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  1. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/season-passes/early-ride-times
  2. https://www.kennywood.com/plan-your-visit/experiences/what-s-new
  3. ty sir! People get so butt hurt about things, its more for the "convenience" of finding something.
  4. Age, staffing, low capacity, pay attraction. not popular unless it was cheap. Most parks are doing away with pay per ride attractions. Also same company with the Drop Tower incident.
  5. yeah wasnt last year like 2-9 or noon to 9?
  6. yeah not sure why they dont do at least 9 or heck just open all day
  7. Not sure who you are calling a "influencer" but thanks
  8. im just taking the day off, itll be good, less crowds hopefully, or they should do like 1200-1000
  9. okay and?? maybe it deserves its own thread? maybe people want to talk about pass preview day in here instead of searching through all the other stuff @disco2000 have you thought of that??
  10. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/gold-platinum-pass-preview
  11. im 8% unsure cause the sign is off the building, i was told they are redoing the roof which is why im 92% also Sling Shot has nothing to do with anything, we all know why the took it out.
  12. lol well my 92% is more accurate than your "guess" ive seen the map for this year already....so i would say im right
  13. Subway is still there im about 92% sure. As far as Tom and Chee probably a drink stand lol
  14. hmmmm, wonder whats new for 2023?
  15. your link to your yt channel lol thought it was a video i clicked on it im like wtf does this have to do with solar?
  16. Not sure what a video has to do with anything,,,and yeah im sure they could, but WOULD they, probably not.
  17. Thats Six Flags, this is Cedar Fair..lol
  18. Ki will never go solar, lol you know how much they would need to INVEST to power all the lights, then re run the wires, add new lights, as cool as that would be, i HIGHLY doubt it.
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