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  1. 8 hours ago, SnakePlissken said:

    I was at this park last summer and I have never been so constantly stapled as I was there. Usually I'm fine with rmc restraints but both Storm Chaser and Lightning Run made me sore after a few runs. Wonderful Water park and food but the dry side left me unimpressed.

    I only got stapled once. The ride ops were pretty nice. There was once where a lightning run op tried to push my seat down (I’m a smaller built guy and it didn’t need to go down farther) other than that it was really good. A few times the lap bar would come down farther on the ride, but that happens on any coaster

  2. 58 minutes ago, ThrillKingsFitzy said:

    Today me and @ThrillKingsOryan visited Kentucky  Kingdom for the first time ever. 

    First words are in my opinion, this is the best park. It is run by some of the best employees. Every ride is great (besides T3, but we don’t talk about that) and every single ride (besides T3) is underrated. Here is mine and Ryan’s review for the coasters.

    Storm Chaser - #1 in the park and in the world for both of us. Most aggressive coaster ever with some of the most insane airtime you can find on a coaster. First drop gives awesome hang time and is super whippy in the back. Rode it three times. Last time we rode it, we had a fist size room for airtime.

    Lightning Run - Second favorite for both me and Ryan. Insane ejector airtime, best in the back. We rode it 4 times. Last time we got stapled pretty hard and left sore because of the ejector airtime we got while stapled.

    Kentucky Flyer - Great family coaster, has great ejector in the back, especially on the drop. It is a very short ride but is really easy to marathon.

    Thunder Run - Pretty underrated wooden coaster. Good airtime on every hill. But do not ride in the back. You will get stapled and jackhammered hard. Front is where it’s at.

    Roller Skater - Good ride for the kids, but is very boring. It’s actually pretty rough, and it the back you get beat up.

    Flat Rides:

    Cyclos - Best flat there. Has insane hangtime. That’s all I need to say. 

    FearFall - Drop Tower that was disappointing for us. Good stomach drop but Drop Tower at KI is way better.

    Scream Extreme - New generation Zamperla enterprise. It’s an ok flat. You can feel the G’s on the ride a lot. Not the best flat, though.

    Mile High Falls - If you don’t like to get wet, don’t ride this. We didn’t really enjoy it that much lol

    We got 13 or 14 rides in total in a matter of 7 and a half hours. If you like exhilarating ejector machines, than this is the park for you. Also, it’s a great family park. There aren’t many family rides but almost all of the rides are a height requirement of 48 ft. Kentucky Flyer is the perfect coaster for people to start riding coasters, so if you have a kid, take them to Kentucky Flyer first. We did not ride T3 because we didn’t want to be even more sore than we already were from the extreme airtime we experienced on the coasters we rode. I definitely recommend this park and will revisit in the future.

    If you guys are wondering, Hurricane Harbor is included in a regular one-day pass. You will have to pass through it to get to some of the rides.


    Honestly this park needs a graceful airtime machine. I know the airport is near so 200+ for a hyper would be tough, but the possible raptor by eye of the storm and my the turn into the TTDU of storm chaser will fit nice. I was talking to my cousin since he was at my house when I got home and he said the one we don’t talk about was terrible and he only rode it once. I wouldn’t say KK is the best park tho, I went on a dead day at KI and marathoned Diamondback (before mystic was there) and got multiple rides on each coaster. What the kingdom does outdo KI on is its flats. Cyclos was absolutely insane, and was infinitely better than Delirium and I love Delirium. 
    Best part of the park was definitely the laid back ops. Besides the op that tried to (and eventually did) staple me, they didn’t even push the lap bar down at all, and I’d get anywhere from both of my hands pancaked to fist length between my thigh and the lap bar

  3. 2 hours ago, Oldschool75 said:

    How about RCDB.com ? Lol

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    I’m wanting it to be different than RCDB. I believe that there isn’t an archive of merchandise that was sold or promos (I know some rips exist on YouTube, but not at a central location). 

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  4. I’ve been thinking of making a KI archive site. It will be a site where every coaster that has operated at the park has a page that includes 

    Opening date

    Closing date (if defunct)

    Height, drop, speed, length 

    Commercials, promo materials, or reveal trailers

    Picture of the coaster

    Pictures of any merchandise (if it has any)

    POV (if exists)

    Wiki-esque history blurb

    What would be a good name for this? I’m thinking Kings Island Archives, but I will listen to what people think sounds good 

  5. I thought of a perfect way to keep the old station for the next coaster and be able to make it so the lines aren’t overflowing into the midway. If you didn’t know under The Vortex station, there is an old switchback (not sure if they are still there) that was used for The Bat. I found this out when my dad told me about it when he rode it when it was open. He said that rarely, if ever, spilled in the midway. What they could do is bring the underground switchbacks back (I’ve heard that it was used as a break area) and put a coaster in it. My guess is either a surf coaster (I’m guessing it will be a stand up esque ride but more in a jet ski seating) or a Mack multilaunch ala Copperhead on steroids. Do I think this will happen? Jokes over. Do I think they will keep the old station. Probably not. I think they’ll keep it for a haunt building until a new coaster is under construction 

