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  1. Hi, I live 10 mins from Holiday World. They have been limiting which attractions are open depending on the time of day for the past 2 weekends at least. This mainly has to do with the teen workers returning to school and their availability decreasing significantly. This hasn’t affected the roller coasters aside from The Legend running only one train operations. But it has greatly affected flat ride availability. Last Sunday Firecracker, Liberty Launch and Revolution operated until 1:30 then Firecracker and Revolution closed for the day to allow Rough Riders and Lewis And Clark Trail to open. Hallowswings, Crow’s Nest and Mayflower have all been closed the past few times I’ve went as well. All due to labor shortages
  2. My apologies, the Queue Times website was saying “Open” at lunch but it is now listed as being “Closed” once again. Hopefully it’s open again by this weekend.
  3. I just checked Queue Times and The Beast is listed as being “Open” but with no specific wait time. Either way, this is great news and I hope it’s running much better now.
  4. It really would. I feel like The Beast is such a pivotal Haunt attraction. I remember Haunt 2019, I saved The Beast for last and that was also the second-last day of Vortex’s operation. Rain had been in the forecast most of the day but the rain had seemingly subsided…until I boarded The Beast. Windy, rainy, dark night ride The Beast was the best coaster experience of my life. I felt like I was a goner.
  5. I’m no expert on the subject, but I did happen to be at Kings Island on Saturday. The Beast was closed all day. While at the Mystic Timbers post-ride photo station, two female park employees were discussing the situation. This is what I heard: “Are you working The Beast today?” “No, didn’t you hear? It’s closed for the rest of the season!” “Wow, really?!” “Major technical issues, it’ll be down for awhile”. Later on, I approached a member of the park staff that appeared to be monitoring guest experiences and directing various guests to any certain ride or destination they were looking for. I decided to ask this woman if she knew when The Beast would be back up and running. She simply told me, it won’t be up today. I know you probably receive a lot of speculation on these subjects, but I’ve noticed it wasn’t open yesterday and isn’t open again today either. Since Thursday night it has been closed. Interestingly enough, the lights for the station, queue, and top of the lift hill were on Saturday night though. That led me to potentially believe a Facebook comment I read in one of the Kings Island groups that The Beast could be opening on Sunday (Yesterday). That didn’t happen. I would think if The Beast really was to be down for the remainder of the year, Kings Island would make a statement. That’s a legendary flagship attraction for the park.
  6. Looks like I was spot-on. Launched water coaster! Water coaster capital of the world indeed! HW is nothing if not consistent now. 3 great Woodies and 3 great water coasters. Quality > quantity is their calling card and I love it.
  7. Just a playful way of wording things, not an actual attack. Though I definitely think HW can hold their own when they're sitting on a great announcement. It's definitely for the water park this year
  8. It could be intentional diminished hype to totally sneak attack the industry. Holiday World are fun llike that.
  9. I think it would be added next to Mammoth and behind Kima Bay. If not there, then right by Hyena Falls.
  10. Further digging and I'm thinking what we have on our hands here is definitely a water park addition. The wording in the social media teases suggests it's going to be a fast ride. It's themed to a jungle cat. And it is a spotted jungle cat. Cheetah, Leopard, etc. With the park using the phrase "Hold on tight", that would imply it's a ride, not just a slide and it's going to have a vehicle or innertube of some sort. I believe it's going to be a launched water coaster, the third water coaster in the park and the blueprint above certainly supports that.
  11. Wow, no I hadn't seen that. Looks bigger than what we have been led to expect. Are we actually dealing with Cedar Fair here? Hah
  12. I think you could definitely be on to something. HW has a pretty significant lack of body slides and adding a drop element would be more than enough to take the water park to another level as far as attendance goes.
  13. I was thinking the same. Knowing that Monsoon Lagoon closed and a third of Hyena Falls was was removed, I'd expect a new slide complex near either location. The teasers have been suggesting a thrill ride, something fast and themed to what I believe is a Cheetah. I wouldn't mind another water coaster.
  14. They stated this in the most recent Holiblog post. A teaser video was also announced today and seemingly confirms that the next attraction is definitely for Splashin' Safari by using Safari Sam to tease rather than Holidog.
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