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  1. I realized that my mic sucks so whoever wants to create this PM me and I’ll send you the updated iceberg. Thanks for keeping up with my shenanigans everyone
  2. True. Many people don't know that though and say lack of popularity, life span, or even no reason whatsoever
  3. It’s unconfirmed when it actually closed and the reason it closed is interesting and very obscure
  4. changed Sorry for the double post, just don't know how to double quote. Not a Tapatalk expert
  5. Yes it did. I just put John C Allen alcohol and will add both
  6. I'm getting ready to record a video about this iceberg image that I made. Anyone got more recommendations before I start it?
  7. SeaWorld Orlando just announced Pipeline: The Surf Coaster. With KI having a lack of inversions and a launch, what is the potential that KI ever gets a surf? After seeing Pipeline announced, my guess is it will be the eventual replacement to Vortex or (heaven forbid because there’s a lot of other space) Congo Falls/Invertigo plot. With Cedar Fair trying to capture nostalgia, I’m guessing it would be themed to King Cobra
  8. So apparently Kings Island is closed (at least according to YouTube canon) so what’s your favorite KI ghost story? With it being October I need to set the mood
  9. Found! It was Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park. Mods feel free to delete this if needed or keep it for anyone else looking for it
  10. I remember seeing a post about a show that featured Kings Island during the 70s (or 80s but I’m pretty sure it was 70s) that someone recorded on a rerun and a KIC member purchased it and dropped it. I can’t find it. Can someone link me to it please? I could’ve swore it was here but I can’t find it or I just need to take my dunce cap off. Thank you
  11. Here’s my prediction on the matter. S&S is coming in to put an air launch on it. They recently built Tumbili at KD so they have worked with them in the past. I think this also goes into KD getting a coaster in the future called Hypersonic XLC based off, well, Hypersonic XLC. Cedar Fair has gone the nostalgia route recently. The hydraulic gets replaced by air compression (and I wouldn’t be shocked if Xcelerator gets it in the future) for reliability and KD gets Volcanos true replacement
  12. Orange and teal Invertigo. Looks weird with cyan and green
  13. It improved the ride. It is no doubt smoother but it didn’t feel as forceful this time around, but it may have been because I have ridden more forceful rides now. You can get a pop of air on the first hill after the first drop if in 1-2. Speaking of 1-2, IMHO it’s the best seat
  14. @ThrillKingsFitzyand I plan to go to CP together. I think I’ll go to KI at least once and I’m sitting for Kentucky kingdom and holiday world
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