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  1. It wouldn't be so slow if they didn't do the wouldn't release row by row when you get off. It's unnecessary. People naturally take varying times getting up and out of the restraints therefore not clogging the exit queue. Even in normal times it never felt bogged down getting off a coaster. I'll take it over being closed but it's one of the stand out slow issues to me.
  2. @standbyme you sound like my hubs he hovers like that which I thought I'd be one lol and you're right with the relationship part. I guess I also trust disney because I've worked there and know their standards are phenomenal even beyond most 5 star daycares like you have to have plot to get a kid out that's not your own and that'd be a personal attack that just happened at disney. I know what you mean by the stamp band and someone trying, sadly it's likely more to happen on the curb in front of your house because a person using the alarmed door now everyone's running out all exits thinking fire alarm and therefore the napper ends up surrounded. It's a risky place to try along with now most have surveillance cameras. But that's not to say it couldn't happen. But honestly I'm more worried about her playing outside the house then a semi secure building just because there has been suspicious drivers in white vans creeping around kids lately. honestly there's no wrong way and it sounds hokey but your gut will lead you with kids it's just innate nature and it really is like a switch that turns on the moment you hear that cry and it could totally be a no scare party for all ages idea. Or have separate ones for those who are ok with a daycare like setting and those who want to join or watch. Cause I dunno if I'd be comfortable leaving if other random parents were allowed to stay and it wasn't just solely the employees. At least employees have been vetted with background checks etc but random other parents who knows, but that's just me. Different strokes for different folks as they say.
  3. Yeah we've done similar things such as parents night out at our church where the kids do activities etc for couple hours while we go out. They have forms and our info in case of emergencies etc. I'm also thinking along the lines of Disney both cruises and resorts have kid activity centers that you pay a fee to drop off so you can maybe have a nice dinner or a couple hours to ride bigger rides etc. It's done responsibly, follows the same rules as school and daycare facilities etc so the protocols are all there. We've used the child care Play place at IKEA for easier shopping with out the little shopaholic LOLOL. If they are hiring qualified child care people and train appropriately it would be ok and safe. I have never been up there but the space would require restroom access that's within the secured area. Example we used biometrics to sign in and out our daughter for preschool. Only registered users to her could pick her up. So if grandpa wasn't set up he couldn't just drop by and get her etc. It's definitely something for future consideration, but I think that would help those who maybe are traveling in and would like to get the full adult experience and have a safe place for the kids to hang out. i mean when I was a kid KI used to have cage like pens that we'd be shuffled into while adults rode the coaster. And just had to wait but nobody watched who really picked up who.
  4. I could see blueberry compote and spinach topped chicken breast on a bed of leafy greens, but churned up into a sausage doesn't sound as appealing. But I'm not a big sausage eater either.
  5. Could be because ki has a majority of younger employees out and about, they might feel intimidated to remind adults of masks. Especially with the reports of reactions to such. Dollywood seems on top though older employees alike they constantly go after and lose tolerance for as the day goes on. But Americans will do what they want regardless. Saw way more chin and under nose wears this weekend. It was also a scorcher. But in theory most were still spaced out even while walking. In lines were better. Only had one instance where people were close behind is coughed looked back of course they were chin wearers. But I don't touch my back nor can droplets magically go around but principal. it's a crap shoot those who respect and are considerate of others put up with masks, those likely to cut you off in the parking lot or not let you in will not.
  6. We watch the gemtones at Dollywood. Spaced out and cross managed. What difference does it make standing spaced out in a crowded grocery store or out in the miserable hot sun watching a singer? It's clear they're not even close to their limited capacity numbers and they are trying to get people in with cheap tickets, a tv singer etc. Kings Island has one live show already running in the festhuas albeit very short but cute. If you're not comfortable with it you can easily avoid the area. Stop trying to guilt trip ki for doing what it is to keep doors open and keep it solvent to survive through this.
