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  1. I took this picture before a storm came and it is my favorite picture. Vortex you will be missed. Let’s hope your replacement is as photogenic as you
  2. Did it ever get mentioned in the paper besides this incident? Did it ever give a recap of the stats, opening, or closure? Did it ever get mentioned when it was still at Coney Island?
  3. Do you know if Mason archives their newspapers? The town I live in does, but I know some don’t. I was going to see if there are any other articles talking about it.
  4. I don’t know why but this ride causes me so much mystery. All we know is that it opened in the park and closed. I’ve heard mid 1978, end of 1979 and end of 1981. We don’t even know who made it. I’ve heard SDC and Schwartzkopf. If anyone could confirm any of these it would be great.
  5. Hello!! I’m looking for any new information about Bavarian Beetle. I saw the other thread and was wondering if any more information had been found since then. @Shaggy I saw that you gave a lot of information and was wondering if you had any more. To any of the others that contributed it would be great if you also chipped in!!
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