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  1. Well said, its going to take a few years to get use to not as much fog.
  2. https://www.fyecoasters.net/post/first-thoughts-on-2022-ki-haunt
  3. oh yeah i have prestige plus, i wonder if it will be open tonight?
  4. what cut back? and yeah ill be there about 1700
  5. tbh i love Soak City, but they need huge improvments. The Beach was dedicated to just a water park which was nice. I didnt go there a lot growing up. But now as an adult i would love to have that other option for a water park. Or Cedar Fair could buy it and operate a stand a lone water park.
  6. New video will be live 0900
  7. very detailed whos your source? and how did you know?
  8. Mike never said that at the 50th birthday! He's not going anywhere anytime soon!
  9. hate to break it to ya, as much as we all want a new ride for 23, i dont think its happening, which is okay, also this sign has been there for a few years lol
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