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  1. have you seen the way they live over there??
  2. These viruses hate warm weather..we are into the warm season, so within the next 3-4 weeks this will be a thing of the past....
  3. No evidence?? What about people buying everything in the stores is that not evidence??
  4. Right its insane. People are just flipping out over nothing.
  5. Everyone is just flipping out over this, it will all pass in a few weeks and everything will be back to normal.
  6. Will Ki close/not open on time due to the corna virus?
  7. I think were good, look at all the six flags parks and other parks that are still open?
  8. Hey guys, going to Carowinds for the first time. Any tips or tricks for the park? What to ride first besides Fury lol
  9. hmm not sure. guess well find out lol
  10. i didnt see any the last time i was up there.
  11. Will Kings Island be doing a big celebration for their 50th anniversary?
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