  6. I’d rather see an airlaunch or an S&S were to come to the park. FoF and BSC are both clones and just aren’t great in the first place. Maxx force wasn’t open when I went to Great America, but it looked awesome 

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  7. 29 minutes ago, ThrillKingsOryan said:
    53 minutes ago, flightoffear1996 said:

    Best of 5

    1 Steel Vengeance -3 vs. 16 New Texas Giant (New Texas Giant eliminated)

    2 Lightning Rod -3  vs. 15 Wonderwoman (Wonderwoman eliminated)

    3 Iron Rattler-1 vs. 14 Millennium Force -2

    4 Voyage-2 vs. 13 Goliath (SFGAM)-1

    5 Maverick-3 vs. 12 Raging Bull (Raging Bull eliminated)

    6 Orion-2 vs. Diamondback-1

    7 Time Traveler-1 vs. 10 Mystic Timbers -2

    8 Storm Chaser-3 vs. 9 Outlaw Run (Outlaw Run eliminated)



    1 X2-3 vs. 16 Silver Bullet (Silver Bullet eliminated)

    2 Twisted Colossus-3 vs. 15 Timber Terror (Timber Terror eliminated)

    3 Ghostrider-2 vs. 14 Tremors-1

    4 Goldstriker-3 vs. 13 Hang Time (Hang Time eliminated)

    5 West Coast Racers-1 vs. 12 Apocolypse-2

    6 Tatsu-1 vs. 11 Railblazer-2

    7 Xcelerator-1 vs. 10 Cannibal-2

    8 Joker-3 vs. 9 Medusa (Medusa eliminated)



    1 El Toro-3 vs. 16 Montu (Montu eliminated)

    2 Fury 325-3 vs 15 Intimidator (Intrimidator eliminated)

    3 Iron Gwazi-3  vs 14 Superman (SFNE) (Superman eliminated)

    4 i305-2 vs. 13 Skyrush-1

    5 Wicked Cyclone-1 vs. 12 Jersey Devil-2

    6 Phantoms Revenge-1 vs. 11 Nitro-2

    7 Phoenix vs. 10 Mako (SWORL)-3 (Phoenix eliminated)

    8 Shellraizer-1 vs. 9 Twisted Timbers-2



    1 Zadra-2 vs. 16 Wickerman-1

    2 Eejenaika -3 vs. 15 Steel Dragon 2K (Steel Dragon eliminated)

    3 Wildfire-2 vs. 14 Flying Dinosaur-1

    4 Expedition GeForce-3 vs. 13 Behemoth (Behemoth eliminated)

    5 DC Rivals-2 vs. 12 Nemesis-1

    6 Takabisha-2 vs. 11 Lech Coaster-1

    7 Leviathan-1 vs. 10 Karnan -2

    8 Shambhala-1 vs. 9 Hakugei -2

    Confirmed matchups 

    1 Steel Vengeance vs. 8 Storm Chaser (central)

    1 X2 vs. 8 Joker (west)

    2 Fury 325 vs. 10 Mako (east)


  8. 20 minutes ago, flightoffear1996 said:

