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  1. Will they fill the track with sand later like with Leviathan? Because Orion has a pretty loud roar in this video, and it sounds awesome!
  2. It goes so much faster that I thought it would on the helix! That moment should be very intense!
  3. Wow, I can't believe we are almost at page 200 on this thread!
  4. This goose looks like it's very amazed by Orion
  5. Now that's an 85° drop if I've ever seen one!
  6. Yeah, I always enjoy a ride on FoF and hope it stays for a long time. But I think Invertigo is definitely on the chopping block.,
  7. I'm not sure if we will see Bat going too near in the future. I am thinking about the teotwawki posters, the operating coasters on there where, Invertigo, Vortex, Firehawk, and FoF. Vortex and Firehawk are already gone, so I think Invertigo and FoF will be next. That is just my theory though.
  8. I know this video is a few days old, but in this video, Orion looks massive. Credit to Roller Coaster Expedition.
  9. Looks like it is holding a basket with people in it to check the trims or do work on them.
  10. Looks like they turned the new transfer lights on too.
  11. I think this is it, but I may be wrong. https://KICentral.com/photos/
  12. Double post, but does anybody know if Orion will have a construction time lapse? The person doing the Orion time lapses stopped for a while, and then deleted all of the Orion time lapse videos.
  13. We have a very beautiful webcam shot this morning!
  14. Sorry for the double post, but it looks like they have dug up all of the concrete that used to be in X-base. Looks like they might be doing some nice touch-ups to the whole area.
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