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  1. Probably pretty close to Vortex. Around 150 maybe.
  2. So we just need to figure out the magic word...
  3. Webcam has been down 1 day. Everyone at KIC be like: It's me... I'm everyone...
  4. Waiting for webcam to come back like...
  5. C'mon, KI, Mondays are bad enough... don't make us go all day without the webcam!
  6. I think so... According to the layout, there's 8 supports total for the brake run. And the webcam shows 8 supports installed.
  7. Negative. Those pieces are already in place.
  8. Hope someone gets this reference... lol
  9. Had the craziest dream last night. All the blueprints and promotional materials we've seen for Orion so far were a red-herring. Instead of going straight back by The Beast, the actual layout took a right hand turn and went OVER The Racer and into Vortex's plot of land. Craziness. Good morning, everyone!
  10. See @DeviousMrMatt's post on the previous page.
  11. I Just realized something... Orion's turn-around is only 3 feet shorter than Magnum's lift hill. That's crazy!
  12. After kind of a boring webcam day, I turn around for 1 second, and we have a mini-Zues and more brake run up!!
  13. Unpopular opinion time... KI will always be number 2 to CP in my book. It's a close 2nd, but still 2nd.
  14. They've stated that they want the lift hill topped off the first week of November, so I would imagine you'll see more sections of the lift and drop put into place before Haunt ends.
  15. I'm not a Haunt kind of guy... when does it end? Halloween night?
  16. My three favorite photo ops in one pic: a beautiful sunrise, low hanging fog, and a gorgeous coaster! Good morning, everyone!
  17. Yeah, nice and cold! It was in the 30's at my house this morning! Anyone going to the park today, stay warm!
  18. I would assume that they have everything planned out. There's probably a certain day they want Zeus assembled by, and until then they can do smaller lifts with the other cranes. I could be wrong though.
  19. Haven't seen the cams since Tuesday... what a sight to wake up to this beautiful Friday morning!
  20. If this was real, I'd make it my desktop background. (With your guys permission, of course.) Beautiful!
  21. That article says Orion is a $30 million investment... does that price include crane rental?
  22. "Don't waste your money!" Does Six Flags own that news station?? lol
  23. Looks like something is about to happen here!! Not sure what exactly, though...
  24. As much as I want to see Orion's construction, that really is a beautiful shot!
  25. I mentioned yesterday that I love seeing fog around Orion, but this is not okay. lol
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