    1 Steel Vengeance -2 vs. 16 New Texas Giant

    2 Lightning Rod -2  vs. 15 Wonderwoman 

    3 Iron Rattler-1 vs. 14 Millennium Force -1

    4 Voyage-1 vs. 13 Goliath (SFGAM)-1

    5 Maverick-2 vs. 12 Raging Bull

    6 Orion-2 vs. Diamondback-1

    7 Time Traveler vs. 10 Mystic Timbers -2

    8 Storm Chaser-2 vs. 9 Outlaw Run



    1 X2-2 vs. 16 Silver Bullet

    2 Twisted Colossus-2 vs. 15 Timber Terror

    3 Ghostrider-2 vs. 14 Tremors

    4 Goldstriker-2 vs. 13 Hang Time

    5 West Coast Racers-1 vs. 12 Apocolypse-1

    6 Tatsu-1 vs. 11 Railblazer-1

    7 Xcelerator-1 vs. 10 Cannibal-1

    8 Joker-2 vs. 9 Medusa



    1 El Toro-2 vs. 16 Montu 

    2 Fury 325-2 vs 15 Intimidator

    3 Iron Gwazi-2  vs 14 Superman (SFNE)

    4 i305-1 vs. 13 Skyrush-1

    5 Wicked Cyclone-1 vs. 12 Jersey Devil-1

    6 Phantoms Revenge vs. 11 Nitro-2

    7 Phoenix vs. 10 Mako (SWORL)-2

    8 Shellraizer-1 vs. 9 Twisted Timbers-1



    1 Zadra-1 vs. 16 Wickerman-1

    2 Eejenika-2 vs. 15 Steel Dragon 2K-

    3 Wildfire-1 vs. 14 Flying Dinosaur-1

    4 Expedition GeForce-2 vs. 13 Behemoth

    5 DC Rivals-1 vs. 12 Nemesis-1

    6 Takabisha-2 vs. 11 Lech Coaster

    7 Leviathan-1 vs. 10 Karnan -1

    8 Shambhala-1 vs. 9 Haikuge -1

    Just add on from this

  9. Due to some unfortunate circumstances March Madness was canceled but Coaster March Madness wasn’t 

    Central Quadrant

    1 Steel Vengeance vs. 16 New Texas Giant

    2 Lightning Rod vs. 15 Wonderwoman 

    3 Iron Rattler vs. 14 Millennium Force

    4 Voyage vs. 13 Goliath (SFGAM)

    5 Maverick vs. 12 Raging Bull

    6 Orion vs. Diamondback

    7 Time Traveler vs. 10 Mystic Timbers 

    8 Storm Chaser vs. 9 Outlaw Run



    1 X2 vs. 16 Silver Bullet

    2 Twisted Colossus vs. 15 Timber Terror

    3 Ghostrider vs. 14 Tremors

    4 Goldstriker vs. 13 Hang Time

    5 West Coast Racers vs. 12 Apocolypse

    6 Tatsu vs. 11 Railblazer

    7 Xcelerator vs. 10 Cannibal

    8 Joker vs. 9 Medusa



    1 El Toro vs. 16 Montu 

    2 Fury 325 vs 15 Intimidator

    3 Iron Gwazi  vs 14 Superman (SFNE)

    4 i305 vs. 13 Skyrush

    5 Wicked Cyclone vs. 12 Jersey Devil

    6 Phantoms Revenge vs. 11 Nitro

    7 Phoenix vs. 10 Mako (SWORL)

    8 Shellraizer vs. 9 Twisted Timbers



    1 Zadra vs. 16 Wickerman

    2 Eekenika vs. 15 Steel Dragon 2K

    3 Wildfire vs. 14 Flying Dinosaur

    4 Expedition GeForce vs. 13 Behemoth

    5 DC Rivals vs. 12 Nemesis

    6 Takabisha vs. 11 Lech Coaster

    7 Leviathan vs. 10 Karnan 

    8 Shambhala vs. 9 Haikuge 


    Vote on each and the one that gets more votes advances

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  10. 7 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

    I come from the future. Vortex lives to be over 30 years and wooden coasters have evolved thanks to companies like GCI, RMC, and GG. Also make sure to get a lot of rides on the Antique cars because they'll be gone in 05

    But in 2018 a new Antique Cars will come. Also enjoy (if you even can) Son of Beast because it will be gone and make sure to go to Geauga Lake soon and keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times thank you. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, HandsUp said:

    I'm in. Going to take some time and tree growth to shape into the shady charm of the existing area but this is a great start. In addition to re-themes of existing rides, I'd love some more flats (esp. a screaming swing) and more shady comfortable spaces to chill and have food and beer. That whole tented area could be a semi-enclosed bier garden with a mini-bandstand. There'd need to be cream puffs as well.

    I made a little part for future expansion of flat rides. KI needs so many flat rides I couldn’t decide. A rotor and space commander throwback would be sweet 

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  12. 37 minutes ago, BoddaH1994 said:

     No, Addams Family was part of a survey and the ride we got within a few years later was Italian Job Stunt Track (Backlot Stunt Coaster) in 2005. Rumor has it that it was supposed to be similar to Mystery Mine, which would have been awesome. 

    I’d like a retheme to something similar to mystery mine. I feel the scenery would be fantastic 

  13. Demon. I know arrow is out of business and we have Invertigo, but think something more like lightning loops at sfgad. Make it dual with Invertigo and retheme it or maybe make a family boomerang to dual. Invertigo has horrible dispatches because of the 1 train so it would cut down on the lines with 2 shuttles 

  14. 8 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    The only good thing about that potential Dinn coaster is that it would give Kings Island a good RMC candidate! :D

    Yeah thats why I’m wanting to know about it. I’m also really fascinated with lost media itself

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  15. I worked on something for the past few days that I thought would entertain you guys. I’m proposing a complete retheme and consolidation of Action Zone into Ocktoberfest. It would add a new plaza about where Timberwolf theatre stands now and would make a new Bat (renamed. Look below) que. This would make it so the hike isn’t as long and it starts where the cut in from the exit is. 
    To fit the theme, I decided to rename and retheme a couple attractions. First, Invertigo got changed to Umkehrenflug, which roughly translates to Reverse Flight. Congo Falls got renamed Rhine River Rapids, Bat got switched to Black Forest Monster (very fitting for location) Drop Tower was changed to Alpendrop, and Coaster Connection was given a name change to Coaster Haus. I could also see some new theming added to the que of Banshee and more scenery on AE. I know this will probably never happen, but what do you guys think?  I will add the logos and Google maps of what I’m thinking. I will put in the maps tomorrow. What changes would you make and would you think this would benefit the park?  Just note that with professional logo making they will be a lot better than the trash I made







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