?
  11. I will say this has nothing to do with the manufacturer. It is the carnival runners fault. All their fault. They probably didn’t take the proper precautions to keep the ride running properly. That is absolutely horrible though, feel real bad for the people involved but happy that everyone is safe.
  12. I rode it about 5 days ago and the front is better than the back IMO. Great airtime down that first drop. Also great airtime on the speed hill, camelback, off axis hill, and transition into breaks. I greyed out on the helix. Overall, 10 out of 10. Fantastic ride, my number 2.
  13. No not at KI lol. That happened at school. I’m just saying if that can happen at school, it can happen anywhere. And yes I know they have security and metal detectors, but you won’t believe some terrible fights that happen.
  14. Well I still think they should do the policy. I know I have the freedom to grow and learn, but last year we had this problem with a kid trying to attack one of my siblings with a knife a couple of separate times. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding this again, but I am all for this policy because teen violence really is getting worse.
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