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  1. From my favorite TV character of all time..... Ron Swanson.
  2. I have no idea if this is relevant or not, but RMC's twitter bio now mentions Larson. Maybe the O's are hinting at a new type of Looper???
  3. Pretty sure that this camera view will give you a much better indication of when the Tomb Raider building comes down (IF it comes down), as in this view you can actually see the building...... See circled area below. However, I personally don't believe it will be coming down any time soon.
  4. Pouring lots of concrete on the webcams. Trying not to read too much into it, as there is a lot we can't see, but it looks like the pathways may be finished by opening day!
  5. Christmas tree is finally being taken down!!! From the webcam...
  6. The sign has been removed from the Subway by The Racer. From the webcam.... Just noticed it says "Diamondback" at the top...... No idea why....
  7. I have to say, I am very impressed. I cannot imagine the hours of effort put into this. Well done!!!
  8. I don't think I've seen this many people on one topic on the forum since Orion decoding was going on!!
  9. Looking at the live webcam, it appears to be running.
  10. Initially, I thought the same thing. However, on further thought, you can get to pretty much any quantity (with the obvious exceptions of 1 and 3) with a combination of those numbers.
  11. A Gold Pass just covers general parking. Preferred parking is an additional charge.
  12. It's where we get the phrase "bend, don't break!"
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