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  1. Is this green track raptor's? Or is it the possible invert coming to CGA? It has vest restraints in the animation when the train comes through.
  2. Who knows? The new giga may be better. I doubt it, though. Just with the possible new area and the better atmosphere, I think KI may be better once the new giga and possible expansion comes.
  3. It must have been before I signed up because I read the new messages daily.
  4. I know this name was dead in 2010, but what attraction was the name for? It is from Cedar Fair.
  5. I see no problem with Python. Plus, you get hardcore ejector in the backrow, it is so fun!
  6. I know this probably won't happen, but Polaris and Orion were only trademarked by Cedar Fair, not KI. I know that's normal, but what if Orion and Polaris were the names for both the sides on Racer 75 (Rebel Yell) and gave it a different theme?
  7. Maybe they could do 3 tunnels similar to The Beast. And again with the helix, similar to The Beast also. It could have a tunnel around the helix, and again, like The Beast.
  8. I know about the concept, I was just hoping it was the actual plans.
  9. I'm not sure if this is real or if we are being trolled. Opinions?
  10. Just found out the Polaris was trademarked for Cedar Point. Not Kings Island.
  11. You know what, I thought the whole matarese thing was real for a second until I realized it was a joke about John Matarese. You go me there, lol
  12. Yeah, but the saying this petition has a chance at winning, that was never said before until now.
  13. Exactly! Leviathan isn't as elite because it is basically just an upscale hyper! Fury, for example, has some elements a hypercoaster typically wouldn't have. By the way, does this pic mean anything? "This petition has a chance at winning." Does that mean 2,500 is the magic number?
  14. I'm talking about the B&M prototype. Intamin started the gigas.
  15. Leviathan is a great roller coaster, an elite one, but not as elite as the newer ones. It is too short and it has too much trims. Still a great ride, though. By the way, the number for the petition currently is 2,028!
  16. Leviathan was a prototype and they failed at designing it. It will be nowhere near similar to Leviathan (besides the length).
  17. I could see a zero g roll or stall, but something like a loop or corkscrew would be way too uncomfortable.
  18. Now that I think about it, adding an inversion on a giga would be a bit too intense. It might cause people blackout problems or throwing up for someone even who doesn't have a weak stomach.
  19. Yeah, I know. They might need to add theming, and some shrubs, scenery, stuff to make a feel good surrounding.
  20. Yeah, he means place new additions near lone rides so people would visit the rides more while also visiting the new additions.
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