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  1. Kinda on topic kinda off topic. Being up late has my thoughts everywhere. I seen a forum where people were discussing it. What would a coaster that's 500-599 feet tall be called. I personally think it depends on what time. If it's like TTD or like Orion, Fury, etc. My personal opinion is if it's like TTD, then it would be Mesa Coaster. Named after the Mesosphere which is above the stratosphere. However, if it's like Orion, then it should be Tera. Giga comes from the Greek word meaning Giants. Sooo, shouldn't a coaster bigger than that come from a Greek word meaning Monster. To comment on the post about the haters. I was curious so I looked at elevations for Mason,Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina. If you add the coasters height to that, elevation for fury is 1086' while Orion is 1097'. Also, since Orion's drop is 300ft, that means if you move Orion forward, then it's height would be 300ft, but because of elevation of the park, moving it to make it's height 300, makes it's drop shorter. So stop hating. This ride is going to be amazing. It's drop is only 20ft shorter than Fury. That's more than likely less than the length of the train car. Are you really gonna notice a difference? Most likely no, the only difference you'll notice is the drop angle. Like I said, lot on my mind since I can't sleep. Lol, thanks for reading!
  2. I only saw it cause I know there is a spot when your going down 63 up past Miami Valley gaming. But when you on the highway you get a better view of it, as long as its not too cloudy. Also, in Middletown where the 2 big water towers are. I think it's Cincinnati Dayton when you going towards Monroe. You can see KI from there. Not sure if you'd be able to make out Orion or not.
  3. Yeah, there's 2 spots. I can't remember if they are both after you pass by Solid Rock Church. Or one before and one after. It's in the distance. I just think it be a good pick to get the KI skyline between the 2 big hills.
  4. I don't have a picture of it sadly. But I was on I-75 going south towards Monroe, there is a place where there are no trees where you can see the KI skyline off in the distance. I wish I had my phone out ready because even from that far away, I could see Orion and just how massive it is!! It is huge, from that far away, it looked about as tall as Drop Tower, WindSeeker and the Eiffel Tower!! Just thought I'd share that with y'all, maybe someone can try and get a picture but I'm gonna try on a day where the weather is perfect!!
  5. Random question. But at what do you guys think is the 'Halfway Point'? Is it now since it's turning back, or is it once the turnaround is finished?
  6. I did this the other night, i hope this is what it will look like when it's done!! Enjoy!
  7. Hey y'all! Its prediction time!! I have put together when I believe each element should be completed by. I based my predictions off of the completion and testing dates of previous KI coasters! Don't judge me, this is only predictions and just for fun...unless I get them right! Here we go! (Refer to the picture for when I think the elements will be completed by) Last piece to be installed on January 23rd, or the 27th Testing will start a month to a month and a half after the last piece is installed! (March 4th - 16th, 2020) Opening Day: April 18th, 2020 Orion will hit 1,000,000 riders in late May to early June
  8. I'm interested in knowing why they are already starting the demolition process. Son of Beast took 3 years from its closer before they started tearing it down. They did that because they had plans for Banshee. So do they already have big plans for that land in the near future. Just seems like a repeat of Firehawk to me. What are your thoughts?
  9. I went to KI today with a group of friends. I didn't have my Nikon on me, but I had my phone so I of course took pictures. Nothing new than whats been posted, I just thought I'd share! Also, who's excited to see then start running test cars, I know its a decent amount of tine away, but i'm still pumped to see (and hear) that car go down that massive hill! BONUS: I threw in an awesome shot of Vortex!
  10. I was looking at the render pics of Orion. This coaster that's circled doesn't look like Vortex, looks like a wooden coaster. Thoughts?
  11. Sorry for double post! I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, but, I made a FaceBook page to post all of my photos on so i'm not filling up an entire page of photos and only post a few. I will provide a link below. It will take some time for me to filter out my best pictures, but I hope to be adding to them regularly so make sure to check it out! I will of course post my very best shots here!! Here's the link to my page! https://www.facebook.com/The-Coaster-Nerd-114764029969283/?view_public_for=114764029969283
  12. I've been meaning to post these but I keep forgetting. I took these the day that the lift hill was finished. I also apologize that there are 17 photos but I thought that I should share all of my best shots! Im so glad I found this community! I always just looked at the posts, starting with the 'Decoding 2020' I never thought I'd be involved in the actual content. I appreciate whenever I get lots of likes on my posts! It makes me feel like a bigger part of the community and y'all are the best! Like I've said, I will be taking pictures like this til its done! (I hope to get pics when they start running test cars xD )
  13. Hey Y'all! I went and took some photos today. I'm for sure going back tomorrow early to hopefully see the lift hill topped off! Enjoy!
  14. I might be going back tomorrow to watch and see if there are any changes if you guys want more pics?
  15. Here are some pics I took today, will have more later!
  16. Skyline will definitely be different next year. I also found a really good spot. So I hope to come here and get pictures of the other 2 hills and the helix being constructed!
  17. Oh ok, I'm out here right now. There was 3 people on a platform up by the new support. They have since been lowered to the ground and haven't come back up yet. The cable that lifts the parts up is still on the big support piece. I have a few photos I'll post later. I'm gonna sit here a lil bit longer but I work at 5 so.
  18. We think it might be topped out today. Do you think with all of that they still have to do, do you think it being topped today is possible?
  19. im going to try to go tomorrow somewhere in the area and try to get some shots of it
  20. Yes exactly! Someone finally got the picture ive been waiting for!
  21. Maybe they will put a sticker over the date and that will be the announcement date.
  22. I have a pic from yesterday. Also a video 20190724_143941.mp4
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