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  1. 200 pages of complaints and complements. That exhibits how things fell apart during the Paramount days. This is just a reminder that it takes some time to turn around the mistakes that Paramount made. Gotta have faith that CF will do it. But, Rome (not Rome, GA) was not built in a day. Now in the years I was a supervisor at the park, I could count on one hand the number of complaints that my operation would receive in a given season. Not that I was a perfect manager but I'd say that it would be the same of any supervisor in the park. I can not imagine any manager keeping their positi
  2. As a former area manager in the park during the Paramount era I can say you will most likely not receive a response from the park. Again I'm speaking in terms of the good ol' Paramount days. When we (managers) would get these complaints it would usually get to us at the end of the week and consist of about 200 pages of complaints and compliments and that was just my department. Issues like the one you had would be addressed with the crew and supervisors and since it was resolved on the associate level and really didn't require the need of a manager will be considered dealt with. Like some
  3. Hmm wonder if I knew you? I worked at the park from July 1999, and the entire 2000 and 2001 seasons. You probably do know me, I also worked Beast, Train, FOF, I was ActionZone rides manager and the Coney Mall rides manager.
  4. We were not paired with any crew when I worked there. As for riding boats up and getting out and switching up in the tower (chute)...yes we did, and now that I look back at that I think wow we were dumb....lol. I have lots of stories about my years at KI, I worked at the park until the end of the 05' season (final year under Paramount ownership). I loved working at the park and miss it very much.
  5. I worked at KCKC from 96' - part of 98' season, we called it "flop" because of the downtime. At one point during one of my summers it would break down everyday around 4 - o'clock because the sun would F-up the photo eye sensors before the drop, thus causing downtime (at least thats what maintenance told us). A lot of good memories spent on that ride though.
  6. Do you know the definition of theme park?. and CP is not perfect on up keep. In fact PKI's themed areas are great, but the visitors are to blame, because of the constant vandalism. I can't tell you how many holes I've seen patched up in FOF's building. I'm sure there is countless other places where vandalism happens. Upkeep would be better if there were no vandals, but that will never happen.............again, do you know the definition of theme park?
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