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  1. I don’t know what to say. Maybe I went in looking for the negatives, but I will say I was paying a lot of attention to everyone walking by at all times because I was truly curious given what everyone was saying here. It was definitely better for the first hour we were there in terms of masks (we had the 10:30 slot), but right from the get go people were lined up back to back waiting for Banshee to open with everyone bunching on the stairs when it did open. In general, the Fast Lane queue made me nervous because in many cases you were literally right next to the people in the regular queue with no barriers. I will say that the majority of people who did have their masks off were doing so in a place that wasn’t crowded. For example, we sat in the Skyline pavilion at lunch and the majority of these no mask instances happened on the pathway behind it and in between the Stunt Coaster, and they did put them on or pull them up when approaching the rides. However, in terms of social distancing, I never (honestly never) saw it not bunched up as you got closer to getting onto a ride. Adventure Express was especially bad with people sitting on the railings throughout the entire queue right next to each other. The poor guy at the front was doing his best to tell people to put their masks over their noses and to space out, but he also had to load the trains. The mask usage just got worse as the day went on especially given the heat. Now, the good things I saw were that employees at loading were asking people to put on masks and pull them over their noses. I did see people keep them on during the rides themselves. I did see several parents doing an excellent job of teaching their children to sanitize and wear their masks properly. I also was aware of all the announcements that were made about social distancing and mask usage (as well as signage). I also saw the cleaning procedures on trains and they were very thorough (although I’m curious as to why they don’t run the train empty after sanitizing to let it dry/work as most of those products have to sit for a minute or so). I just think that enforcement needs to be more consistent throughout the park. I had seen on here where there were employees specifically in the queues to enforce distancing and sanitize, but we never saw an instance of that (and granted lines were very short all day). We saw several supervisors walking around the park itself with clipboards, but I rarely saw them address any guests. We just felt that it was getting more unsafe as the day went on unfortunately.
  2. We just left, and I was extremely disappointed in the mask usage and social distancing. I would say at least 30% of the visitors walking around had their mask completely off or around their chin/neck, and even more not over their nose. Social distancing in lines was next to nonexistent. When you got closer to the ride itself, employees would remind people about masks, but I never saw corrections in social distancing, nor did I see anyone correct incorrect mask usage in the park itself. In fact, I witnessed numerous times when people had their masks completely off (not even eating or drinking) and an employee walked by without saying anything. I was thankful we had fastpasses (we were kind of forced to use them from the Presidents’ Day sale or lose $160-I emailed: no refunds, no extensions which I understand but sucked) and that we could get through rides quickly and get out of there. I hope none of this relaxing of the rules comes at a price, but something needs to change. I did not feel safe.
  3. I just hope it is something at least a little different. I love Fury, but I want us to have something more unique. Kings Island deserves something record breaking from this coaster.
  4. What is the Shooting Star bar graph showing? Could this be something hinting at the hills of Project X? Also, I know we’ve talked about the Tests Administered, but what if Project X has everything mentioned in all nine posters? (Has anyone listed them all?) Does that mean we will get a Giga with a loop?
  5. What if they really aren’t planning on announcing it until the middle of August, they take all of these posters down, and put up more as a multi sequence clue?
  6. Tomb Raider:Apocalypse was a thing. It’s all connected! Confirmed: Don is a descendent of the Mayans
  7. NEWTRTOKI? T-Rex anyone?
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