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  1. And minimum you can put on the card is 5$ so that takes out the 2$ spontaneous play. Exactly, going from trying to play 2$ to the card you do start to question if you really want to.
  2. Hubs was the lucky one finally and got 25% off a funnel cake LoL they seem very random and seldom. I know my luck I'll probably end up with a BOGO slingshot it something I don't ride LOLOL
  3. What about getting the extras at 15$ each? Will that pop up after labor day weekend for the extra 4@15 for sun only
  4. I miss the campground too! It was fun smelling campfires on top gun. I too think it would be nice to camp close again. The closest ones are like thirty mins away at that point I might as well drive from home.
  5. Same, in not as young as I used to be and it's a far a** haul from fof to either the Coney or WindSeeker ones. With more foot traffic in that area adding another set would be a logical and nice thing to do for us. Fingers crossed anyways.
  6. I hope the switch it back to one backwards again that was my favorite going that way!
  7. Curious how much were the shirts? We left early because I had to work at 6am so we didn't stay to get any.
  8. Maybe they'll lift a piece in the air as they announce!! Wishing thinking I know LoL here we come!!! How's wait times are they crazy?
  9. Unless they stage it behind the fence behind the gate area and then open the gate maybe? Then those in the back get the lucky front spot either way exciting.
  10. Very thankful they are doing lots for ki compared to others in their franchise/management. Maybe the coaster name will be AEWTWTOKI that's what the posters spell chronologically anyways. LOLOL Arial Expansion With Tall Wide Track Overlooking Kings Island... 9hrs&10 mins to go!
  11. Never said they couldn't. Don't know why your trying to argue when you're making my point. CP has always been a peninsula and a finite amount of land. To expand they have to pay to expand the land mass by adding ground into the lake like you said they had to make land. Ki was purchased big and has room to grow for now with lots of usable space. I think this giga is a sign they definitely want ki and CP to stay on top. Which is great for commerce in Ohio.
  12. If Disney can turn a swamp into wdw the woods at ki can be used but like I said CP had to remove things to add land. Be it a hotel or buy other land outside of what they have. And skyway attraction would be great and they could expand the train to add a stop. Plenty of room to continue growing for sure.
  13. Ki had so much land left to develop I could think CF might transition to make CP and ki flagship parks. CP doesn't have any more being landlocked. It's just build and replace, so adding bigger stuff to ki will help Cedar Fair keep right on earning.
  14. 32 hours till we know!! I do think an expansion of that whole area with the giga would be a good move. It would look odd if it didn't have anything else as food is starting to look dated. Would be cool for a good and a flat but that's just wishful thinking. Maybe 315 height to match national coaster day
  15. Me too!! Launch me into space!!
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