  7. funny cause non covid times you'd be doing exactly that... Hence why queues are built so long and big at first. opening of SOB and Flight of Fear totally spent half the day waiting to ride. so not sure why you think throttling it down to nothing when the crowds are to low those last two hours to even have a 4 hr line is a poor me situation. But its no skin off my back i have some covid pounds to shed to ride comfortably anyways. I was just putting it out there the new process so that others can plan their lucky 2 hr stent in the park as you put it.
  8. If local haunts can do hayrides, chopped buses etc KI could surely do the train. even if they didn't approach (out of safety concerns) and just scenes still would be fun. They could easily set up a tunnel/scare wall scenes, not totally enclosed but like tall sides since its dark the effect would be the same but would allow the steam etc to still project upwards and not back into peoples faces etc. I loved the Scare themed zones last year like Coney Maul, pirates etc I'm not into mazes and tight quarters or the long lines lol, but that made it fun to walk around in. No boo necklaces are stupid. I'm sorry but maybe they should have a couple nights for those wanting dark rides or whatever, but its not meant for babies, toddlers etc and the necklaces don't really do much but make it hard for actors to scare those who are there for it. It seemed like there was an overabundance of them last year. Solution- I know those who travel in spend the day with kids for the kid/tween aspect and the adults want to do do the adult thing- turn that 25 dollar necklace into a 30 dollar Kids party night- Meaning use like the space up above the entrance and do a fun Halloween themed party with a movie, games etc that parents sign there kid in like daycare. Then the parents can go do the mazes etc and the kids can have a safe non scary space. Win win- I'd totally pay extra even up to 40$ for 3 hrs or so its what you'd pay a babysitter etc. Would entice more people to travel in. It can even be a reservation system so that numbers are controlled. Definitely would love more decorations on rides like how they dress up for winterfest. Variety is the spice of life
  9. As of WED even if not busy- they are only opening Orion to non time ticket holders from 6-7. Makes it hard to ride if you go after work. We got there at 5 and there was no line and only time card holders could enter. kinda disappointing taking that the crowds were not there. Sounds like from hearing the employee that they were just made to start doing that and had to keep it that way. MT and Diamondback both were about 15/20 mins.
  10. Interesting new flash sale but tickets only good till July 31st. Are they not planning to be open on Aug? Seems weird they still don't have any open time yet for Aug. thinking might have to do some after work trips.
  11. I feel like that'll be this Sat. We're going from 4-930 so that we can see the fireworks since sun is 11-7. Hoping wed we can get a ride on Orion but we won't get there till 430. wonder how it's been from like 5-7.
  12. I feel like people are trying, we all are having to fight how we've been trained for all these years at parks to fill in all available space in queues and such. When you've become accustomed to packing in like sardines, it's a habit that will need broken and we're only human. The fact that most are trying is a good thing. Like we didn't realize at Dollywood they purposefully spaced for side by side in the queues thinking they had over spaced the stickers. So we were side by side with others who also didn't really realize that was the point if you move exactly sticker to sticker you're perfectly spaced at all sides. Our bad and now we know better and we'll do better our next trip. definitely was a good year to be a printing company for sure mask control was still way better at the park than I've seen lately at the grocery store. Can ki sell toilet paper and milk LOLOL
  13. To add people lie even boast about it. Like when they announced the screening questions. People weren't shy about saying we can just lie. it's why the temp checks can't easily fake a temp. A phone ping will be undeniable versus what a person could say. And that needs a subpoena.
  14. They are definitely entertainment employees. They were inside the festhuas all day yesterday unless they moved out side in the half hour. But it's definitely a choreographed made for entertainment skit not just a random happenstance. It's really funny and clever and making the situation fun without taking away the seriousness of it. And I'm pretty sure two of the cast were in the carnival group last year they looked familiar.
  15. This morning kid and dad rode the scrambler and the OP called it fierce like a lion and better than Orion.. we both chuckled and always found the Ops funny when they'd say enjoy your beastly ride on Adventure Express etc I dunno guess we just have a matching sense of humor and never found it in poor form. maybe if they were to build a jungle cruise like ride they can put all the wisenheimers as skippers and they can tell all the jokes they want LOLOL
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