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  1. I would LOVE to see something like this done with Vortex! He will certainly be missed! Despite its roughness, it remains one my favorite coasters in the park. RIP, ol' boy.
  2. Looks like a lot of activity happening on the ground... buy I can't make out what they're doing.
  3. I get the feeling that they're done for the day... waiting to raise the track tomorrow morning, maybe?
  4. Yeah, I've already had several co-workers tell me that watching a construction cam is like watching paint dry. It takes a very special breed, and by special I mean awesome, to do what we do!
  5. What would really be neat, is if the construction crew had cameras mounted on their helmets, so we could get a up close and personal look at the making of a coaster!
  6. I remember in 1999, seeing an artists drawing of Millennium Force, and how it made Mantis look like a kiddie coaster in comparison. I was in awe! And my brother looked at me and said "welcome to the future of roller coaster design!" 20 years later, he wasn't wrong. Source: https://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com
  7. T-Bone and Theo are up and at it early this morning!
  8. I watched that as well! I was thinking to myself, "that's one way to do it!"
  9. That is what I was referring to, thank you!
  10. No. Behind the transfer shed. I can't figure out how to screenshot on this computer... I'm dumb.
  11. Am I seeing things, or is there another support in place for the brake run, right behind the transfer shed??
  12. It shouldn't. It'll be connected to the track before it, and to a footer.
  13. I'm surprised they started on the base of the lift hill before doing the brake run. But I'll take it!
  14. I've got 4 monitors at work. And one is dedicated to the construction cam, despite the annoyance from my boss! So exciting!
  15. The wife and I are going away for a long weekend, and I won't have access to the cam til Monday. Hoping to see a few more supports and track in place come Monday morning!
  16. NOOOOO! I was really hoping that little lonely tree would make it.
  17. Bright and early, just how I like it!
  18. I've been trying to calculate how tall the start of the break run is... from what I could figure out, the breakrun itself may be taller than The Racers' lift hill. Between 90 and 100 feet? Am I way off?
  19. But Millennium Force isn't 312 feet. lol
  20. Hmmm... I don't know. Can someone try PMing me the photos, see if I can get them that way?
  21. My phone, tablet, and laptop are all showing an error.
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