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  1. That will be nice! Gold pass here as well. It's one thing for camping that's far away but we're local enough to drive daily. But if it's reasonable would be convenient to be just a short drive or shuttle away would be nice occasionally. Plus I'm sure you could see the fireworks what wouldn't be nicer than some s'mores and fireworks
  2. I'll be curious the pricing points of the sites. I was hoping it would be a reasonable nice campground but luxury says$$$$ we're not far but camping across the street for 40-50$ Would be a nice way to enjoy the park with back and forth privileges. But if it's like cp at 120$and up that's too much for a parking spot.
  3. I know I just like free dinner that I already paid for ha ha it is fun to walk around especially all decorated up.
  4. Thanks all, I've never tried before cause never really felt like we missed out but thought might go this last weekend since there isn't going to be a winter fest etc. I just didn't know if they typically run busy. thanks again if anything get to use the dining plan some more LOLOL
  5. Anyone know how they last days of the season typically go? obviously this years different, just wondering if itll be busy or mild with just coaster nuts hoping to get one last ride in for the year. never gone the last open weekend before.
  6. Weird Al sounded pretty good back in the early 2000s lol it would be cool for hosting like local groups etc skip the big Ticketmaster and host weekend music festivals with different acts all day long. It's still suitable for something like that I'd think. Unsure that last thing held there I'm assuming spirit song? it's actually in a good spot it could be gated off and have it's own entrance and be rented out to smaller bands to host concerts etc that maybe just getting started. Many big country states started out singing in all day multiple gig concerts before growing into th
  7. yes i got one of them yesterday- it was small definitely not worth 7$ or really the 5. but i was stuffed so it was ok for me but if you were getting it al a carte definitely too small.
  8. Everything we had yesterday was delicious! between our group we tried almost everything- both flatbreads, the zombie poutine, toxic mad, banana fosters crepe ( best when ordered and they aren't busy- don't wait til the end of the day when everybody is ordering sweets) pumpkin spice funnel cake- good doesn't need the full scoop of cream cheese icing that was a bit much, the devil wings, and the chupacabra both super good and so was the brisket from coney bbq. and that was my parents sharing 1 card and my hubs and i sharing 1 card- we got plenty and were stuffed lol! he also had the Fat Head
  9. You're welcome. I'm super curious to what they are revamping. Besides the brake check I thought it ran really nice this summer. But that's been my first time riding it so I can't compare to other seasons.
  10. Yes I agree I'm thinking we'll get one card to try the desserts and snacks but we'll be utilizing the meal plan sun. the portions were decent more than just a little that's for sure.
  11. Wonder what they are up to? I know that the launch system was a new kind wonder if it's an upgrade to a final version with no brake shutter. Or if they are scraping it. picture from Dollywood fb group
  12. you save 2$ versus buying the item outright if you were to buy more than 4 as they are 7$ each individual item. you get 6 for 30 or 4 for 28 if bought by themselves. thats the savings similar to the grand carnivale tasting card with the 6 tastings. they were decent portions actually so im sure 6 will be sharable as well.
  13. a Different Spin- How about a Mack coaster similar to Time Traveler? We could use a unique spinning launched coaster that would be fun. CF doesn't have any of those types that i know of. The land and dips would certainly play well with the design of them. and it could fit both the transition from Coney Mall to frontier
  14. and it's also all on private property, it would probably take a lot of $$ for KI/CF to persuade to cross into and over so many other parcels of property. Now you could do a tunnel under I75 and L type shape connect to the campground and then a private drive into the back part by The Bat and do trams back and forth or small transport buses.
  15. How is the crowds so far today? How are they from 5-10?
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