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  1. Awesome!! Cant wait to see this go vertical!!
  2. Just a question, the track is at the construction site, but isn't track usually in the parking lot when it first arrives?
  3. I usually don't bring stuff to Kings Island, it was only those two times, when I rode Banshee it was a soda, and when I rode Firehawk I didn't want to buy lockers because I don't usually spent time back there. But thanks for letting me know.
  4. I just put my stuff behind some bushes when I rode Firehawk and Banshee, and they never got stolen. I will probably do the same for Orion.
  5. I cant wait to see more track at Kongs island!! lol.
  6. Its probably where the brake run flattens out. Credit to James C
  7. But look on the bright side, when we check on Saturday there has to have been a lot of track moved to Kings Island by then.
  8. Kings Island said the will get a webcam up once erection has started, which they said will be around early September.
  9. I feel so bad you had to experience this at CP, to me cp is one of the best places I can be, I hope you can get down there another time and have a better experience. But look at the bright side, you got to ride an amazing intamin. =)
  10. I wish I lived that close to csf, its about 40 minutes from me.
  11. We are only 2-3 weeks away from a construction cam!
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