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  1. When you look at the new drone footage from the 26th, you can see some steel supports that they put up on the helix.
  2. Yes, around where Firehawk used to turn into the station.
  3. Welcome to KICentral! I know you joined 17 days ago, but I still like welcoming new members.
  4. Kings Island Orion test run, and other Coasters Mavic 2 Zoom, it was posted march 25th Edit: I found the right video. And I also wonder what those banners are.
  5. What banners? I can't find them anywhere in the video.
  6. Trees are starting to bloom, I'm so glad it's spring!
  7. This is a good website where you can get coaster layout posters with the stats on them. https://www.etsy.com/listing/753766395/Vortex-roller-coaster-drawing-kings this is just Vortex, there are many more. I even have some of my own!
  8. Well, I already did before, but now I hate it even more.
  9. I officially despise the corona virus.
  10. This might not be the best quality, but I caught Orion testing from great wolf lodge today.
  11. Cameras that take on ride photos.
  12. Not sure. it might just be the ride cameras because of the rapid flash, or it might be some type of theming element.
  13. On the KI website, it said that Orion will contain strobe lighting. Sow we are assuming the strobe lighting is the ride cameras.
  14. Imagine if we could sow all of the Orion haters this right after it was announced. I'm actually shocked at how fast that goes. This will definitely be the best ride at Kings Island.
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