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  1. To add people lie even boast about it. Like when they announced the screening questions. People weren't shy about saying we can just lie. it's why the temp checks can't easily fake a temp. A phone ping will be undeniable versus what a person could say. And that needs a subpoena.
  2. They are definitely entertainment employees. They were inside the festhuas all day yesterday unless they moved out side in the half hour. But it's definitely a choreographed made for entertainment skit not just a random happenstance. It's really funny and clever and making the situation fun without taking away the seriousness of it. And I'm pretty sure two of the cast were in the carnival group last year they looked familiar.
  3. This morning kid and dad rode the scrambler and the OP called it fierce like a lion and better than Orion.. we both chuckled and always found the Ops funny when they'd say enjoy your beastly ride on Adventure Express etc I dunno guess we just have a matching sense of humor and never found it in poor form. maybe if they were to build a jungle cruise like ride they can put all the wisenheimers as skippers and they can tell all the jokes they want LOLOL
  4. We had a great lunch at festhuas! Kid and I shared Panda Express and hubs had the pizza. and the little show was great!!!! Definitely going to try brewhouse when we go by ourselves to ride Orion. And looking forward to hanks IMG_1419.mp4 IMG_1421.mp4
  5. Invertigo is up there too, and it would go before fof considering all the update and theming they just put into that area etc. this just matches the posters they released last year in leading up to the announcement. These are the rides in the "study" for project Orion.
  6. And that's exactly how you manage like an adult and get to have fun. Who knows what you might experience at a slower pace that you might miss going full bore to do as much as possible. sometimes it's good stop and smell the flowers so to speak.
  7. And that's in the open I dare not say what I've witnessed in the dark queues of FOF ehh I swear one couple came real close to hiding in the corner to do the thing. They were going that hard at it
  8. Seriously... I literally said besides passing. Figured that meant passing by as you queued. Just like passing people in a grocery store line or what not. But if everyone's on their appropriate sticker nobody should be side by side directly for when you're standing still. it is hard not to pack in like sardines when that's what you've been used to all these years. spacing out will take some getting used to and nobody's going to be perfect 100%. But the spacing in pics is still really good.
  9. If you're correctly using the stickers you wouldn't be side by side besides passing. she shouldn't be there hence the staggered stickers. edit to add: Dollywood had this but many of us didn't really realize the stickers were purposely staggered not just extra feet apart
  10. Yes there's one it's at the queue entrance. And likely be similar to Diamondback as it's the same clam shell restraint
  11. You know if this country thought more about others then all about me attitude we'd be doing better. I find it baffling the many who'd rather pass on rhetoric of if you're scared yada yada... than listen to actual experts in the subject matter. The cdc is made up of people who spent 10 plus years gaining their masters and doctorates in micro biology and infectious diseases to study and help fight these viruses. their agenda? the health and well-being of this countries citizens and help keep them safe and informed as best they can. Oh my god how dare they /sarcasm ... But sure your high school/ 4yr collage ass knows more than them. It's not weak or an agenda to follow their recommendations and want to help your fellow man. It's not an infraction on your liberties or whatever other bull you're being fed. It's a cloth mask. If more people would just wear them when out in public this would be going down much faster but here we are. Interestingly yes I feel safer at the theme park then I do at the grocery store because at least one is enforcing the masks. I'm glad we were on the outside of town for the unofficial rod weekend in pigeon forge it was completely packed and yea not much mask wearing. During the week before We only visited anakeesta and most wore masks most stayed distant and it wasn't as crowded. We also only went to a couple museums that required masks and skipped those who weren't. I'll vote with my money and give it to those who at least are trying to put others health and well being first. Out doors and spaced out at the putt putt no we didn't wear them except when inside the building. if a piece of cloth over your mouth and nose is that terrible stay home but don't complain that it's not fair. I'm sure there are dead people who'd gladly take your place if only they could so as not to have had to die alone in their hospital room.
  12. It's possible due to the pandemic only a certain amount of people could be inside the park the last few months. Which means they obviously focused on Orion and the crew needed for its construction etc than the clean up crews. Had there been no virus it probably wouldn't have been left in this state for long. But that's just my benefit of the doubt thinking
  13. I booked my second it worked. Looks like sun will be our ki days till kiddo goes to school
  14. Yea most weren't open or running yet, t but the ones that are we're planning to see when we go in a couple weeks with the kid and grandparents. As they don't do a lot of rides, the kid does lol. Grandpa will probably just ride the train all day We will also be going on Oct for our make up vacation and plan to go the first weekend in Dec for the Christmas stuff. I'm glad I live closer to Kings Island and not too bad drive to Dollywood.
  15. Seems like playing the zoo card is letting them open before the theme parks are approved. Interesting approach. Gets money in the doors I guess if people like the animal parts.
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