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  1. Yeah, maybe they where welding the track rails together?
  2. Looks like more track was installed! I think Orion's track work will definitely be done by the end of this week, or early next week.
  3. Yes, that will be the last support they need to install.
  4. Looks like some track is being lifted into place!
  5. Looks like some track is being shipped over.
  6. Light shining on a rain drop on the camera lens.
  7. Racers lights are testing right now. Hopefully Orion's will too soon.
  8. That looks amazing!! I hope that's the real light package. Imagine going to the park at night and seeing a giant blue illuminated giga coaster! It would also definitely be the best light package at the park besides WindSeeker.
  9. Just this one and the supports are finished!
  10. There is also another post head chopper support put in!
  11. Sorry for the double post, but Cleo is installing/moving track!
  12. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Also, what does BY stand for? Big Yellow? If so that would be a hilarious name for a crane .
  13. Looks like Cleo has moved a little bit.
  14. Wow, for me this really shows a good perspective on how much taller Orion is than Diamondback and how much taller it will look from the top.
  15. Really? My eyes may be deceiving me, because it only has to go this far to reach the next support. Maybe it's just the perspective that's throwing me off.
  16. And they are bringing even more over to be installed!
  17. It's very hard to make out, but I think T-Bone just installed more track behind that patch of trees.
  18. I tried doing one of those, hope you guys like it! It's crazy to think we are already this far in the layout!
  19. Looks like we got another support installed!
  20. They put up a new support earlier, maybe that's all they're going to do today.
  21. Wow, I can't believe they are even working on a Sunday! I am pretty sure they will be done by the last week of January. No doubt about that.
  22. It's crazy to think that this helix is exactly as tall as Dueling Dragons was.
  23. Yeah, I hope there is something hiding behind the FoF building. Does it show anything in the blueprints?
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