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  1. So I went to SFOT about 2-3 weeks ago and I did not have a good experience. Not at all. I’m not trying to sound like an overly sensitive person or whatnot, but I have a feeling you guys would want to know this. So we got to the park and we noticed security was on point. There was a lot of security but we thought it was for covid procedures so we brushed it off. The park was almost Disneyland busy. It was about a 2 hour wait for every ride and I only got to ride 3 in my 8 hours of being there. That and it was very confusing to get around because the paths are terrible. Finally we were in line for Mr. Freeze. A security guard came in just scanning people’s faces like something was wrong and all of a sudden a huge fight happens right in front of our eyes. The smart people backed away but the others literally climbed the walls to film. So they evacuated everyone from mr freeze so I didn’t get to ride it but I wasn’t really disappointed, just glad I was safe with my family. We got to the house and I was scrolling YouTube. Here’s the kicker. I found a video telling me that the day before we went a fight happened that resulted in a shooting. They didn’t shut the park down for a few days which is what really ticked me off. So all in all, if you are looking for a safe and fun environment/experience, do not come to SFOT. Worst park I’ve been to by far. If they want to be a better park, they need to keep these fights under control.
  2. So if you have been strolling across the Holiday World blog recently, you may have noticed something interesting. Raven is getting retracked (not completely), getting a new train paintjob, and I may be wrong on this, but is getting renamed to Raven Evermore. It said at the bottom of the trains topic page that get ready to experience Raven Evermore in 2021. Here are the links to these blog posts to see for yourself. https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2020/11/20/the-raven-evermore-project/ https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2021/02/03/a-paint-job-most-fowl/
  3. 1. Orion 2. Mystic Timbers 3. Diamondback 4. Flight of Fear 5. Banshee
  4. They do run Newport Aquarium, so they know how to run something like that. Plus, Seaworld is in deep doodoo right now with finances and protesting from animal rights activists. So I could see some company like Herschend acquiring the parks. Now, if the activists are still going at it with a new owner, we could see Herschend have some problems as well, so I don't know.
  5. I'm hoping they acquire other smaller six flags parks like Darien Lake, Great Escape, Frontier City, etc. These parks (besides maybe Darien Lake) need a major facelift, and Herschend is the one to do that. Also, is Ed Hart going to be partnering with Herschend to run the park? If so, we could see some legendary additions with the mind of Ed Hart and the imagination of Herschend together.
  6. I’m a 15 year old, so I just do normal teenage stuff like school and just lazing around. I also work at Subway so I guess that’s another thing.
  7. Yeah same thing with Indiana Beach, sometimes you just can’t beat the obscure feel.
  8. So Cheetah at Wild Adventures was closed for the whole 2020 season. People have emailed Wild Adventures to ask when the ride will reopen. The park messaged back saying the ride will be closed down this year. Any thoughts on what to come?
  9. Yeah but it looks to be one of the best dives Edit: Imo, just because a coaster has family stats does not mean it’s a family coaster. Ice Breaker looks like it could throw you around like a rag doll. Like Cornball Express, it has family stats but it is most definitely not a family coaster.
  10. I would think you use your money and have fun. Masks aren't the end of the world, it can be annoying but unless you have breathing problems it'll be fine.
  11. I had a dream that Racer became an E&F Miler and that Diamondback was originally going to be the Euthenasia Coaster. I have many more weird ones.
  12. Mystic for me! But Surf Dog is not a coaster period lol. I don't know why people think it is.
  13. Never rode it but if people say SOB was rougher than The Beast than I would have hated it. For me, it's hard to enjoy The Beast because it's so jarringly rough. I would have not liked SOB.
  14. Just like to clarify, I did not make these vids lol, I just thought you guys would like to see them.
  15. Overall, Southern Express at OWA. By large coasters, Twist N Shout at Family Kingdom. The worst experience however is on Thunder Run at KK because back row will staple and jackhammer you HARD.
  16. About 0 times. Lol, I haven’t been back to KI since July of 2019. I’m getting the gold pass so I’m hoping that changes.
  17. What I would like to see it something like CP's entrance but instead of a wing coaster its a ground up RMC with a Zadra like zero g stall over the entrance.
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