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  1. I’m also wondering if anybody on this forum has any collectible from the original EV. I’ve gone over the forum about the smurf going up on eBay, it would be awesome to get a few pics of what anybody might have!
  2. It would be insane to see even the waterway from the boats originally ever being there. And they elephant is at JJ in Fairfield? I never have seen it there?
  3. They did make noise when it was Branded as the Scooby doo ride. The ride has just gone downhill at this point. I rode it a few days ago and half of the mechanics inside it don’t even work anymore.
  4. @HandsUp Yes, it was an awesome ride. Still I’m very curious if there is anything still in the building from EV.
  5. The Enchanted Voyage building is clearly only being about 1/4 used for boo blasters, what do they use the rest of it for? I’m wondering if there might be some things left from previous rides? Props, fixtures, etc. Does anyone have any information on it? Image found at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/15239812@N00/663730033
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