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  1. Thanks, I missed this announcement somehow.
  2. The Orion cam is gone! I only see the DB and Mystic Timbers cam....anyone else?
  3. Dang, so it’ll be a while until we see any testing. I cannnnnnnot wait to see the trains on this track!!!
  4. Yep, they just took it back down. Must be prepping for the media folks.
  5. They are waiting on media. I cannot believe they are about to finish the track today. This went by so fast...seems like the decoding days were just last week. Orion has been my first coaster I’ve followed with you all and you guys have made this process so much fun. Glad to have found this site and nerd out with guys.
  6. Yeah they just took it off the flatbed but I’d bet they’ll wait until tomorrow to put it in.... that’s what she said! haha
  7. They most likely had this planned to have 1 piece left so they can have media come out to cover the track being completed. It should make for good coverage and photos tomorrow bc the sun is supposed to be out finally!
  8. Off topic but in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the DB camera is back on with a new view...and they cleaned the lens. The new view is pretty cool too.
  9. Don’t forget they have 1 more support to go in too. I wouldn’t be surprise if they don’t finish until tomorrow but it’ll be close.
  10. I wasn’t sure what I was watching at first but you can really see the track moving hallway through, like you said. That is crazy! It’s almost like suspensions for the coaster cars. Never seen a track move that much before, thanks for sharing.
  11. This may be a dumb question but does anyone know why they remove the temporary lift hill supports? Why not leave them in place?
  12. 2 people just walked to the top of the lift hill...this perspective shows how massive this hill is going to be.
  13. Orion is looking super ominous right now with these low clouds. Now let’s see some more night lights testing!!
  14. Another piece of track is going up right now on the helix!!
  15. I was also surprised how high up the helix is off the ground. It doesn’t look as y’all in the layout so that was a pleasant surprise.
  16. I was wondering that too. I saw that about 3 or 4 days ago but thought it would be strange if they had the trains just sitting out like that.
  17. Good morning everyone! Big piece of track going in right now!!! I hope they get some decent work completed on the helix today.
  18. You’re right! I can barely make it out now. It’s weird how the suns reflection just stopped right at that new piece lol
  19. Did they remove the last section of track they put in at the end of yesterday???? Or did I dream the helix had more track completed than this...??
  20. Yeah they must be working overtime bc they’re still out there with some big lights allowing them to work. I took this screenshot about 30 mins ago showing the 2 tallest helix supports. I think the helix looks a lot bigger than it did in the rendering.
  21. Darn rain and clouds are back blocking the view!! I want to see it with the new piece in
  22. Just goes to show you how massive this coaster will be! Also, they just put in another small support.
  23. Don and KI have been quoted before that this track will be done by the end of January...so you’re late to the game lol.
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