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  1. Here's a video from FYE Coasters.
  2. Here are some more pics WildGravity Travels got.
  3. I would say end of next week or beginning of the week after.
  4. More track has been installed! This element is looking massive already!
  5. Yeah, it does look like we have more track up. I'm hoping we could get another support up today.
  6. Looks like T-Bone is being guided back to where they are currently working. Maybe they will start working at the lower levels of the turnaround tomorrow?
  7. I would recommend some kind of skid brake, like these. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1HkqbL6VRw
  8. Nice! I cant wait to see the finished product! I love knex because if you have enough pieces, you can spend hours building them up and making them somewhat realistic. I sometimes make support structures and coaster elements in my free time.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that a couple days ago. That hill is going to be massive!
  10. Looks like Orion's 85 degree drop angle just got confirmed from the park!
  11. Sort of weird that they put them there instead of where they are working. But I'm sure they have their reasons.
  12. Has any one noticed these supports near the drop? Could they possibly be for the bank into the brakes?
  13. No, I would say the turn into the break run is more like a treble clef.
  14. The water drop is now gone, but we now have fog everywhere. Yippee.
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