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  1. Playlist made by KI themselves.
  2. Well I guess we will find out soon if he is right or not. I actually start night school on the 14th so if he is right I also won't be able to be there. Definitely going to be there opening day no matter what tho. I was at the front gate for timbers at 7am.
  3. They tweeted this 2 min before I posted it. If 2 min is too late than rip
  4. I'm sure they set it up so they can add songs. This song needs to be added 100%. Would fit in very well.
  5. I've greyed out on i305 and millennium force. I black out on and will not ride Drop Tower tho. Fun fact I've also broken a rib on mean streak. I have rode it now as steel vengeance. Much better. Just dont do what I did, got Fast Lane rode it 8 times in a hour. Didn't remember where i was for a few seconds.
  6. Haven't seen anyone post this yet but I just rode Banshee and saw they started working on a wooden structure over there. There were 2 trucks over there as well
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