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  1. Calling it now, from 8-10 there will be ert on fof and racer for gold and platinum passholders
  2. You realize this is being made by b and m, the worlds least innovative company, lmao they would never do that
  3. ...are you being serious because I really hope not...
  4. mAyBe iF wE gEt 100000 SiGnIatUrEs, tHey WiLl aNnoUnCe tHe rIdE tOmoRrOw
  5. The name will be Polaris or orion, the announcement is august 15 at 8 PM, the petition keeps going up because it's the site controlling ti not the park, all of those cheesy comments on it are being made by the park. Any post not showing the construction site from now until august 15 is completely useless
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