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  1. They should add a new Dippin' dots stand, honestly, I think this will draw in the crowd a lot for their 50th anniversary.
  2. Flight of Fear plays an important role in Orion's theming now. So I don't think they will remove it anytime soon.
  3. I love the kind of ride Orion is, insane elements in a short amount of time, and never loses speed. That's why I also like Top Thrill Dragster, once you are on the break run, your brain is still processing what just happened. I think Fury could rank much higher on my list than number 6 if the ending wasn't so slow.
  4. They where, you had to wear one the entire time you where there except for break areas and eating.
  5. The lighting isn't on the speed hill, the helix, or the last turn. But every other hill has lights.
  6. Yeah, that last hill/turn gave some good ejector. Also I was wondering, will there be an Orion photo contest?
  7. I will give my review on every hill, 1st hill: The lift is very fast and quiet, you can definitely feel the 85 degrees and the drop is very long 2nd hill: Very fast element and gives some nice lateral floater, also feels overbanked 3rd hill: Very forceful surprisingly, and feels like a second curved drop. You also really notice the height! 4th hill: Best airtime moment on the ride hands down, I can't even describe this 5th hill: Trim doesn't slow the train down much, and gives some nice floater Helix: Sustained positive G's throughout the helix and that near miss
  8. Well, there still is a chance. Fury's lights have lasted for five years, and Millennium Force's lights have lasted for a while too.
  9. Wow, it's going pretty fast with a half full train!
  10. I hope. The webcams also went down for me
  11. It's on all of the hills?! Alright, this is too good to be true, yet it is. Easily outbeats hangtime and every other coaster's light packages.
  12. Probably when more documents/blueprints get leaked. I can't wait to be a part in another one of those!
  13. It looks so strange with nothing there
  14. By "recognize" I think Don meant recognizing the top fundraisers in the park so they would know who to put on the first train. But hey, a piece of Vortex would fit perfectly with my Vortex paint chips.
  15. I have been seeing a lot of judgement towards Orion from people who haven't ridden it yet on the pov videos, comparing it to Fury and all of that. In my opinion Orion and Fury are incomparable, because Fury and Orion are going for completely different experiences. Fury is low to the ground, with faster transitions, while Orion has elements that are higher up, and are more focused towards tallness. I think Orion will be an outstanding addition nonetheless, (I mean, its a B&M giga, it simply can't be a bad ride.) Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system
  16. Still hard to beat Hangtime imo.
  17. Yeah I bet lol, I heard it in the first testing video.
  18. Also, am I the only one who noticed that Orion's anti rollbacks are almost completely silent? I'm not sure if its just the camera or not, but you can hear them in the other giga povs.
  19. What is it with GP and their loop de loops
  20. I believe the rattle on Banshee are from the wheels, you can see the wheel assemblies shake slightly.
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