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  1. Havent seen this on here yet. Check this out!! https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/new-apparel/products/limited-edition-eiffel-tower-cutout-with-authentic-paint-chip
  2. i would assume that friday! and they usually have a friends and family day as well.
  3. Hey guys the park announced the hours for the 2022 season! Sat April 16th 2022 1000-8pm!! Back to 10am opens!! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/calendar-and-hours
  4. How are the lines today? Asking for a friend
  5. its not done yet. i was at the park monday night for the winterfest photo shoot and walked right by it. the top half is done. they still have the 50ft deck and below to do. looks really good though!
  6. No way it goes backwards again. I guess since all the old rides are "official merch" too they are coming back? Not trying to be rude, trust me i would love it to come back. But i dont think it will sadly.
  7. This has not been the first fight at Ki im sure. I think people are speculating what will happen a little to much. imo
  8. i mean they think everything is a story or a new ride lol just saying..
  9. It would be cool if they painted the rails on racer red and blue again!!
  10. Found this on Youtube. It would be cool to keep the construction updates separate. Remove if not allowed or wanted.
  11. The park looks amazing! Check out this video they posted!
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