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  1. I just rode Rollin Thunder tonight and my thoughts are now on the post
  2. So my biggest Christmas present this year was a surprise vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We are doing different experiences for each child and my experience was The Park at OWA. The park itself has a good feel. It has an atmosphere like if Kings Island was scaled down a lot. They have a good mix of extreme and family thrills. I will be ranking the rides I rode and will be explaining them. Rollin’ Thunder - This is a really fun ride. It’s not perfect though. The pros are that the ride has some really, REALLY strong airtime, it’s a great layout, great hang time, great pacing, great first drop, etc. The cons are the roughness, the length, and the very noticeable pothole after loop. It is very rough for a 2 year old coaster but besides that it’s a fun ride and I recommend it. Crazy Mouse - This is your standard Zamperla spinning wild mouse (fun fact: every ride at OWA is manufactured by Zamperla). It was really fun. The spinning wasn’t really out of control, but the drops were fun and there was a good pop of floater on the second drop. Alabama Wham’a - This is a Zamperla next-gen Enterprise. I’ve ridden two of these (one at OWA, one at Kentucky Kingdom) and they deliver the G’s. They are intense enough to make you light-headed when coming off the ride. Overall fun ride and a good extreme starting ride. Air Racer - This is a Zamperla Air Racer. It basically spins you around while you seat is on a pendulum and the seat flips. Good ride, lots of fun hang time, I recommend it. AeroZoom - This one was really interesting. I don’t know what the model name is, but (like Air Racer) it spins you around in a continuous circle but you are sitting in a seat under a glider looking thing and you have a bar in front of you. You can push the bar to go up really high and you pull the bar to go back down. Going down is more fun because it goes down in these tiny drops and you get little pops of air. Great ride, I recommend it. Wave Rider - This is your standard Zamperla Disko (aka Surf Dog at KI). Nice ride, you get a little bit of air on the hill, and is overall pretty fun. Flying Carousel - This is your basic Zamperla swing ride. Pretty fun ride, nice break from some of the extreme rides. Mystic Mansion - This might be the only ride in the park that isn’t from Zamperla. It’s pretty fun, but not when your exhausted from a 12 hour drive lol. Woke me up a couple of times lol. Good ride for the kids though because it’s laugh out loud fun if your awake. Gully Washer - This is your standard Zamperla frog hopper (kiddie Drop Tower). It’s pretty fun for a kiddie ride and a great starting ride for the little kids. Southern Express - Three words. WORST. RIDE. EVER. Not because it’s a kiddie coaster, but because it hurts. It’s the roughest steel coaster I’ve ridden and can give you whiplash if you aren’t careful. It may be enjoyable for the kids but I don’t recommend it for people five feet or over. Overall, it’s a pretty good park. I didn’t get some rides in (with Rollin Thunder being closed) but luckily I’m riding that later this week. I’ll post the review on this forum when I’m done with it!
  3. I don't think it will ever go away but it will become like a cold almost. People will become so used to it that they just regularly get a vaccine and move on with their year. I'm hoping 2021 is a new year with no serious threat of COVID. And please, let's not try and say "this is impossible" or anything.
  4. Yeah I tried to find it but my computer blocks six flags for some reason.
  5. Wha......bruh. I can't believe Six Flags is this bad at planning their coasters ahead of time. Thoughts?
  6. Nigloland has announced their new water coaster, Krampus Expedition! Thoughts? Here is the layout:
  7. Not inversion breaking, but breaks everything else. I think it'd be a good fit.
  8. Boi.... By the way, Quimera has been confirmed and it is currently getting disassembled to start getting shipped. http://screamscape.com/html/indiana_beach.htm You will find it on this link somewhere, the links on the post are pulled straight from IB's Facebook page.
  9. I know we would all like to see a hyper hybrid, but beyond that, maybe a next gen launch like a vekoma launch? Something like Abyssus?
  10. Yeah this has been going on for a while now. It’s a good idea for such a big park.
  11. It looks like they may be going for the family approach. Yeah it has inversions but they don't look very whippy. You never know tbh, because we didn't know the potential of the raptors until we saw them hauling.
  12. This is the first Intamin Hot Racer single rail coaster getting built. Thoughts?
  13. With the amount of coasters getting held back to 2021, I think 2021 is going to be the best year with all of the coasters for 2021 currently announced.
  14. Ok, sorry about that. Looked it up but nothing happened...
  15. Kings Island has now confirmed that over 500 feet of track on The Racer is getting retracked. It is not confirmed who is retracking The Racer, but it is going underway. The track is stated to be placed at the bottom of a lot of the hills throughout the layout. This is all sourced from KI's blog. The link is down below. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/november/more-than-500-feet-of-track-being-replaced-on-the-racer-roller-coaster Any thoughts?
  16. Out of the ones I've ridden, it's a tie between the Premier spaghetti bowls and S&S El Locos. Overall though, RMC raptors.
  17. No wonder the park is so dead. I feel bad that Holiday World had to go through that, they run an amazing park. Thanks for the info
  18. It's hard to say. Alabama Adventure is mostly known for their water park so they might be bringing it the crowds, but they also need to expand their theme park. They only have one big thrill ride, and that's their CCI Rampage. They need something new in their dry park, but the water park could steal the show because of the popularity.
  19. On social media, Alabama Adventure has been teasing that "something big is coming", and it shows a birthday present over an empty area. This area used to belong to some sort of auditorium I think. This is the teaser video: https://www.facebook.com/78871446304/videos/753981448867500 This new attraction is going to be revealed on Christmas morning (stated by the park). Any ideas?
  20. I meant they are putting new topper track on the places where the IBox track will not be. To be honest even after all of this info I'm still second guessing it lol.
  21. It was stated that the reason that it's being retracked is mainly because of the failed launch system. Why retrack the whole coaster though?
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