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  1. But in 2018 a new Antique Cars will come. Also enjoy (if you even can) Son of Beast because it will be gone and make sure to go to Geauga Lake soon and keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times thank you.
  2. I hope Ki does something similar to Alton Towers and puts the batwing at the entrance of the park. It would be so cool and a nice tribute to the coaster
  3. As unlikely as it is, I the land is big enough to hold a raptor and an infinity. I doubt Cedar Fair is going to add 2 coasters in a year, but maybe with a 3 year gap in between each
  4. If you guys have any other type of retheme I’d love to see what you’d think
  5. I made a little part for future expansion of flat rides. KI needs so many flat rides I couldn’t decide. A rotor and space commander throwback would be sweet
  6. I’d like a retheme to something similar to mystery mine. I feel the scenery would be fantastic
  7. Demon. I know arrow is out of business and we have Invertigo, but think something more like lightning loops at sfgad. Make it dual with Invertigo and retheme it or maybe make a family boomerang to dual. Invertigo has horrible dispatches because of the 1 train so it would cut down on the lines with 2 shuttles
  8. Yeah thats why I’m wanting to know about it. I’m also really fascinated with lost media itself
  9. I worked on something for the past few days that I thought would entertain you guys. I’m proposing a complete retheme and consolidation of Action Zone into Ocktoberfest. It would add a new plaza about where Timberwolf theatre stands now and would make a new Bat (renamed. Look below) que. This would make it so the hike isn’t as long and it starts where the cut in from the exit is. To fit the theme, I decided to rename and retheme a couple attractions. First, Invertigo got changed to Umkehrenflug, which roughly translates to Reverse Flight. Congo Falls got renamed Rhine River Rapids, Bat got switched to Black Forest Monster (very fitting for location) Drop Tower was changed to Alpendrop, and Coaster Connection was given a name change to Coaster Haus. I could also see some new theming added to the que of Banshee and more scenery on AE. I know this will probably never happen, but what do you guys think? I will add the logos and Google maps of what I’m thinking. I will put in the maps tomorrow. What changes would you make and would you think this would benefit the park? Just note that with professional logo making they will be a lot better than the trash I made
  10. Not a worker, but would you recommend working at KI?
  11. Patriot gets sent to SFNE and they rename Timberwolf Chief
  12. And maybe theme the CW and KD to the blue jays and nats respectively
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