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  1. Anyone there tonight to report on lines? Thinking of making a late trip now. Need to get on Vortex one last time.
  2. I just wish we could give them some names that make them easier to remember. Artemis is a cool name but White Castle or Casper is easier to remember bc it’s a white crane. Also, we apparently have 2 or 3 more cranes coming..:
  3. You’re right! For a quick second it looked like it was a new support attached to the lift hill. I wonder if we’ll get another piece of track to attach to it today?
  4. You can now (barely) see they actually did put up another support for the break run. It’s hiding in a shadow right now but starting to be more visible. No idea how we missed this getting put up!
  5. Look how massive Zeus looks sticking over the horizon!
  6. He looks MAGNIFICIENT!! I can’t handle my excitement this late in the day haha
  7. They finished the catwalk on the rest of the brake run today. Excited to see what they start working on next this upcoming week.
  8. In one of the behind the scenes videos the project manager said they would be finished with the lift hill by the “end of October or first week of November”. I’m hoping they start cranking it out when Zeus goes up.
  9. Cleo is moving track in place behind the station...looks like it could be track right before the turn around into the station...
  10. This is a backbone piece, right?
  11. Not sure this was already mentioned but in the video from channel 9 yesterday, you can clearly see the long piece of track assembled behind the maintenance shed that we were talking about last week. This is 100% lift hill track with the catwalk already installed. You can see it will be the next piece of the lift hill based on how the catwalk will fit with the existing lift hill track/catwalk that’s already up.
  12. Fog is finally starting to clear out. Let’s hope we see some good action today!
  13. Now that is some heavy fog! I wonder if they can even work in that? Pretty cool but I hope it burns off soon so we can see.
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