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  1. I hope this is ok to post, tried searching with somewhat dismal results. I am vaguely planning a trip to Cedar Point within the next couple weekends- it would be our first time there ever. I have lost around 40 pounds( and counting!) in preparation for Kings Island to open this year. We've been four times and it has been wonderful. I was able to ride Orion on our third trip (weird how the lap bar wouldn't go past one click our second visit and then did the 3rd visit, but I'll take it.) My question/concern though- I do have to have an employees help getting the lap bar/restrain
  2. Can anyone tell me if Orion has a test seat? I heard that it does but wanted to ask And is the fit similar to Diamondback then? I'm worried about fitting in. Down 40 pounds but I'm afraid I may have more to go.
  3. Ok y’all. I’ve got one more question for you. so, I’m buying four passes online. Two of those print outs will be taken when my parents go Sunday night. Do they just show those print outs to the parking attendant to show proof of the pass so that they don’t have to pay for parking?
  4. Oh great! So glad to hear it won’t be a problem. Thank you so much!
  5. They are. Just didn’t know if, since I was buying all four at once, if/how they would be able to use them.
  6. Hi all, Quick newbie question. I am wanting to purchase season passes for the family(four of us) at one time via the KI website. My question is, my parents will be going this weekend so would they be able to use the passes (i.e. the free parking) or how will it work exactly? Do I get email confirmation that I purchased them and we would have to go to the park to actually receive a hard copy of the pass? Do we put the photos in online and they mail them to us? I just want them to be able to use the benefits while they are there this weekend so of course if we would have to wait t
  7. Yeah, 12.95 I think it was. They even have the carts they roll around with lights and everything on them that they sell and they have the No Boo necklaces on those as well.
  8. Anyone have an idea as to what wait times were like on the mazes and scare zones? Just looking for something general. Thanks!
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