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  1. What he did was awful, but apparently he is getting a second chance. Chad's parents and Jeff Joiner (Logan's dad) are going to get him mental help because they said he obviously got this habit by a obsession of things that he shouldn't be watching. He apologized for it (which isn't really apologizing at this point) and he is currently getting help from family. I'm hoping he gets better, but he needs to leave the coaster community. Even Jeff said that, saying after he gets help he needs to go get a different hobby because he is putting the coaster community in danger.
  2. Go to the CoasterMarina Instagram account. She talks with almost the whole Thrills United crew about it (mostly because she is a TU representative). She talked with Logan's dad and he broke down crying. It is truly a serious and sad time in the community right now because Chad was a brother to lots of enthusiasts. Now the community doesn't know what to do besides sit back and watch what happens. It's scary. Edit: I'll be praying for all of the victims. These people are my age. What is happening to them is sickening. Hopefully something good happens.
  3. Wait, is that a wooden Millennium Force?
  4. I’m sitting here wondering which 2 people picked mystic. Who dares...
  5. Indiana Beach is a small theme park with 5 coasters in Monticello, Indiana. Surprised you haven't heard of it, it's pretty well known. Here's the link to check it out: https://www.indianabeach.com/
  6. I had a surprise trip to Indiana Beach yesterday. I got all the credits in, except Lost Coaster which was sadly closed. The park overall was better than I expected. It had a good carnival feel to it yet it felt professional and well done. I also didn't have a bad ride there (except one which we will get to later) Cornball Express blew my expectations out of this world. I was not expecting the insane ejector airtime in the back row. It also was really intense in some areas. It currently sits at my number 4 spot. Steel Hawg was the weirdest coaster I've ever ridden. Better than El Loco at Adventuredome, with an insane beyond vertical drop and a good ejector moment up into the second mid course. It was a sort of forceless coaster but the elements saved it, especially that slow roll at the end. Tigrr was very, very intense. Almost too intense. It was my first Schwartzkopf. I don't know if it was affected by the weather or something but the ride was super aggressive and the low to the ground turns ripped my head off. It does give you a headache after a little while, though. Hoosier Hurricane wasn't a bad ride. It just has pros and cons anywhere you sit, and the cons overpower the pros. In the back, you get good floater air, but it is extremely rough, especially on the turnaround. In the front, it is very smooth but there is absolutely no air. I guess it just depends on how sensitive you are to rough rides, and I'm not very sensitive and even I was banged up. I also rode a falling star and a scrambler and they were OK flat rides. Can't review Lost Coaster because it was closed all day. Overall, Indiana Beach was a great park. I will definitely be coming back in the future. The new owners definitely did a good job revamping the park and making it clean and better than it was when owned by Apex. I do recommend this park and you should go. Any thoughts?
  7. I'm glad to see a part of the first arrow mega looper is living on in some form.
  8. It has been announced that there will be no 2021 addition video for Six Flags. There was an interview with a six flags corporate and it confirmed that the rumor is false. However, it was a big video for announcements that was denied. This doesn't mean that we won't see additions announced by parks only. I doubt it, though.
  9. This is only one side of it, but it's still a great fit and awesome ride.
  10. Not surprised. Some like Orion's qualities better and some like airtime. But either way: .__________.
  11. If you guys are talking about that being in Vegas, you have the location wrong. It's going to Orlando.
  12. There has been some news/rumors floating around about Six Flags announcing new 2021 additions on the 27th. If so, any ideas? By the way, if Six Flags is actually doing this, they really need to go small or else bankruptcy might fall on their shoulders again.
  13. Sorry for the double post. https://www.dailyitem.com/news/knoebels-unveils-new-drive-thru-christmas-display-for-2020/article_b24923a0-d8b7-11ea-a28d-6b68d83c7cb3.html Knoebels announced a new drive-thru Christmas attraction for 2020. Hey, social distancing involved! Edit - I was a little late to the party, I see.
  14. To be honest, I could see Python from Coney Island. Although a Gravity Group family would be nice.
  15. Intamin literally just took their water ride and revamped it. I don’t think it’s a knockoff. Unless you mean the boat rides, that’s not exactly a boat ride, it’s just a rethinking of their water coaster like the one at energylandia.
  16. It’s not really ride style we are disappointed about, or maybe it’s just me. The powersplash knockoff is absolutely ridiculous because it is literally a cloned layout. Yeah sure, they have single rail track on it, but that is literally the only difference apart from the larger trains. The lsm launch I actually really like because it is an original layout. That’s my opinion though.
  17. The powersplash is worse. Although I do like the idea of a single rail water coaster.
  18. WeLL iT’S a SInGlE rAil sO iT’S TeCHniCaLLy NoT a KnOcKoFf
  19. Mack powersplash knockoff is the only one I am underwhelmed about. However, launched raptor looks incredible and the lsm launch looks like a beefed up version of sandy’s blasting bronco, but it’s still really cool. New element is always welcome.
  20. Wow. Was not expecting this. I’m glad though, cause I can go with my family before school starts
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