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  1. Check out the new coasters at Worlds of fun! Heres the POV
  2. lol thats all the fun tv's where have you been?
  3. I cant find the August ERT lineup on the website. Will Orion be on there?
  4. No the operator can hit people there. I use to work there lol
  5. Hey John is a Coaster lover like we all are, his stories are always interesting, and hes not a "crime reporter" lol
  6. well if i were you i would stay off fb, and im not the fool here. .
  7. I love the photos, is there any way to make them bigger, when i try to zoom in on chrome they are all blurry..thanks for keeping the history alive!
  8. I was there, but everyone post stuff on social media now days. Websites are just becoming a thing of the past for things like this, its sad but true. Coasterstock was a blast though!
  9. Im curious how many people get their phones out, log into the site and look at this thread to see the wait times lol. Ive always wondered? I know i dont. But just wondering if others do.
  10. Old story i found on Rivertown at Ki https://www.themerica.org/blog/2019/02/24/kings-island-03
  11. nice tips, i would say most people on here though have season passes
  12. yep i got one so thats all i care about just sucks a few people i know didnt that we usually hang with
  13. sold out about 10:06 the button was still there and when you went to select shirt sizes it errored out .
  14. Tickets go on sale this friday 10am est! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2022/february/tickets-for-coasterstock-2022-go-on-sale-friday-exclusively-online
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