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  1. yes i got one of them yesterday- it was small definitely not worth 7$ or really the 5. but i was stuffed so it was ok for me but if you were getting it al a carte definitely too small.
  2. Everything we had yesterday was delicious! between our group we tried almost everything- both flatbreads, the zombie poutine, toxic mad, banana fosters crepe ( best when ordered and they aren't busy- don't wait til the end of the day when everybody is ordering sweets) pumpkin spice funnel cake- good doesn't need the full scoop of cream cheese icing that was a bit much, the devil wings, and the chupacabra both super good and so was the brisket from coney bbq. and that was my parents sharing 1 card and my hubs and i sharing 1 card- we got plenty and were stuffed lol! he also had the Fat Head
  3. You're welcome. I'm super curious to what they are revamping. Besides the brake check I thought it ran really nice this summer. But that's been my first time riding it so I can't compare to other seasons.
  4. Yes I agree I'm thinking we'll get one card to try the desserts and snacks but we'll be utilizing the meal plan sun. the portions were decent more than just a little that's for sure.
  5. Wonder what they are up to? I know that the launch system was a new kind wonder if it's an upgrade to a final version with no brake shutter. Or if they are scraping it. picture from Dollywood fb group
  6. you save 2$ versus buying the item outright if you were to buy more than 4 as they are 7$ each individual item. you get 6 for 30 or 4 for 28 if bought by themselves. thats the savings similar to the grand carnivale tasting card with the 6 tastings. they were decent portions actually so im sure 6 will be sharable as well.
  7. a Different Spin- How about a Mack coaster similar to Time Traveler? We could use a unique spinning launched coaster that would be fun. CF doesn't have any of those types that i know of. The land and dips would certainly play well with the design of them. and it could fit both the transition from Coney Mall to frontier
  8. and it's also all on private property, it would probably take a lot of $$ for KI/CF to persuade to cross into and over so many other parcels of property. Now you could do a tunnel under I75 and L type shape connect to the campground and then a private drive into the back part by The Bat and do trams back and forth or small transport buses.
  9. How is the crowds so far today? How are they from 5-10?
  10. They may also see that people buying and sharing leads to more spending actually. Example family's if for 30$ we can share something every 90 mins and I'm not spending 30-40+for day lunch and probably like 50+ dinner, that money saved from food now I can buy souvenirs for the kids, play some games even. So that deal can often encourage extra spending because people feel they got a deal so they can splurge on something else. Some people experience food and will pay for it and still spend others see food as a needed item as in you need fuel but it's not something you can keep permanently. No t
  11. It wouldn't be so slow if they didn't do the wouldn't release row by row when you get off. It's unnecessary. People naturally take varying times getting up and out of the restraints therefore not clogging the exit queue. Even in normal times it never felt bogged down getting off a coaster. I'll take it over being closed but it's one of the stand out slow issues to me.
  12. @standbyme you sound like my hubs he hovers like that which I thought I'd be one lol and you're right with the relationship part. I guess I also trust disney because I've worked there and know their standards are phenomenal even beyond most 5 star daycares like you have to have plot to get a kid out that's not your own and that'd be a personal attack that just happened at disney. I know what you mean by the stamp band and someone trying, sadly it's likely more to happen on the curb in front of your house because a person using the alarmed door now everyone's running out all exit
  13. Yeah we've done similar things such as parents night out at our church where the kids do activities etc for couple hours while we go out. They have forms and our info in case of emergencies etc. I'm also thinking along the lines of Disney both cruises and resorts have kid activity centers that you pay a fee to drop off so you can maybe have a nice dinner or a couple hours to ride bigger rides etc. It's done responsibly, follows the same rules as school and daycare facilities etc so the protocols are all there. We've used the child care Play place at IKEA for easier shopping with out
  14. I could see blueberry compote and spinach topped chicken breast on a bed of leafy greens, but churned up into a sausage doesn't sound as appealing. But I'm not a big sausage eater either.
  15. Could be because ki has a majority of younger employees out and about, they might feel intimidated to remind adults of masks. Especially with the reports of reactions to such. Dollywood seems on top though older employees alike they constantly go after and lose tolerance for as the day goes on. But Americans will do what they want regardless. Saw way more chin and under nose wears this weekend. It was also a scorcher. But in theory most were still spaced out even while walking. In lines were better. Only had one instance where people were close behind is coughed looked bac
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