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  1. I wasn't saying most people aren't excited for the ride. I was saying almost all non-enthusiasts aren't interested in the construction cam.
  2. It is kind of funny to think that everyone on these forums including me are interested in the construction of Orion but most everybody else that exists finds it boring.
  3. That was much more complex with all the scenery and the whole rest of the new area. Plus I'm not expecting to be done in December. You do realize I said near the middle of winter.
  4. I'm really hope the trackwork is done by the end of fall or near the middle of winter.
  5. My guess is the base of where the big pole goes down off the track when the drop separates from it.
  6. I am guessing by the end of October, the lift hill will be done. It is looking great!
  7. My eyes are definitely on Invertigo. It is known to be intense, but the headbanging is unbearable. I would like to see maybe one of those Gerstlauer dive coasters or a raptor in its place, possibly for 2022 or 2023.
  8. I don't know what you are all thinking with B&M as your favorite, but it is your opinion. In my opinion, it is the RMC hype train!
  9. Depending on the fact that The Racer was built in the early 70's, I'm guessing not.
  10. GOLDSTAR is TrAsHHH I would definitely choose Skyline over Goldstar because it is the original and has more choices and Gold Star tastes like trash, and I bet you all agree since you adore KI, and Skyline is the choice at KI. There is literally no competition.
  11. Get the youtuber Coaster Frenzy and see his opinion on Orion being better than I305. He will hunt you down.
  12. BOSS: What should we name our 2020 coaster? WORKER: I don't know, boss. It is iron, and we are redoing gwazi. I'll have to think about that. TWO YEARS LATER WORKER: I got it! Iron Gwazi! *awkward silence* *boss slaps worker*
  13. Son of Beast is still in there and Invertigo is still ugly.
  14. https://seaworld.com/san-antonio/rides/texas-stingray/ Texas Stingray!
  15. The San Antonio details haven't been released yet, but here is Iron Gwazi and Ice Breaker! https://rcdb.com/17420.htm https://rcdb.com/16985.htm
  16. I'm going to make a thread for posting these kinds of custom teasers that would be cool.
  17. What would be a good new name for Tempest relocated to KI I need ideas.
  18. Here is another possibility Edit: It sort of looks more fake than the last one I made
  19. I know I was joking I made that all up just thought I would do a little prank and see how it ended up
  20. What if we relocate The Coney Island Top Spin? New for 2020 with Orion is Neptune! It is relocating to KI from Top Spin to Neptune!
  21. It was built by the same company who built Python at Coney Island if you didn't know that. It opened along with racer and the other coasters opened at the park when the park was released.
  22. Don't know if you guys knew, but there was a meteor shower last night, Coincidence? Or part of the evidence?
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