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  1. WindSeeker and Sling Shot in the dry side Orion if we’re counting yet to open. And most of the wedgie giving slides in the water park lol I’ve ridden the Intertube slides at least once but my knees can’t take all those steps to get to the tall slides and i don’t like standing at heights either. I’ve ridden many of the kiddies rides from Hannah Barbara Nickelodeon and i couldn’t tell you what’s new after the first two installations to now Planet Snoopy so there’s probably some kid rides that weren’t there that are now that i can’t ride.
  2. You know unemployment doesn’t last forever right!? Not to mention most had good jobs so they’d like to have them back as a salaried pays way more than unemployment. Unemployment has limits and isn’t long term sustaining. the distancing is to slow the spread to help the healthcare keep above water not to stop it. Everyone’s going to be exposed eventually it’s just hoping to be at a reasonable rate so that those who need more care to beat it have the option available instead of everyone getting it now and not enough beds etc. stuff will open slowly and this will keep some people home reducing crowds naturally out of fear etc. I think by mid April we’ll hopefully have enough substantial data to know what kind of summer there will be.
  3. If they started closed till June it would push any spike and that spike would be drastically reduced to late October nov when most things would slow down again. By waiting they could save summer so to speak and go from there is mainly to give the time needed to produce the tests care etc needed to test that spike. The longer the wait now the smaller the spike and the smaller the scale of deaths decreased dramatically. Even just going to mid May is quite the substantial reduction that could deem safe to Re open with special measures. i could actually see smaller parks like ki and Dollywood etc opening up before disney and the like because the ratio of local even border state local Vs crosscountry wide and international draw is smaller than places like disney and universal. Yes international people come to our smaller parks but not at the mass they do at disney. I’ve never seen 10k+ Brazilians at once at ki but I have seen that many plus at disney at once. ( picked only because I literally saw the herds of them when I worked there) and we knew the numbers because I worked front gate) source for the graph is NY times: not sure if I should link don’t want people getting in a tizzy over the title but the interactive graphing from the epidemic experts is where I based my opinion on.
  4. Well cashiers aren’t robots yet they have been taking extras away and they have someone putting them back on the shelves. This was at Kroger with no self checks. But it is easy to add a check limit same as alcohol age check etc. it’s really how much or well the person running the registers takes control over the limits. i don’t understand it either because this isn’t like a tornado or a weather event that might destroy structures. I can see Dayton being jumpy and a little ptsd from not having recovered yet from the Memorial Day tornadoes there are still homes with damage not yet fixed but livable. Unless I guess they’re thinking what if the utility workers all get sick I dunno but yes the water still runs and the tp well still be made slow down people. worst case if you run out just hop in the shower after. Water still cleans too
  5. They actually aren’t hard to make 100% Cotton flannel fold accordion sew the edges you can choose to add a pocket to insert filters s as preferred or leave them as they are as elastic or string (shoe laces work well) to tie. Boom mask. It’s actually what many of us have been asked to sew and donate for nurses etc because it’ll be a bit before demand falls or production meets the new demand. They also can be washed and resanitized so a couple to rotate and you’ve got something. link to free pattern https://www.craftpassion.com/face-mask-sewing-pattern/
  6. I’d totally drive 45 mins for drive through blue ki dippn dots LOLOL
  7. Omg parks aren’t going to be closed forever. One domino effect it would collapse an entire industry and a big tourism chunk. Not to mention then the explosion of unemployed vs jobs avail if that happened. Most will likely do the suggested 8 weeks then do rolling restarts. Possibly with locals first then allow border states etc. I don’t expect disney to go all out right off The Bat. They will probably do a soft opening like AP and locals and the reservations that weren’t canceled. Then start to refill again. i think they could offer a choice but I’d be unhappy if they paused my plan as I have it set to end a certain month for a reason. But giving others who have different circumstances sure. And if you call I’m sure they will work with people because this is such a unprecedented event.
  8. Cool I haven’t been to cp since 2006 so I hope this event can happen if not next year we were planning to go platinum anyways
  9. Wonder what will happen to the just for fun event at cp? the one with the 20.20 ride wristband. I’m not too worried if canceled I’m sure they’ll refund or whatever. I think it’s right at the cusp of mid May I can’t remember.
  10. But was it there during that period? When was the first case recorded? If it came by traveler into the country after the fact, heat and fires may not been interactive with the virus enough to claim yes or no.
  11. interesting- though i admit we stayed in the middle middle so like row 8 i think? so i probably didn't notice them while trying to keep my nerves in tact hahaha!
  12. that all can change april 1st too. the point is to stop the mass spread so hospitals dont get overwhelmed. you still have 4 weeks till the park opens plenty of time for things to iron out. it'll be what itll be. maybe a postponement means no cold april rain at 91mph?
  13. I just conquered Diamondback this fall I'm assuming you mean the gates in the loading corrals? I don;t remember any gate in front of the train or behind us. but i could be wrong lol but they were on point in loading i didn't notice any slowdown from a rider perspective ( rode it like 7 times that day). Thank you for the insights though, I figured it was still pretty individualistic to be trained per ride but in all stations of the ride. B&M just promote their standardization of their controls for ease of operation. But I'd prefer something unique too.
  14. the super 8 is nice too and has the super start breakfast too. great deal for the price and its less than a 5 min drive across the highway
  15. From an operational point how easy/similar are the operations of the other manufacturers? B&M is popular from a business standpoint because they are so streamlined safe and the standardized controls are the same whether its Banshee, rougaru etc which makes training and operating super easy barely an inconvenience as now employees can operate any b&M to cover short staffing and not have to rely on ride specific control training per say. I can see why they are b&m Heavy because on an operations view its quite logical and the GP don't mind make as long as its enjoyable and fun. Variety is the spice of life so hopefully they do still build unique and vary manufacturers still. and not turn into carbon copies of each other
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