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  1. From a budget and money's worth for KI I'd expect more B&Ms due to the fact that the track is made so close and will cost less for shipping etc. Which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. With steel ever increasing staying local sure helps get more bang for your buck. It would be a fun record to be the park with the most B&m coasters. I think a dive would look and be a great addition to replace Vortex.
  2. pretty sure the Hollywood casino will also go after him, at the very least they have the funding to protect their interests names included. Cedar Fair the same. he probably is just trying to play the pay me and ill go away game. Pretty big gamble if you ask me. especially going after multi million dollar corps with matching lawyer power to boot. the win some probably depends on how much they think copy cats will follow and or the care of just making it go away over the hassle of proving hes just an idiot too.
  3. Oh they can and do post pictures. They can easily keep you from buying a pass or revoking one already in use. You'd have to buy a paper ticket likely costing you more and depending on how bad the transgression if seen you'd be escorted out. Depend how far the park wants to go to keep out unwanted guests. You can be trespassed since most parks operate on private property therefore if caught it becomes even more a deterrent because law enforcement can get involved then. It can and it does happen and they have systems in place to enforce it.
  4. If you Google weather bug Kings Island it had a camera facing Eiffel Tower from I street restaurant. I think it updates every 5-10 mins or so. Also the time laspe it's interesting to watch on it with the lights going off and weird spots that show up overnight when the park is dark.
  5. Foggy and dusk but a huge difference from when we were here sun. Source my phone camera
  6. Honestly there's so many with no boo necklace in you can just follow with them and be safe, but what they said shipwrecked was the only close quarters to scare actors ratio. And the path from Vortex to Rivertown with the green lights and pumpkins, because it's smaller space your more likely to see an actor. But the big areas you have to search for them at least last night you did. Have fun! Drums of the dead is a neat show if you like shows.
  7. Yes, the last time I rode the monster I miss have gained# or something because we had never spun so continuously before and we almost got sick. And now I'm older and not worth chancing it.
  8. She's not tall enough she's only 42" for Arial Chase monster shake rattle and roll , surf dog, she can do the scrambler and the cars she's scared of the dark and didn't like boo blasters. So that's why it's not much a value to her/us. What she likes to ride doesn't have Fast Lane. We'll see what happens sun was going to let my mom take her place so we can ride Mystic Timbers together. I mean it's a freebie so if the little had to get it then she'll enjoy the 3 rides she can use it on. Edit: ok she technically can do shake rattle and roll and monster but not alone and neither of us adults care for those types anymore
  9. How does fastlane plus work, never used them but have the freebies for renewing. Do they give you the wristband or do they check ids/ages? I ask because it's useless for my 5yr old there's nothing she can ride that uses that system, so I was wondering if her band could be given to somebody else in our party. Never having done it I don't know the particulars and I can't find anything helpful in the ki FAQs. Thanks for any help and info!
  10. I'm not big into heights but I do love most coasters after the hill. Love launch coasters and Woodies over steel only because the bulk of the wooden structure underneath me is comforting if ever I had to evacuate on the lift hill. King Cobra was one of my faves not to big a great night ride and different being a stand up. Mantis wasn't built yet when I last went to CP so I have no comparison to it. I was sad when it closed. Delerium is not for me. I absolutely loved Firehawk! Laying in my back watching the stars going up the lift hill was great. And then the flying was awesome to me, it felt like It was what flying like a super hero would be. KIAA Old with the two sides was way better than the new out in the sun replacements. I don't think Italian job/Backlot Stunt Coaster was worth taking the old autos out from the nicely shaded pathways and ride. I loved tomb raider the ride it was great and something I never would have ridden if it was just outdoors as a flat ride. The theming made it. The crypt ruined it and it just flipped around way too much and wasn't enjoyable to me. And I miss the backwards racer a lot. It was something my friend and I would ride continuously in the last row. It was awesome and forwards is just meh plus now my hips are to wide to fit with the extra padding they added. Or my fluff isn't in the same spots it used to be either way I'm not terribly sad I can't ride it going boring forwards LoL. To date how long I haven't been to CP I just learned a couple weeks ago that one of my faves disaster transport is gone when they put in GateKeeper. But that is a coaster I really look forward to trying soon. Maybe KI will put in a wing in the old Vortex spot or a dive. But those removals/changes stick out the most to me.
  11. Cool I only knew of the stairs my friend had trouble last year on didn't know about the elevator. And it must not have been offered to her as an alternative so I didn't know I wasn't inside with them.
  12. I know the one inside the old crypt building is not it has stairs throughout. Many might have tight turns that's would be difficult in an ecv but others might know which could and could not for sure. But the park itself has lots of scare zones and kinda a scare house in of itself and it's ecv accessible.
  13. We tried the paper first and since we were sharing between 3 of us, on hot days the little cup wasn't enough between the 15 min wait. So I paid extra for the switch. This time I'll just go straight bottles. With a young kid it's no big to carry it around or hook it to the wagon. But if you only carry a wallet and keys paper is a nice option to offer.
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