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  1. I would honestly like to see Flying Ace removed and replaced with a good, family coaster. Maybe a Gravity Group family coaster.
  2. Soon enough, they are going to be handing out high quality trampolines and bouncy houses for new additions.
  3. Yes. If you are going to bring a friend on bring-a-friend day, you have to be present with them.
  4. Don't know why this just came to my mind, but there should be an Austin Powers coaster.
  5. I don't know what is wrong with people when they say Banshee has a rattle! IT DOES NOT.
  6. Do you think Mystic Timbers would be better if it were planned to be a ground up RMC?
  7. On bring a friend day, if you have a gold or platinum pass, maybe even a season pass, you can bring your friend in for $20.
  8. Yeah. Plus, the beauty of KI would be ruined because Six Flags' vision of beauty is advertisements.
  9. Exactly lol If they had a splashdown as an old wooden one, the coaster would probably collapse.
  10. What is your opinion on what it would be like if Kings Island were bought by six flags?
  11. What do you think the Diamondback would be like as an old wooden coaster?
  12. Do you think KI would add an RMC product after 2020? Son of Beast Reborn? RMC Racer? Raptor? TRex?
  13. So what if the name Polaris and Orion weren't used, but were related to the X-Base, what do you think the name would be. Another idea is that the King Cobra's 20th closing anniversary is in 2020. Could it have a name related to King Cobra? What's your opinion?
  14. Going to KI tomorrow! Gonna take a look at the construction and teasers to see if there is a new poster up at the site.
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