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  1. That drone video from WKRC was awesome!
  2. Were looking at the 1st week of November for the rest of the lift hill!?!?!? That's a month away! I thought they'd start on it this week.
  3. I'm still gonna call him Clifford, because my boss's name is Ronald... and I don't like the idea of my boss building Orion. Nope.
  4. I love the look of low hanging fog! And I think we might see some supports being rasied today!!
  5. They do indeed. But they've gotta put supports up first!
  6. Yeah, a ground up RMC Son of Beast. lol
  7. Geez, there's enough wood down there to build Son of Beast.
  8. yeah, the Mystic cam is worthless, IMO. It does nothing to peak an interest.
  9. Personally, I'd like to see them move that camera to the left a little so we can watch the demolition. Demoing coasters fascinates me just as much as constructing coasters. lol
  10. Whatever Cleo is doing, it's obscured by that building. Not fair!
  11. Based off my calculations, it should peak over the horizon slightly. @Hawaiian Coasters 325's drawing seems about spot on.
  12. Anyone know why they are painting these buildings white?
  13. I've wondered this myself. I've even tried googling it, but couldn't find an answer. Hope someone here can fill us in!
  14. One of the benefits of waking up early is I got to see someone with a flashlight walking up Racers lift hill! Sounds lame, but I was fascinated. lol
  15. I keep hearing this. What happened between CF and Intamin?
  16. I saw a couple white pick-up trucks driving through the site a few minutes ago, but they were headed down towards the other end.
  17. Awesome pic! But I have a stupid question... why didn't they extend the cat walk to the end of that last track piece?
  18. Curious how long the line for Vortex will be tonight...
  19. Am I the only one that reads this as "We are not dismantling Vortex!" This, to me, seems more like a Mantis situation. Maybe some track improvements, new trains, new name. etc. Disregard this post. I'm clearly an idiot.
  20. @JonahWilliamson, was it you that was doing the color track diagram?
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