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  1. I truly hope you never find yourself on the tail end of quite damaging rumors and gossip. Allegations (again) are not charges or convictions. Him hitting on a 16 year old is creepy In my opinion, not illegal. He has admitted to this. Allegations are essentially rumors. The issue I see are people claiming to have “horrifying” evidence, not turning it over to authorities until it is a hot topic. This is problematic. How can you allegedly have evidence and sit idle and allow this behavior to continue? Is there not one single enthusiast who claims to have proof that could have had the sense
  2. Given the reason she discovered this, she found it funny which salvaged the day.
  3. According to my wife, they vend them out of an RMC brand dispenser.
  4. The first girl that broke the story? The one he admitted to? That is the only one I am referring to. Isn’t she in Ohio? CP girl and his comment about age of consent in Ohio. Alleged accusations are not convictions. Authorities will hopefully step in. At the minimum he needs investigated. If there were/are accusations, it should be reported. Not setting him up. Allowing authorities to investigate accordingly would have possibly resulted in less people having to experience this type of behavior. If you have the nerve to blast on social media, had proof, going to parents/trusted adult
  5. I am not defending him. I don’t want to shame the ones coming forward. This is a bad issue. I have two teenage daughters 15 and 16 and a 13 yo son. I monitor what they are doing and have taken every precaution possible to make it a safe place for them to talk to my wife and I about anything. In fact, we discussed this situation. That’s what parents need to do. My son was as part of this conversation as my girls. In the legal sense on what he had admitted, 16 is the legal age of consent. (Not referring to allegations of rape, just the first one who announced her story that he stated w
  6. It is an awesome shot, but not sure how that’s fair. I guess “fair” is irrelevant since it isn’t in the rules.
  7. Where was this taken? I have a lot of Vortex pictures and never have seen this angle. Cool shot.
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