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  1. sorry can you move my post over there
  2. Just be HAPPY to much complaining on here. My goodness, park announces we are finally getting a GIGA, people complain about the height, i mean come on people. The webcams are down, who cares, just wait until they are brought back up. The park had a reason they were down. Maybe they had to "rewire" the tower but they had to put a different camera up there at the same angle?? Just leave the park alone about this. We are all in this for the love of coasters and we love Ki!!
  3. Yeah thats true. Hopefully its not to cold when they do it.
  4. Also hoping today is the day the webcams are back up lol
  5. What does that logo say? Kinda hard to ready lol
  6. im 270 5 11 and cant fit, its them dang seat belts if they were a little longer litterally like half an inch then i could fit lol
  7. Looking good! Glad it cleared up!!
  8. Dude for sure!! He is amazing, love his content.
  9. Good morning, Hope this isnt a thread already if it is then please move it to where it needs to be, so i am thinking about getting a Six Flags pass or membership for 2020. As SFGA is the closest to where i live. Any tips or tricks for this park? Any rides must ride first? Thanks!
  10. Good morning guys!! Happy Friday!! Who's ready to see Orion in person this weekend!! I know I am!
  11. Where did you find these photos at those are so cool!
  12. Not to pop your bubble or anything but a petition isnt going to do anything. Like the one for the Coney Island rides. It's the fact if this does happen which i hope it DOES NOT. There is nothing we can do about it besides sit back and watch our beautiful park come tumbling down.
  13. See im trying to wrap my head around that too, but we get stuff typically pretty fast. More than other Cedar Fair parks do and imo thats good! I am super sad to see that thing go. But that will open that land up and Coney Mall is changing for the future. I think we will get something for our 50th, might not be a coaster but we typically get some kind of upgrade each year. (we need a new parking lot) lol
  14. Let me put my 2 cents into this. Think about it whenever Ki gets rid of a "Major attractions" they typically put one if not better in its place. I am so sad about this. I really am, i personally love Vortex! Its a great ride. But think we are getting Orion in 2020, this will open this land up for 2022 for Ki's 50th, might not be big but im sure we will get something. I think the land will sit vacant for a year or two then we will start to see something. Thoughts??
  15. Someone call Clermont Steel ask them who they use lol
  16. Hey!! I follow you guys on Facebook didnt know you were on here!

  17. Hopefully they start the lift hill soon, i hope they are done by the end of Haunt!! That would be bad a$$ to see that above the fog!!
  18. Right lol i think i might have a extra TV laying around not sure. Thanks for sharing!
  19. wow he11 yeah. thats awesome. Great picture too it looks like.
  20. True, i should go buy a cheap $100 TV just for this lol
  21. Nice!! What are you using to stream that to the tv with like a chromecast or something?
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