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  1. Thanks Chris and welcome! Can you take a picture of one of the TV's?? Is anyone else at the park that can check this out too?
  2. Am I the only one that wants to know what was in that little tin box inside the Eiffel Tower clue box??
  3. Haha that news reporter did not understand what the trophy was saying...awkward. Luckily Chad was there to clue her in!
  4. Question about constructing the coaster...does anyone know how quick the track and supports typically go up? Do you think we'll see the lift hill before the winter? I haven't followed a new ride this closely before so I was just wondering how long it typically takes to complete? Thanks
  5. I also was wondering about the box...can anyone give any info about this? I'm pretty sure i've read every post for the last 200 pages or so sadly lol
  6. I'm not sure if you guys already follow Wild Gravity Travels...if not, they give awesome updates with high resolution photos of the construction site. The link below is their most recent update from Friday. They have discussed a couple of things that I haven't seen mentioned on here so I think you guys will really enjoy it... For example, he has some pics of the the area around the station being dug out a little, I wonder what that's for? Also, he has some pics of the ravine area being filled in with dirt (near the 1st drop)...doesn't look good for an underground tunnel but who knows! http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/kings-island-2020-update-17/
  7. This is interesting...when I read this I noticed "L/B Myrtle" in the 1st paragraph. L.B. are the initials on the new teasers released this morning. I googled L/B Myrtle, which was the name of a driller for this expedition and it was made by Bollinger Shipyards. Very close to Bolliger.... I doubt the teasers are that in depth...I'm just having a slow afternoon haha.
  8. Haven't thought about what it would look like at night time!! Can't wait to see what they do with that. I wonder if they are going to do anything different with lighting up the track/trains...someone mentioned in a post awhile back about possibly lighting up the wheels which would be cool.
  9. KI's Eiffel Tower is 315 ft...think about how massive the lift hill is going to look from people driving on 71. This is going to make the park's sky line look soooo much better. I hope the hill is taller than the Eiffel Tower but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Anyone at the park today? Would be great if someone could check if there's anything new to see. Also, mad props to KI/CF for the best teaser campaign ever....so excited for thursday!
  11. Excellent photos!! Seeing all the activity/footers being poured past the back of The Racer is getting me soo excited! The last shot of The Racer car is amazing! Thank you!
  12. The only thing I'm hoping for is that the drop is over 300 feet. If it does break a record, I think it would be for the tallest drop. The blue prints show this won't be anywhere near the longest so maybe they are going for height! Fingers crossed... ONE MORE WEEK!! I CANNOT WAIT!
  13. I don't think we should all be expecting a new world record...yes it would be awesome but let's not get our hopes up. TEOTWAWKI is most likely just referring to the theme...it doesn't mean we will definitely be breaking world records.
  14. I have been fantasizing about this ride being E.T. themed. I know it wouldn't be possible due to movie rights but how perfect would that theme be for this area? It would tie in perfectly with the space/project x theme...the saucer in FoF's queue line could be the one from the movie that E.T. arrived on. I've been following along for months and finally created an account. You all are too entertaining...can't wait for this giga!
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