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I've been a long time KI fan, having had passes from the late 90s to mid 2000's had a break in between 2009 while working for disney in FL and starting a family no enjoying sharing my home park with my fearless little girl who can't wait to ride the big ones! Trying to get back into the comfort and love for coasters ( not a huge fan of heights- but once we crest coasters are great lol) I was much younger would ride anything once lol My fave still the Raptor at CP and the Corkscrew.  I loved Firehawk and king cobra and after conquering my fear love Diamondback- my first modern hyper.  i'm not sure im ready for a giga yet but i love watching others enjoy :) Im about to hit my 40th coaster - not a big milestone but i hope to travel to new parks the next few years and my goal is to get to 150 different credits before i turn 50.  

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