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  1. Happy to have my own little version of Vortex now. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. But to be fair, we are customers and Kings Island is a business. If customers complain to any business that produces a product that the customers are for any reason not pleased with.... I guess thats just capitalism and an expression of free speech. Though with all due respect, I am super excited for the new coaster it's literally such a huge step up from Diamondback. Also if we want more things to come we have to support Kings Island when they treat us well!
  3. One could hope. The future of Kings Island literally hangs on how they handle this going forward. It better be groundbreaking like Vortex was.
  4. I just am extremely bored with B&M's. Ill probably give Orion a ride for the experience. Beast is just too legendary as it literally brings coaster fans from everywhere because of its amazingly long ride time, its TWO lift hills, its amazing double helix at the end, its amazing scenary especially at night. I rode Beast last night and its running unexplainably smooth. I can't imagine Orion will bring the same fanbase as Beast, especially given they could just drive a little further south and go ride the King Giga! Or drive a little further north and ride the original giga that was made by a much more exciting manufacturer twenty years ago.
  5. You're not wrong. Here's the deal. I'm just ****ed that Cedar Fair let me find out by a push notification that my favorite roller coaster manufacturers most beautiful ride at my favorite park is being demolished. I hate to be that guy but Cedar Point wouldn't be dealing with this, they get to keep corkscrew. And if they took corkscrew down they would probably get some world record smashing coaster. My heart is just heavy ladies and gents. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to get over the fact that I have such limited time to go see my coaster.
  6. The Beast could potentially be the 6th best coaster in the park?.... The Beast is #1 always... Orion is a half-hearted attempt by a pathetically boring company. Orion will either be the worlds tallest and fastest hyper, or we can call it the worlds shortest smallest and slowest giga.
  7. Same, as soon as I heard the news I made the trip to Kings Island and made a B-line straight for Vortex. I got arguably the best ride I have ever gitten on her. The whole time I was unbelievably upset. Im gonna miss even hearing the clanking of the lift hill....
  8. Maverick..... Buddy ole pal. I've missed you from the decoding 2020 thread. The loss of Vortex is terrible. I rode it last night and got arguably the best ride I have ever got on it. So that was fun as I clanked up the iconic sounding lift hill and got all the way too emotional.
  9. Friends, its officially here. It has been a pleasure speculating with all of you!
  10. Take a good pic of all the posters one more time!
  11. Next Friday, Awesome! I hope they give us new teases becuase now it feels like this campaign is going so slowly and getting boring. I would have rather them spaced the posters out if they planned on announcing the ride nearly a month after the first poster went up.
  12. Nothing new at the park? They sure are dragging this out. (*_*)
  13. I wonder if this new coaster will be the new best night ride... I felt a little famous for my answer to KI's question last night on what the best night ride is.
  14. I completely agree with all the hype on this giga potentially having an inversion. I would love to see it have something no other giga has.
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