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  1. Looks like I was spot-on. Launched water coaster! Water coaster capital of the world indeed! HW is nothing if not consistent now. 3 great Woodies and 3 great water coasters. Quality > quantity is their calling card and I love it.
  2. Just a playful way of wording things, not an actual attack. Though I definitely think HW can hold their own when they're sitting on a great announcement. It's definitely for the water park this year
  3. It could be intentional diminished hype to totally sneak attack the industry. Holiday World are fun llike that.
  4. I think it would be added next to Mammoth and behind Kima Bay. If not there, then right by Hyena Falls.
  5. Further digging and I'm thinking what we have on our hands here is definitely a water park addition. The wording in the social media teases suggests it's going to be a fast ride. It's themed to a jungle cat. And it is a spotted jungle cat. Cheetah, Leopard, etc. With the park using the phrase "Hold on tight", that would imply it's a ride, not just a slide and it's going to have a vehicle or innertube of some sort. I believe it's going to be a launched water coaster, the third water coaster in the park and the blueprint above certainly supports that.
  6. Wow, no I hadn't seen that. Looks bigger than what we have been led to expect. Are we actually dealing with Cedar Fair here? Hah
  7. I think you could definitely be on to something. HW has a pretty significant lack of body slides and adding a drop element would be more than enough to take the water park to another level as far as attendance goes.
  8. I was thinking the same. Knowing that Monsoon Lagoon closed and a third of Hyena Falls was was removed, I'd expect a new slide complex near either location. The teasers have been suggesting a thrill ride, something fast and themed to what I believe is a Cheetah. I wouldn't mind another water coaster.
  9. They stated this in the most recent Holiblog post. A teaser video was also announced today and seemingly confirms that the next attraction is definitely for Splashin' Safari by using Safari Sam to tease rather than Holidog.
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