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  1. It was stated that the reason that it's being retracked is mainly because of the failed launch system. Why retrack the whole coaster though?
  2. Yeah that's what I thought but @BeeastFarmermade me second guess. Maybe I should have gotten the source from ACE themselves.
  3. I saw the disclaimer but with the track design shown and the Q&A with someone involved basically confirms it. Not trying to sound ignorant but there really is no point in arguing about it when the evidence is right in your face. Edit: I will fix anything that seems far fetched in this post though
  4. So we all know about how Lightning Rod was getting some major changes in 2020. Well the changes have finally been (mostly) confirmed and it's an interesting change. They are planning to turn Lightning Rod into a hybrid, so LR won't be the only launched wooden coaster anymore but now the only launched hybrid. Interesting choice. https://www.coaster101.com/2020/11/15/lightning-rod-dollywood-retracking-2021/
  5. Well I know this sounds weird and not throwback but why not add a coaster that is a homage to SOB? RMC hyper hybrid anyone? Maybe even a gravity group? RMC’s aren’t very expensive anyways
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=TQX7DEPyoBA This thing absolutely hauls! I bet this is in the morning too, just imagine this at its best pacing! It is safe to say that this coaster might just become the best coaster in the world.
  7. Good idea lol But if we are going for the more “literal” approach I would say the worlds steepest eurofighter that is 230 ft tall, has 5 launches and sixteen inversions with the most airtime in the world and lap bars.
  8. We need a vertical/beyond vertical drop coaster. We don’t have a single one. I would love to see either a dive coaster or a eurofighter. A dive would fit perfectly in our lineup.
  9. So the owner of Darien Lake has confirmed that Predator is going to get the Titan retrack but didn’t specify whether it’s a full on revamp or just a retracking. He also didn’t specify the year. This is from Screamscape, and I know they aren’t reliable, but they got it from the owner of Darien Lake himself. Any thoughts?
  10. Oh! I didn’t know you are the one who runs Coaster Nation.
  11. You do know that the reason they are doing this is for the appreciation of the staff? Plus there is more to come apparently. Either way, I’m glad they are doing this. The staff has had to go through some tough crap this year with COVID, closing the park, and reopening it.
  12. Ok I was just curious. Apparently there are more announcements to come.
  13. Sorry for the double post, but is this “Last Fling” the big announcement?
  14. Too be honest, didn’t know there wasn’t much food there. They really do need some now that I think about it, they also need a little clean up. I think they also need a steel coaster that isn’t outdated, so maybe a GTX or a Vekoma STC?
  15. I was thinking they could pull a Fortnite and retheme a section of the park every year.
  16. Wow that pov makes SoB look fun. What was the experience like anyways?
  17. I really don't know what happened with that locker but if it was just theming they done messed up Seriously, I don't think teasing like that when nothing is happening is a smart move.
  18. There is a possibility though. Remember the locker that was spray painted on saying Son of Beast and RMC?
  19. As important and iconic The Beast is, The Racer has more importance in the coaster community and, imo, is a more enjoyable experience and isn't as jarringly rough. Racer has my vote on this one.
  20. Whoever voted Mystic Timbers for the RMC needs to get some roller coaster help
  21. Tbh, I thought this was a last day of operations forever kind of event, but that is good.
  22. It's a clone or Railblazer, but Silverwood needed this. I'm am so glad this is coming. Thoughts?
  23. I can tell the difference! The website feels much more clean.
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