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  1. I've got a few.
    "International Restaurant Placemats" 
    Before they began designing Beast they tried to "bribe" John Allen with a lot of alcohol. They hope was he would get super drunk and agree to the project.
    John did decline in the end, so clearly not enough alcohol, but he wrote down some equations on a placemat which they used while designing. 
    "Sycamore Hollow"
    The area where The Beast has the second drop & the brake shed before the midcourse is called Sycamore Hollow [if I'm not mistaken!]. Spooky!! 

    Didn’t they do the same thing with John Allen for Racer and it actually worked?

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  2. 13 minutes ago, MDMC01 said:

    Saw the video; looks pretty cool. Interesting choice going for a straight drop rather than Wildcat’s curved drop. A cool detail I noticed on the logo is that there are two claw marks- almost like “Wildcat II”. 

    I think that RMC is straying away from curved drops. They've mentioned many times that the best option for lift structures is the steel lifts on rides like Zadra and Iron Gwazi. I have a feeling that almost every conversion will have these from now on. Also, notice the first element after the drop and it will make much more sense. The first inversion is what was the lift and drop.

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  3. I think another great choice would actually be a Chance Rides Hyper GTX. We are seeing this year that they can feature traditional inversions, and the track style is similar to Vortex’s.

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  4. In all seriousness, a Mack extreme spinner would be perfect in the lineup. KI needs a spinning coaster (that’s isn’t surf dog XD)

    Other ones I could see are an RMC Raptor or hyper hybrid and I could also see them maybe going the CP route and getting a Zamperla twister. This wouldn’t be Vortex’s replacement, but more of a classic family ride to go in the Coney Mall area.

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  5. This is a pretty good speculation and it would be a ton of sense with replacing King Cobra, but only when it comes to the standup perspective.

    The problem I have with this theory is that the surf coaster, while you may be standing, is not intended to be focused on a standing motion, but more on a surfing, hence the slight crouching and the seat movement. If I were KI, I would team up with S&S. Not only do they have the air launches, but they also own Vekoma, which would be a much better choice for replacing Vortex. I still could totally see a surf going to KI, but I don’t think it would be smart to build one for King Cobra nostalgia, and I also think that there are much better options when it comes to replacing Vortex.

    You can tell I’ve been thinking on this ever since the announcement XD

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  6. So I finally got to visit Stricker’s Grove for the first time on Labor Day. I only rode three rides but I marathoned two of them. The train isn’t worth mentioning, although it was a cool setup and had a nice setting.


    Teddy Bear x3 - it’s a perfect wooden coaster for the little kids. It also has a few pops of floater in the front car.


    Tornado x4 - this does not get talked about enough. First of all, it’s smoother than it looks. It has two of the most insane ejector moments anywhere. Did I mention it has buzz bars? It’s fun in the front but very intense in the back.


    The park itself blew me away. It’s very charming and has a vintage feel to it that you can’t get anywhere. It has free drinks with admission and also has free minigolf, for only $18 per ticket. I could not recommend this place enough and I would get there as soon as possible, because word was going around with the staff that the biggest shareholder is selling his share. This could either mean nothing or something big.



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  7. The color scheme is almost more of a futuristic military color, which does allude to the being a test driver on a ship to the Orion constellation, but I still think that a purple and black color scheme would look awesome. It would be totally different from any other giga color scheme out there.

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  8. 1 hour ago, super7 said:

    They could easily plant a bank of white pine around The Beast turnaround and hide it from the midway.  White pine grow fast and are relatively inexpensive.
    There would still be plenty of room  for a coaster   

    that walkway between Rivertown Pizza and the jukebox diner used to be tree lined    Slowly but surely they’ve made it as barren  as the rest of the park.

    Kings Island Is an ugly park.   That’s 100% because of the lack of trees and shade around the park. It’s sister park in Virginia is absolutely gorgeous because it’s tree covered.    They can do all the painting they want but the lack of greenery makes the park rather depressing walking during the daytime

    Planet Snoopy, the back part of Rivertown, Area 72 Action Zone and the center of the park are totally barren    The remodel of I Street was also disappointing considering the small number of trees they planted   

    with 90+ degrees days it amazes me that these theme parks don’t try to make their customers more comfortable with shade well the walkways and the queues    There are numerous rides at Kings Island b with no shade while you wait     Shade structures are not that expensive to build


    I think Cedar Fair tries to save cost of tree trimming. But it makes some very unpleasant parks  


    it was disappointing they built Orion so close to The Beast    It breaks the isolation     And definitely decrease the quality of the night rides


    Ugly? No. The front entrance is one of the best in the world and the park does a great job with theming and keeping the park clean. While the park may not have much shade, I think KI is one of the nicest looking parks ever.

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