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  1. The lot where they all park is full so doesn’t look like they have the week off. Fingers crossed we get to see some more track go up this week but not looking likely.
  2. He already gave the source...he said "Found this on a reddit thread. Credit to u/a_better_reddit_name"
  3. We only have a few more pieces of track left before it goes out view on the camera. That is until they start working on the helix and end of the track.
  4. Did you notice how big the drop looked compared to Diamondback? Thanks for snapping these pics by the way!
  5. So there are 3 pieces left? This is where it's going to get tricky because there aren't any more supports.
  6. OMG..when you think about this pic being taken from outside of the front gates...you realize how insanely massive Orion will be. I have butterflies just thinking about that hill!!
  7. Do you guys think we’ll see the hill being topped off tomorrow?
  8. Also I can’t wait for some good night rides on Orion. It’s hard to get them when it’s dark out in the summer.
  9. The cranes have been very active on weather bug this morning. Wish we could see what it was they're working on....DOHH! (homer simpson voice)
  10. WEB CAM STILL DOWN!! Ughhhh. I was really hoping they would be working this morning, c’mon KI. Oh and good morning, lol.
  11. I took this picture last weekend with the new iPhone 11. The camera takes amazing photos! Really going to miss seeing this iconic track in our park...
  12. Anyone there tonight to report on lines? Thinking of making a late trip now. Need to get on Vortex one last time.
  13. I just wish we could give them some names that make them easier to remember. Artemis is a cool name but White Castle or Casper is easier to remember bc it’s a white crane. Also, we apparently have 2 or 3 more cranes coming..:
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