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  1. i don’t wanna be THAT person but- the 20 years later theory could be in play still. Cedar Point got wicked twister in 2002.. 20 years later is 2022. could we maybe see a mack multi-launch since wicked twister is a multi-launch?
  2. definitely won’t be
  3. sequence means nothing other than the order that they opened. it’s clear the only letters that matter are the ones on the posters in the order that they’re on the fence
  4. bet sequence 1 & 5 are the famous woodies. so i’m hoping we’ll see racer & beast
  5. and i also bet the last coasters state abbreviation is OH bc the latest technology
  6. i’m sticking w the coaster being polaris and it being something they built in x-base that went rogue or something. like some storyline
  7. no the tenth poster will likely be the announcement date or “doomsday”
  8. whoever posted TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) is 100% correct
  9. sheesh this is the longest we’ve ever waited lol
  10. we usually have it by now i’m impatient lol
  11. i’m saying skylab today
  12. WildGravity Travels posted on twitter 45 mins ago that they’ll be at the park today.
  13. i have a random theory. i saw on here people said they’re going in order of their opening. the sequence layout supports this so far. 1. ? 2. ? 3. Bayern Kurve (1973) 4. ? 5. ? 6. Vortex (1987) 7. Flight of Fear (1996) 8. Invertigo (1999) 9. Firehawk (2007) i feel like #1 will be racer because it was their first (big) coaster and the marquis attraction for opening day. i feel like they’ll include beast in this because it’s their most famous coaster. i think beast will be #4 & skylab will be #5 since it fits the space theme. idk if this holds any weight at all but i thought i’d shout it out just incase.
  14. Vortex is sequence 6 i thought
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