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  1. Great night at the park last night
  2. What are wait times usually like on the Friday of Labor Day weekend when the park is open 5-10 pm? I have never been on that day and was thinking of making a trip up to the park that evening.
  3. Hey everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself as I am new to the site! Super excited about the upcoming announcement and new coaster! I live in Louisville and have always loved KI and make sure to go at least once a year. Just graduated from college in May and working at Kentucky Kingdom for the summer as a ride op before I move to Germany for work for a year during my gap year. Hoping to hit up Europa and some other cool parks abroad. All that means next year will be my first season not visiting KI at least once since 2008, which is unfortunate considering the shiny new toy we're getting. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and express my enthusiasm for the site, coasters, and KI!
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