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  1. What I really want to see come back to Oktoberfest are Der Spinnin Keggers. I have such fond memories of that ride from when I was a kid.....
  2. Down to one section left.....
  3. Lift hill has started to come down......
  4. Webcams are down for me...... Let the conspiracy theories commence!!!
  5. I'm pretty sure the second loop needed to be a little lower than the first loop, so the train could keep enough momentum. You can see it in @Waltny's photo on the previous page. I may be wrong, but I do believe that is still the second loop.
  6. Weatherbug cam is still working for me. Also, per the arrow, I think the second loop is still standing for now....
  7. Looks like they are starting to pour concrete for the queue....
  8. That would be implying it wasn't pointless before....
  9. And, it looks like they cleaned the camera lens!!!
  10. Next piece of track headed over on a trailer....
  11. And the one support is already assembled. It's just laying on it's side....
  12. ...and the next piece. They are moving today!!!
  13. Very Interesting! Given that, there may be a round internal alignment bar that gets put into this pocket as the two sections are put together. This would keep the rails aligned very well.....
  14. Throughout the construction, I have noticed welding arcs at the bases of each support. I believe it is as @PKIDelirium stated above, and the welding of the anchor nuts to the footer studs. Also, it appears that the supports on the drop are still in place, at least the closer one (it's all I can make out right now).
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