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  1. Guys, the petition is at 900!
  2. Hey, did you see on the BGW website, they show the official layout of Pantheon? https://buschgardens.com/williamsburg/roller-coasters/pantheon/
  3. I agree with FUN&ONLY, though. KI did mention the petition before it even started.
  4. But seriously, that guy must just be messing with us, or it's from KI.
  5. Oh yeah, that fake Orion one.
  6. Oh, so maybe it is from the park. Maybe it's from Richard Zimmerman
  7. Seriously, I don't think a guy would be that serious about a roller coaster announcement petition.
  8. Yeah. He does seem like a coaster enthusiast though.
  9. Oh yeah, that guy. He kind of seems like a Kings Island fanatic too.
  10. He kind of looks like someone who says he would give you a free ferarri but ends up giving you a rat invested fridge with wooden wheels.
  11. no, I know you guys know, I was just letting you know that I had a stupid moment.
  12. I now found out that TEOTWAWKI is actually an abbreviation for The End Of The World As We Know It.
  13. Oh, well I didn't see all of the blueprints then.
  14. Yeah but those are the blueprints. It doesn't exactly mean the layout is exactly correct. It could be the exact same, or it could be very different.
  15. Yeah, but I am so hyped for what the layout and experience would be like!
  16. I seriously think it might be announced today, or I'm just being stupid.
  17. Maybe the new coaster is being announced today?
  18. No I am talking about Diamondback as an old wooden coaster. Same height, same length, same speed, but with an old wooden coaster rough, jerky aspect.
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